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Character Sheet


Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:14 pm

Name: Emu'ra - Pronounced: Em-ooh-rha
Age: 20
Race: Sev’ryn
Date of Birth: Cylus 9, Arch 698
Marks: none
Factions Joined: none
Languages Spoken: Common - Fluent and Xanthea - Broken
Partners: none

Emu’ra is a slightly below average height for a Sev’ryn, standing at 5 feet and two inches. Her pupils are deep brown, glassy and glistening as if a thin film of oil is laid over them. Her soft black hair dangles down to just below her broad shoulders, intertwining themselves into a wavy form along the way. Her build is fairly athletic and her skin is lightly tanned.
Her attire is simple with a ragged shirt and trousers and a worn cloak around her shoulder.
She has two tattoos. One is a tree on her left side of her shoulder above her breast and right below her collar bone. It reminds her of her identity and connects her with the Sev’ryn people despite growing up with human parents. Another one marks left side of her face, near the ear, resembling three small crystals.

Her passion in life is to discover and acquire shiny gems to craft them into jewelry and trinkets. Her creativity and attention to detail could make her a candidate for an adequate jeweler. Since she enjoys time alone and mostly keeps to herself, she is awkward in company and can be rash, as she will say anything without considering the consequences. However, with those close to her, she is outspoken, playful, and insightful. Even though she often gets anxious or overthinks small things, her adventurous side has led her to become a self-proclaimed treasure hunter who explores caves and crypts to find gems and crystals.
Virtues: Creative, perceptive, Perspicacious, Wilful, Loyal, Curious, and Kind-hearted
Flaws: Anxious, Pessimistic, Inattentive, Judgmental, Prideful, Rash, and Competitive


Emu’ra was born to two Sev’ryn parents who tragically died from bandits while they were travelling as merchants when she was only 3. Fortunately, she was found by a human woman who adopted her. From then on, she was raised in the town of Ehtrusan in Eastern Idalos, where she lived with her adopted parents, Sonna Akane, a for-hire bodyguard and Grivel Akane, the town blacksmith and her older sister, Ashune . There was never any doubt that her adopted family loved her and though she wondered about her birth parents, she was happy to be with her adopted family.

Despite Sonna’s motherly nature towards Emu’ra, she was often gone to do bodyguard duties, leaving Emu’ra and Ashune to themselves with their father who was often busy making weapons for trade. However, they still found ways to spend little family moments from time to time. These are memories that Emu’ra will always cherish. Other than that, Emu’ra and her sister often passed time together by exploring and practicing spear dueling since her sister wanted to pursue a bodyguard career. Emu’ra had no interest in such a profession, but she went along with it. She decided it was best to learn how to defend yourself from bandits and thieves anyways.

They would also go out to hunt and trap small animals for food while they explored the areas outside of town. Emu’ra discovered her passion for gems when they came across a cave and found small crystals, deep in the cave’s passageways. Ever since then, she would drag her sister along to explore different caves to try to find more treasures. Most of the time, they came out empty handed, but it was still an enjoyable time.

With the little gems that they found, Emu’ra would go to the town jeweler to learn the craft of jewelry making and cutting rocks. She was fascinated by the process and dreamed of making beautiful rings and necklaces for all to wear. Emu'ra's first crafted jewelry was a simple ring with a red ruby, that she gifted to her sister. Ashune still wears it even now.


When her sister turned 19, she left, with heart-filled goodbyes, to find her own way. It was lonely afterwards, but still she went out to explore caves alone. Two years later, when she was climbing down a cavern, she lost her footing and slipped. Tumbling down, she hit her head and blacked out. During this time, she had a strange and vivid dream. She dreamt of a blue beetle hovering above her as she lay on the cold ground of a shimmering cave. The beetle seemed to be whispering something, but all she could hear was a muffled echo. She lifted herself up and reached out her hand towards the strange creature, but it moved away, taunting her to follow. She tried to follow the beetle who led her throughout the cave in its twisted passageways. Eventually, the beetle was too quick and it disappeared from her site. That was when she woke up, lying at the bottom of the cave that she had fallen from. Fortunately, Emu’ra was able to leave the cave with only a fractured arm, but the dream gnawed at her for days until she eventually confided in her father. This is when she learned about Sev’ryn familiars and decided she would have to go out and find hers. She always felt distant with her family, despite their love for her. She figured that it was because a part of her was missing.

Emu’ra waited until her mother came home before departing on her journey so that she could say her farewells. Both her parents were excited for her to find her familiar and experience the world. They sent her off with many kisses and hugs and she promised them she would come visit often.

First Journey and Bonding

For months, Emu’ra travelled around in different caves and dwellings to find that peculiar beetle, but to no avail. At times, she didn’t mind it as she enjoyed her travels, but at other times, she became frustrated, saying, “Ah what a useless spirit! Can’t it give me another hint! Curse you beetle!”

As a year passed by, she came across a one-eyed man who hired her to retrieve an artifact from an underground tomb. Emu’ra travelled deep inside the tomb for a full day until she finally found the artifact. Before she was able to even touch it, her familiar suddenly appeared before her. Startled, she tried to swat it away, until she realized what it was. The beetle revealed to her that the man who hired her intended to use this artifact to use the spirit trapped inside for selfish purposes. It urged her to free the spirit so that it could be put at peace. In this moment, she had to choose between the beetle and the man. Considering that she had been looking for this beetle for quite some time, she decided to help the former. Unfortunately, that meant confronting the man who hired her as he was waiting outside of the tomb.

Emu’ra made her way out of the tomb with the artifact placed securely in her rucksack and the beetle hovering next to her shoulder. Emu’ra took this time to scold the beetle, complaining with, “Why did you hide so long! You know how much effort it took to find you?! Now you’re asking me to lie to this man. You know I’m not a great liar right? He’ll see right through me. ” The beetle only replied with, “Patience you.. Don’t worry so much, have confidence..” Emu’ra just scoffed at the beetle’s replies. Eventually, they made it out and met with the man. The man’s dark eye gazed at Emu’ra and his eyebrows scrunched down in confusion and frustration, “Where is the item I told you to retrieve?” Already sweating from her nerves, Emu’ra stumbled through a lie, “W-well ah…about that… I didn’t find anything. It’s you know… The place is just so big… So…”

The man interrupted with fiery, “Aggghhhh! What was I thinking hiring an incompetent Sev'ryn!?" He huffed and stormed off. Sighing with relief, Emu’ra traveled back to the city to find a sorcerer who could free the spirit. Shortly after arriving in the city, she used some money she acquired from mining and spelunking to have a sorcerer free the spirit.

Emu’ra turned to the beetle once the spirit was freed, “Well, are you happy now?” The beetle hovered and then settled on her shoulder. Emu’ra smiled and nodded, “Yeah, I’m happy too...”


Sonna Akane - Mother
Emu'ra's mother who works as a bodyguard. She is a soft-spoken and solemn woman who wields a spear to defend people. She was often away from her family as she worked, but when she came home, she would tell her daughters stories and give them souvenirs. She was also an excellent cook and she would prepare meals that she learned from the people that she met during her duties.

Grivel Akane -Father
Grivel is a muscular and large man who works as a blacksmith and takes his craft seriously. Emu'ra could tell how passionate her father was about blacksmithing as he watched him work for hours on end.

Ashune Akane - Older Sister
Ashune is a independent and bold woman who is steadfast and determined in her goals. Emu'ra admires her confidence and determination. She is very close to her sister as they had many adventures together growing up.


Dabdab is a spirit that takes the form of a glowing blue beetle that is a the size of Emu'ra's forearm. He usually hovers around Emu'ra or latches on to her back as they travel together. He is a calm and collected spirit that offers advice and guidance to his Sev'ryn. She often complains and rambles to him as he patiently listens. Although their personalities are almost completely opposite, he gets along with Emu'ra and appreciates her company.

They now travel together as he urges her to uncover truths and forgotten souls hidden in dark dwellings and caves. Reluctantly, Emu'ra listens to him even though she would rather just collect gems and craft jewelry.

No friends? Wow what a loser.


The bandit who killed her parents. She still remembers him with his sly smile and dagger tattoo stretched across the side of his neck. She wonders if he is still alive.

Animals and Pets

Her trusty horse that she travels with
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Character Sheet


Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:09 pm

Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acrobatics10/100 (SP) (10/251)Novice
Endurance 10/100 (SP) (10/251) Novice
Pole arms [Spear]10/100 (SP) (10/251)Novice
Mining 5/100 (5/251)Novice
Trap Making25/100 (RB) NA: FTNovice
Climbing10/100 (SP) (10/251)Novice
Jewelry Crafting5/100 (SP) (25/251)Novice


Climbing - How to tumble if ever you lose footing
Climbing - Shimmying down a ledge with rope


Gem Cutting – Basic round cut


Pole Arms [Spear] - Jab


Trap making - Crafting traps for small animals
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Trap Making [RB] 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Acrobatics ...1040
Pole Arms [Spear] ..10 20
Mining5 05
Jewelry Making500
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Marks Section






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Character Sheet


Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:10 pm


Due to her travels, she mainly sleeps in a tent.
  • Equipment
    • Standard Quality set of clothing
      • Tan Blouse made of cotton
      • Black trousers
      • Durable brown boots made of leather
      • Dark Brown cloak that covers the upper shoulders and chest
    • Set of standard quality weather gear
      • Thick fur coat with a hood
      • A pair of leather gloves
    • Spear (Prize Possession)
      • Short Spear crafted by her father. A red strip of leather is wrapped tightly around the end of the spear to keep the sharp stone head in place.
  • Traveling Gear
    • One tent
    • One riding horse
    • One horse-pulled wagon
    • 100 feet of rope
    • One tinderbox
    • A set of six torches
    • One lantern
    • One Bedroll
    • A compass
    • A fishing net
    • A set of trapping equipment
    • A blanket
    • Four rucksacks
    • A knife
    • One waterskin
    • One set of toiletries
    • Two rags
Starting Package ... 25 GN
Total Currency: 0 ON, 25 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Race +10 10
Starting City (Ivorian Empire)+10 20
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
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Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:07 pm

Character Sheet: Click here
Prophet Notes: Click Here
There's a few things you must address before your CS is ready to go. So I'm here to help you get it all sorted out. Please make the following changes and message me back and we will get you going.
  1. You need to submit your Familiar Story to the PSF and receive approval, as well as an addition to your Prophet's Notes.
  2. Your skills could use some work. The Racial Bonus for Sev'ryn is +25 Meditation, not Trapmaking. Also, the Sev'ryn Fast Track Skills are either Field Craft or Hunting. Please make the appropriate adjustments to your Skills and Skill Ledger.
  3. Your Gem Cutting Knowledge should be renamed as Jewelry Crafting as that is the skill.
  4. Please change your Fame Ledger to Renown Ledger, as this is the new system being trialed and used. Your numbers are fine, just a name change as per this link
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