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Nalin Marit

Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:06 am

Nalin "Lotus" Marit
Goes By: Nali, Lotus, Nalin

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Birthdate: 7th of Cylus, of the 692nd Arc

Birthplace: Havardr

Current Location: Almund

Profession: (Need to Apply Still)

Marks: (Applying for Nalos)

Faction's Joined: None

Likes: Women(And is curious about men), his sister Lavender, fish meat, dancing (don't ask), singing, writing songs, observing nature, Lotus Flowers, Lavender Flowers

Dislikes: His Father (Tarrith Marit), Rough Seas, Storms, Anything with Tentacles, his disease, ignorance, laziness, and rodents.

[*]Father- Tarrith Marit
[*]Sister- Lavender Marit
[*]Mother- Savanny Marit (Deceased)

[*]Common Sign-Fluent


Sexuality: Bi-Curious

Health: In the beginning stages of Stage 2 Ink Bloom. As of Cylus 718, the bloom has grown to about 6 inches in diameter and has only gotten this big since Ashan of 714.
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Nalin Marit
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Nalin Marit

Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:09 am

Nalin Marit
Good Lookin' Head Turnin' Man

Nalin, is a tall individual, standing 6 foot 3 inches, weighing in at a whopping 200 pounds, he has a stature that makes you think that he might be a trained individual. He is broad shouldered, but lean muscled, and has many feminine looking features, including his face.

In keeping with family tradition, Nalin keeps is silky silver blonde hair long. He finds it to be a calming part of his routine to take care of his hair. His hair just barely reaches the bottom of his back and is very straight. He has not seen a wave in his hair since he was a child.

His face, one of his most feminine features, with soft, round cheeks, a rounded chin, no beard, plump lips and a round nose. His eyes are a sharp and piercing blue. Though it does change with the light sometimes to a soft grey, his eyes are typically a piercing icey blue.

His skin is quite pale and he actually burns quite easily in the sun if he's out in it too long. He does have a skin disease called Ink Bloom that has just recently in the past couple of year started spreading on his body. For those unlucky(or lucky depending on your point of view) enough to see him shirtless, one will see the sick flesh on his chest just above where his heart would be. It's only about 6 inches in diameter in Cylus of 718 but it is certain that it will continue to grow.

Who Is Nalin?
If you know Nalin's background, it's actually kind of amazing that he turned out the way he has. Having quite a bit of a sister complex, most everything he does revolves around helping her. Therefor to talk about Nalin, we must also talk about Lavender.

Nalin's love for his sister knows no bounds, and he will do anything and everything he can to keep her safe. He would rather die than to see her get hurt, which to be honest, is surprising that he hasn't gotten hurt worse before this. His love for his sister fuels almost every single one of his actions, every job he got was for her, so that he could support her. Running away from home, with her in toe, was for her. His learning Common Sign over normal Common as a child, was for her.

He took pain for her, protected her from their abusive father, and loved her in his place. Because she was his light and as she's told him, he was hers.

After time, it was amazing that he didn't just hate the world, constantly getting told no, over and over because he didn't have the right schooling, or that he wasn't big enough, or the most common for a time was that he wasn't old enough. Another common thing was that people wanted him for his looks, and for the longest time he resisted this.

No, in fact he doesn't hate the world, but has hope for it. Hope that other might open up to him, listen to his wishes, and maybe one day get him to where he wishes to be. Sure he might need to try and get some schooling, in fact he enjoyed that idea thoroughly, the main problem was that he wasn't the type to hoard his money, seeing as he loved and doted on his sister so often. Giving her an allowance for every season so that she can buy whatever she wished.

Over all, Nalin is a kind man, gentle of heart, sometimes skeptical of things he sees but he always tries to be of help to those in need because of his deep believe in Xiur and Ethelynda. Constantly keeping both these Immortals in his prayers. Mainly to help himself keep strong in the face of adversity and to be able to continue to protect and care for his sister. For her to keep hoping that things will get better.

He doesn't even mind that he has a disease that might be killing him. Because he has hope that he will be one of the lucky ones. If that doesn't end up being the case, then that is okay, but for now, he wants to focus on the present, not the future.

He has few worries, one of them being the missing father, who killed his mother and two military officials just to keep himself safe and stay out of prison or worse, stay away from a death sentence, but he hasn't been seen or heard from in years, and Nalin suspects that unless something changes in the near future, he won't be seeing or hearing from the delusional man. He never wants to see his face again, as long as that stays that way, and as long as his sister doesn't see him either, then he's okay on that front.


There are a few things that one might find.... wrong with him. He's one that like to enjoy the company of women, be it his sister or other women he doesn't care. He like to feel them, make them feel like queens, dance with them, woo them and just generally give them a good time. But he can't seem to commit to a single woman. Like something is holding him back from doing so. He has also expressed that he would be interested in trying to enjoy men as well, though most men he's come upon don't well, tickle his fancy?

All things considered he's quite a free spirit other than his major sister complex. If he ever does meet someone that he feels he might be able to have some sort of commitment with, they definitely will meet Lavender. His curious brain leads him to learning things on his own, even without proper schooling he's been learning multiple languages to try and do his best to communicate with others. He wants to learn as much as he can with the good brain that he has on his shoulders while he can. That will take time, and he knows this, but he's willing to put in the work and the effort to learn all that he can, even if it isn't language, he knows he still has a lot to learn.
Where'd Nalin Come from?
Nalin's history, is a bit violent, to say the least. No he hasn't participated in war, and no he hasn't tried to hunt down great beast to prove his strength. That just isn't the kind of man he is. He never was that man, he had an great example of that in his father, and he didn't want to be like him, ever.

From a young age he loved his little sister, helped his mother care for her when his father went out on fishing trips on the rigs with his fishing buds. He watched as he father would constantly get drunk and endanger himself while he left his kids and wife at home alone, constantly wondering if they'd get food for the table.

As soon as Nalin was truly able to help care for his sister, his mother took up weaving so that she could provide for her children and save some money on the side for them. For their education or whatever they wished to use it for. Little did she know she was saving it for their escape later down the road.

As Lavender got to the age where she was supposed to be able to talk, they started realizing something was up. She hadn't been really making noise her entire life. No crying noises, sure there was coughing, and sounds from things like vomiting, but no coo's no giggles. She would smile but no sound came out. When they brought a doctor in to see what the problem was, they found that she was mute after a series of tests.

Immediately Nalin responded by asking his mother to send him and his sister to learn Common Sign. His mother was actually touched by this and did as her young one requested. As a consequence though he didn't learn Common as quickly as he should have.

When his father learned about his daughter, it was like something inside him flipped a switch. He'd always been a drunkard, but something about this changed him. Like it was a final straw, at first he'd just yell at Lavender, at his wife about Lavender's disability. Asking why his wife was encouraging it. Why she wasn't trying to make their little girl speak plain common.

Nalin would always hold his sister when this happened, if he was there. But he was sent on more and more errands, had to go hunting more and more often to take care of his sister and mother so that they could eat since Tarrith was drinking almost all their money away and his mother couldn't work her fingers fast enough to sell enough fine rugs.

He hated coming home to find his sister covered in blood, tears in her eyes, confusion on her face. He hated every second of it. But he would always help her clean up, ever time. He'd help her, and even take hit's for her as his father spiraled further into his insanity.

Nalin never gave up. In fact sometimes, he'd ask his father why. He'd ask what was so wrong with his child being unable to speak. Well as best as he could. Which just emphasized that Nalin preferred Sign over spoken Common. He wanted to be able to communicate with his sister. She was his world. Shouldn't a man's daughter be their world? Apparently not this father. At least not in the right way.
Warning, Vulgarity past this point! Open at your own risk!
At the age of 15, Nalin allowed himself to be a victim of rape in place of his sister by his messed up father. (this had been edited down for the more faint of heart)
After this event, Savanny seemed to know she had to do something. Every chance she had, when the father wasn't around, she told her beautiful children that they weren't going to come to any more harm. She kept to her promise to. She continually stepped in when Tarrith seemed to be loosing control, taking the hits, the physical abuse, and Nalin wasn't sure but he thought a few nights that were oddly quiet, his mother was still allowing him to sleep with her.

The vile man haunted both his and Lavender's dreams, and Lavender would often come to Nalin in the middle of the night crying. He would scoot over in his bed and let her lay with him. Holding her to him so she could listen to the beating of his heart. He would sing (more hum as words still were hard for him) to her, rock her to sleep, let her know that she was safe with him.

It was not soon enough after this, almost an arc later that their mother helped them make their getaway. Tarrith was expected to be out on the rig for 2-3 cycles, if not more if they were unlucky. This was the time to go. She got them packed, gave them money and sent them on their way, telling them to not turn back and to never come back to Havardr until they knew it was safe, if never at all. To not contact her, to not tell her where they were. That was the only way they were going to stay safe.

Following her directions and after a few mishaps and a few strings of good luck, they made it to Almund where they've been living for 10 arcs. Together. As they should be.
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Nalin Marit

Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:33 am

Nalin Marit
A Siblings Getaway


The Young Marit household is quaint. With 400 sqft of floor space they were lucky to find this home on the edge of Almund's lowtown closest to Midtown. Though still considered to be in Lowtown for its size and location, Nalin felt like it was the perfect place to do his best to keep his sister safe. It is a cute 2 story home with a small balcony on the top, he plans give this space to his sister so that she can have a space to one day have a few planter boxes set up there so she could do her gardening when he has the money to pay for such things.

The home has a simple lay out as shown below in the diagram. In the entrance way is a small 2 shelf bookshelf (2 compartments and then a top where they can also lay things on) with one book in it, a journal that Nalin uses to try and learn written Common and Cursive. Along with a few other assorted items like dishes, the inkwell and pen, and a few other choice items that Nalin or Lavender might often leave the house with.

A table is in the main room past the stairs with two chairs for them to sit for food. A fireplace in the next room for heating the home and cooking once Nalin gets around to starting to hunt again, or buying fresh food instead of already cooked food. He does kind of miss his sisters cooking. But he's trying to save for school at the same time, so it's hard to give his sister everything he wants. to. Now, climbing up the stair, you find their shared bed and a chest for any extra clothing they acquire or other items they might not want to keep out in the open.

The next room is where they keep the chamber pot, and it leads to the balcony. which is currently empty. The place isn't very decorated but they have surely made it a home. One thing to take note of, is because of his height, Nalin must duck at when he goes through the doorways in this house as he is too tall for them.

Household Items list

  • 1 Queen Sized Bed
  • 1 Queen Size Fitted Sheet Standard Quality
  • 1 Queen Size Flat Sheet Standard Quality
  • 2 Light Blankets
  • 2 Pillows
  • 1 Small Bookshelf
  • 2 Candle Holders
  • 4 Candles
  • 1 Blank Journal
  • 1 Ruler
  • 1 Inkwell
  • 1 Ink pen
  • 1 Chamber pot
  • 1 table that could seat 4-6 if one had the chairs to do so
  • 2 Chairs
  • 1 Fireplace
  • 1 Chest/Trunk for storage
  • 6 plates (Assorted)
  • 2 Knives
  • 2 Sets of eating utencils
  • 1 Tinderbox
  • 1 Toiletries set (Soap, Brush, Razor, Toothpaste, Toothbrush)


All Men Must Work, This Is Nalin's

Nalin at this point in his life has two jobs, at night and one for evenings. So that he can support his lovely sister as much as possible.

His night time job is a more, nefarious, type of job. One that he never really tells his sister about, as he is a male prostitute at The Siren's Embrace.

For those looking for a silent night, a cuddle buddy, like pretty faces, or are deaf or mute, the proprietress always suggests Nalin. Though as he grew older his customer base grew. Males and Females alike of any race are able to have a taste of this man. Just don't be shocked about his burn like scar on his chest. Don't worry, it's not contagious. At least, no like the flu.

His evening job is much more of a normal, upstanding job. Highered for is strange ability to help keep things calm, at least for a little bit, Nalin's second job is working as a server at The Buckle and Chain. He has been using this place to help him learn how to speak better in Scalveen and Common.

The owner things that his being able to communicate with customers that are mute or deaf just adds to his capabilities as a server.
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RP Medals

Nalin Marit

Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:40 am

Nalin Marit
A Capable Man
Skill Name Acquired Points Points Spent Knowledges Proficiency
Navigation0/1000/2501 Unskilled
Ranged Combat(Short Bow) 5/100 5/2500Novice
Seduction23/100 23/2503 Novice
How One Becomes Capable
Skill/Thread Awarded Debited Running total
Racial Bonus (Weapon or Leadership) 25 0 25
Starting Points 50 0 75
Linguistics 0 20 55
Leadership 0 25 30
Seduction 0 20 10
Teaching 0 5 5
Ranged Combat (Short Bow) 0 5 0
Aegis CS Reward: Seduction 3 3 0
Aegis CS Reward: Caregiving 3 3 0
Aegis CS Reward: Linguistics 2 2 0
Aegis CS Reward: Socialization 2 2 0
Thread Rewards, Beauty I'll guard until the end of time 15 0 15
Socialization 0 5 10
Thread Reward, Ink Burning Darker than Black 15 0 25
Thread Reward, Forever Reaching For15040
Thread Reward, Things That Don't Exist15055
Thread Reward, Stay Mute or Raise Your Voice15070
Thread Reward, I For One, Want to Find Out15085
Thread Reward, I For One, Want to Find Out (Part 2)150100
Thread Reward, Before The Light of Dawn100110
Total Points Gained:200
Total Points Spent: 90
Total Points Banked: 110

The In's and Outs of Thought and Capability



Acrobatics: To fall correctly.


Caregiving: Sometimes, they can't have it their way
Caregiving: Giving someone with special needs a chance for normality
Caregiving: Letting them know you care
Caregiving: Play with them, even if they aren't yours to take care of!
Caregiving: Being understanding of the difficulties of a special needs person
Caregiving: Ensuring your siblings safety
Caregiving: keeping your sibling calm when their afraid
Care-giving: Sometimes gentle touch is all they need.
Care-giving: Drawing strength from each other (siblings)
Care-giving: Doing whatever it takes to get them better.


Deception: Smiling through the pain
Deception: Pretending you're okay.
Deception: Knowing when your mask is failing


Detection: Noticing when someone's agitated
Detection: Finding Nuances in speech patterns
Detection: Knowing when to step in to stop a situation from getting too heated.


Discipline: Trying to tell her no
Discipline: Struggling to not just ... and ignore the door
Discipline: Getting the door instead of what you want to do
Discipline: Maybe it's okay to give in a little?


Endurance: A ball to the gut
Endurance: Baring the sickness well.
Endurance: Carrying a person in extreme heat
Endurance: Working through Lack of Rest
Endurance: Resisting Pain from illness over a long Journey
Endurance: Pulling your weight when you're sick


Etiquette: Making sure the guest is well and cared for
Etiquette: Apologizing for the rudeness of family members
Etiquette: Always right to pay people for their work
Etiquette: Kindness always, when asking for help/a favor


Interrogation: How to answer a slew of questions.


Leadership:Keeping Calm, Calms Others


Linguistics: Finding the right word in Common
Linguistics: Noticing Verbal Nuances and Queue's
Linguistics:Pronouncing Carefully
Linguistics: Speaking the words while signing can be helpful
Linguistics:Using Common Sign to Help Translate to Common


Logistics: Friends Might be able to help you hide
Logistics: Someone that doesn't know you might be better for travel when wanting to hide your location.


Navigation: Through winding streets and alleyways


Medicine: That's what Heatstroke is?
Medicine: Water and Rest For Heatstroke
Medicine: Mint.. something Salve for burning cool on InkBloom
Medicine: Ink Bloom Symptom treatment (Minimal)
Medicine: Ink Bloom Symptom: Fainting/Blackout
Medicine: Ink Bloom Symptom: Burning sensation on skin
Medicine: Sometimes rest is the best medicine


Meditation: Trying to understand your own feelings


Negotiation: Working for what you want
Negotiation: Money's not always needed in a negotiation


Resistance:Minor Fever
Resistance:Ink Bloom Burn
Resistance: General 718 Cold and Flu Resistance


Running: While searching, one must sometimes speed up.


Seduction: Knowing just how to tease (With words)
Seduction: Eye contact can be quite invigorating
Seduction: Not discriminating based on gender
Seduction: Physical connection while speaking goes a long way
Seduction: Taking off a layer at a time
Seduction: The sideways glance and smirk
Seduction: Using Body Language Where Words Fail
Seduction: Knowing when to take orders
Seduction: Tongue action
Seduction: Catering to Dominance
Seduction: Speak... but don't speak
Seduction: Carry them to bed


Socialization: Taking their word for it.
Socialization: Inviting them in.
Socialization: Actions as well as words.
Socialization: All languages matter
Socialization: Including others
Socialization: The "Shut up" Glare
Socialization: Asking for Help
Socialization: Being careful of your words.
Socialization: Listening to the stories of customers
Socialization: Not taking bribes when they you aren't there for what they think you are there for.
Socialization: Sticking to the truth
Socialization: Trying to explain a situation
Socialization: Welcoming Those that Help you, to your home.
Socialization: Word fumbling and getting to the point
Socialization: Working as a server
Socialization: Taking orders
Socialization: Remembering Regulars and their orders
Socialization: Trying to make a joke to ease the tension
Socialization: Helping someone understand how humans work
Socialization: Answering Questions about your illness.
Socialization: Asking for help, not demanding it.


Storytelling: Stories about yourself


Strength: GOOOAL..EEEE
Strength: Weight of your Sister


Teaching: Helping Adjust hands to make signs correct
Teaching: Try again, but watch me first
Teaching: Try Explaining That Again
Realizations That Have been made!


Almund: The Marketplace
Almund: Alley's for travel
Almund: The Glass Tree Location
Almund: The Marit Home
Almund: A random bar or two
Almund: A few kind people
Almund: Butcher's Shop


Amaris: A healer
Amaris: Wants me to rest
Amaris: Does what she can
Amaris: Told me about Faith
Amaris: Told me to wait to travel.
Amaris: Just wants to help


Enrick: A kind Individual
Enrick: A man of his word
Enrick: Kind to Lavender
Enrick: Helps Find Lavender
Enrick: Eyes change colors
Enrick: Not sure how to take compliments
Enrick: Generally a Calm Fellow
Enrick: Quick thinking
Enrick: House guest
Enrick: A New friend.
Enrick: A stronger accent, but that's okay
Enrick: Does not complain about my bad Common.
Enrick: Tried to Sign, was an epic failure
Enrick: Doesn't think he's nice
Enrick: Had a blackout?
Enrick: Came to visit!
Enrick: Fishes!
Enrick: Offered Lav a job!


Faith: Dependable Doctor
Faith: Chairwoman?
Faith: Works for free? How does she make money?
Faith: Kind hearted
Faith: asks some good questions
Faith: Seems ready for anything
Faith: Didn't even flinch at my diseased skin


Faldrass: A boat ride away
Faldrass: The sandy beach

NPC Frank

Frank: Regular at The Buckle and Chain.
Frank: Didn't know about the Illness til now


Lavana: Asks a lot of questions
Lavana: Failed to give her name
Lavana: Assumed I was some sort of Assassin
Lavana: Threatened to kill me.
Lavana: Likes how I look
Lavana: Tried to pay me to not kill her
Lavana: Calls herself a bitch.
Lavana: Doesn't believe I'm from Scalv
Lavana: "Cool story brah"


Lavender: Sometimes a little brat
Lavender: More clingy than need be
Lavender:Wants more time with me
Lavender: Doesn't really like Enrick
Lavender: Maybe she just doesn't want to stink like fish?
Lavender: Still worth every annoyance
Lavender: I can still surprise her
Lavender: Likes people trying to understand her
Lavender: Pouty as always
Lavender: Might not really hate Sephira After all
Lavender: Worried, like always
Lavender: Sometimes, fear just turns into tears
Lavender: Wants to be there for me


Oor: Is deffinitely not human
Oor: Doesn't like me
Oor: Isn't always there
Oor: Protector of Volker
Oor: Doesn't like Lavender either
Oor: Deems Volker an Animal
Oor: Makes it sound like Volker might be a killer


Self: I will protect my sister no matter the cost
Self: Even the heat won't beat me when I'm on a mission.
Self: Keep going, I'll get there
Self: Sometimes you need to slow down
Self: Welp.. I guess I passed out
Self: This Illness will probably kill me one day
Self: My sister's more important than myself


Sephira:cute kid
Sephira: All alone
Sephira: Makes up games
Sephira: Her ball
Sephira: Want's to play
Sephira: Want's to learn Sign
Sephira: Wants to invite Lavender to have fun
Sephira: Has a great smile!
Sephira: "You Speak funny"

NPC Tilda

Tilda: One of my bosses
Tilda: Great Beverage maker
Tilda: One hell of a tavern owner
Tilda: Perceptive
Tilda: Is just worried about my health
Tilda: Strong headed.
Tilda: Know's about the Ink Bloom


Volker: Caught me when I Fell
Volker: Touched My cheek
Volker: Made me blush somehow
Volker: To the point with words
Volker: Carried me with no prompting
Volker: Paid for a room
Volker: Didn't flinch away when I revealed my wound.
Volker: Helped take care of me.
Volker: Growls... it's kind of cute...
Volker: Won't take the money
Volker: It's not always about looks
Volker: What is this feeling?
Volker: Shouldn't I be afraid?
Volker: My.. protector?
Volker:Hard to keep calm
Perks of Being Nalin

Skill Proficiency Listed Bonus Bonus Taken
LinguisticsNovice2 "easy" Languages to "Broken""Broken" in Scalveen & Cursive
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RP Medals

Nalin Marit

Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:11 am

Nalin Marit
Pocket of Nels
Thread/Item Nel Gained Nel Debited
SP Starting Balance 100 0
Bookshelf (Small) 0 None (10GN of 15GN SP Decoration)
Blank Journal 0 None (5GN of 15GN SP Decoration)
Queen Fitted Sheet 0 2GN
Queen Flat Sheet 0 1GN
2 Light Blankets 0 1GN
2 Candle Holders 0 10GN
Candle x4 0 2GN
Ruler 0 5SN
Inkwell 0 2GN
Ink Pen 0 1GN
Pillows x2 0 10GN
Black Leather Jacket with fastener 0 15GN
Npc Cylus Season Payment 0 10GN
Npc Ashan Season Payment 0 10GN
Ink Burning Darker Than Black (Lavana Payment) 100Gn 0
Server Job Payment (Submitted) Cylus--- 0
Prostitute Job Payment (Submitted) Cylus --- 0
Cylus 1st, Before the Light of the Dawn (TIP)10gn--
Server Job Payment (Not-Submitted) Ashan1200
Prostitute Job Payment(Not Submitted) Ashan1200
Total Nel Possessed: 0 ON, 385 GN, 5 SN, 0 CN
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RP Medals

Nalin Marit

Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:14 am

NPC Spotlight: Lavender Marit
Nalin's Flower of Light

Name: Lavender Merit

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 89th of Zi'da, of the 694th Arc

Skills: Cooking(25), Butchering (25), Dancing (5), Writing (15), Gardening (30)

Appearance: Like her brother, Lavender had pale skin, and platinum blonde hair. Softer facial features than Nalin, but not by much. When she does wear makeup she tends to wear dark makeup to accentuate her pale skin. Her dark eyes also contrast with Nalin's, being almost black instead of the piercing blue that he has. The sight of her can be almost unsettling if you don't know her, as she seems quite like a ghost. Her muteness only emphasizes that. She is 5 foot 8 inches tall, and weighs about 175 pounds.

Personality: A seeming bubble of energy only around Nalin, Lavender often doesn't know how to act around any others as she is mute. She often just stands there sheepishly when around people that she doesn't know because she doesn't know if they know Common Sign. Around Nalin though she seems to love his doting attention and very much dislikes being out of his sight when she can help it. Though this is probably due to a sense of safety as Nalin has drilled into her on multiple occasions to stay near him when she can. If observed around Nalin, she seems to have eyes only for him, though no other man (or woman) has tried to make a move on her at this time.

She has a deep seated fear of her father whose current location is unknown. There are multiple reasons for this fear, the main one being that he beat her when she wouldn't respond to him if asked a question directly. She has been knocked out by him more than once, and Nalin has even taken a few hits for her on occasion when it got out of hand and he tried to stop their father.

Nalin took his sister with his mother's help and ran away from home when she was just 13, to save her from other abuses that their father had attempted. So it is easy to imagine just how much she wants to be of help to Nalin at this point in her life at the age of 23.

Relationship to PC: Lavender is the mute sister of Nalin.

Anything: There is very possibly a romantic relationship between her and Nalin. She also, as a mute, of course can not speak and therefore uses Common Sign which is why Nalin knows it, he learned along with her.
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Nalin Marit

Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:43 am

Nalin Marit
He who Has been Deemed Worthy

To bear the mark of Nalos by Xiur, as according to this story.
Night of the 5th of Ashan, Arc 708.
Lost? They couldn't be lost! Mother had given them express directions. Stay to the well walked paths, don't go into overly wooded areas. Don't stop even if you're hungry! Look at them now though! They were walking aimlessly, never having walked from Havardr to Almund alone. Well he'd never even walked it before, normally he was on or in a cart with good for trade, helping his scoundrel of a drunken father sell his wares. It wasn't even something that he wanted to do, he didn't want to be a fishmonger. Though now he cursed himself for not paying more attention.

Not that it would have really helped him all that much in this darkness. The moons light shone so little, he actually felt like the stars were shedding more light. Though it was just the beginning of Ashan. There was still little light, remnant's of of the Cylus cycle. Just then, a tap on his shoulder broke his thoughts. There was no anger with the one that had tapped his shoulder though. No, instead he looked to his sister and smiled softly at her. His fingers and hands moving to form some of his most familiar words in Common Sign. "What is it dear sister?"

He watched her gestures carefully, not sparing a single second to look away from her small delicate hands which gave life to her words. "I know what mother said, but maybe we should ask for directions, or find somewhere to stay? You look exhausted, and I'm scared." He didn't miss that hesitation in her admitting she was scared to him. He felt like such an idiot. She was the most important thing to him, and he couldn't just forget about her feelings. Of course she'd be scared. She had always been scared of the dark. If there wasn't any light for which to see her hands, she couldn't talk, if she couldn't talk she was all alone in her thoughts.

The young boy pulled his sister close to him. Both of them weighed down by bags that were supposed to help them survive just a couple days while they found their way to the capital where they could hide. Nalin was 16, old enough to get a job and care for his sister, which is what he would do, he would care for her. Because no other man was going to care about her like he did. His hold on her tightened for a trill more before he let go of her.

"I know you're scared dear sister, but we must keep up hope. We have each other, and that's all we need. Yes?" That last question brought a quite visible smile onto Lavender's face. Yes, even in this almost complete darkness, she seemed to shine. "Beautiful. Just like the flower you're named after Lavender. You are going to be a light that shines the way through the darkness. You!" He emphasizes this by pressing the sign for you into her chest and chuckles a bit before ruffling her hair softly. Taking care to not mess it up but just to be comforting.

He watched her as she closed her eyes and leaned into his hand, starting to sign herself. "But you're the one always guiding me so I can be that light brother. For you are my light." This was when he was glad that it was dark out at this time, because he was blushes furiously now. Why did she think that? He couldn't bring himself to ask. As that's when he realized that they weren't alone, because he actually could see her better, there was a light coming from where they were headed. He squinted his eyes and frowned, who was this person?

Dread seeped into his very bones as he looked at the figure as best as he could. Stills squinting. He could feel his sister starting to shake next to him. And with a sidelong glance he could tell that she was quite scared and nervous. He kept his hand on her head and calling out to the stranger in his broken common, "Who there? No fight! Lost. Need help. No home!" It wasn't a lie, they didn't have a home back in Havardr, not one that was safe to go back to, and they were lost. They didn't want to fight and in fact did need help. The first part, was just his curiosity. He was guarded but not at the same time. He had to protect his sister, but he had to hope that whoever was in front of them was a good person.

A deep male voice boomed over to them. "I'm a traveler young ones, looking for lost souls like you, to help, not to fight just like you ask. Come I have a fire you can share with me and a meal, if you don't mind salted fish? You look like you could use it, no offense."

Nalin relaxed a bit, it wasn't their father's voice, that was what mattered. But now what do they do. He looked to his sister who looked super scared still, she actually even moved to clutch onto him and signed on his chest. "I'll follow you brother, where ever you decide to go." With that he felt his heart tear in two. He took her hand in his and kissed it softly, reassuringly smiling at her. "Brother, right here." He whispered. She nodded, giving a nervous smile back at him.

He looked up to the man, "We come, No move, we no have armed weapons, sister scared, stay still and trust. Hope understands." When common actually left his lips, he felt like he was so unintelligent, his hand that wasn't around his sister was moving to sign what he was actually trying to say because of how frustrated not being able to say what he wanted to say made him.

"I understand young one. I will stay right here with my light! But be careful, don't lose your step! Keep hold of your sister. It's slippery."

He hated being called young one, but he was still quite young, he had to admit, and he wasn't going to freely give his name yet. But his hope that this man was a good one was growing steadily. He clung to that hope, not for himself, but for his sister, knowing that he was going to sacrifice himself if the opposite was the case.

Carefully they made their way to the man, they were going a bit off the path, but if he had fire and food, they couldn't refuse it at this point, if his stomach was rumbling so was Lavender's. So forward he went, holding Lavender before her, guiding her gently. Letting her have her pace. She kept looking to him for reassurance and he would be smiling down at her every time. "Like that, forward, against fear. That's it. Together." His sister's noiseless laugh almost broke his heart, he wished so much for her to be able to have her own voice one day. He didn't care if he died trying to find her a cure, he wanted her to be happy. For that, he had to hope, even in the face of adversity. Her illness was a big adversity to face, and so was this situation.

He looked up to see that the man was keeping his promise, that was good. It was strange, that a man would come out of nowhere, but, that was just luck in their favor he guessed. Might have to thank Chrien for once in his life for this sudden swoop of luck. Or whatever God or Goddess sent this man to them.

Taking a deep breath as they finally reached the man, they looked at each other. Lavender still shivering in his arms, from fear or cold he couldn't tell anymore. But the man before them was almost as dark as night itself, and there was something strange about the light that the man was holding but Nalin couldn't put a finger on it.

"Thank you, we trust now. Please, help."

The man smiled at him. "If another language is more comfortable to you young one, please use it with me." It seemed that the man had seen the obvious discomfort in Nalin's face.

Nervous, he hoped that Common Sign was one that the man before them knew. Raising a hand hesitantly he looked between his hand and the man. The man seemed to nod which encouraged the again hopeful Nalin. "You know Common Sign?" Using one hand, he had to elongate the motions a bit more, but it was fine because it seemed that the man understood. Seeing as he made a nodding gesture. Relief became visible on both his and his sisters faces and the man chuckled.

The dark man put up his free hand and started signing, "Why don't we go warm up and fill our bellies, whatever you're running from wont chase you where we are going." He pointed in a direction and started walking in it, pointing the light away from the sibling pair. They looked at eachother and followed the man, keeping close hold of each other.


About 30 or so bit's later, they arrived at a camp that looked to be not far away from something in the distance. There were lights and the smell of the ocean was quite strong again. Nalin's heart skipped a for a trill. Excitedly he tapped the man's shoulder and waited for him to turn around before signing to him, "Is that Almund? If so, that is where we were headed!"

The dark man chuckled at the boy, "Of course that's Almund! You two need rest first though, please, sit on the log while I prepare. Come, while the night is young! Tell me of yourselves!

That last bit made Nalin freeze for a moment, but he did as he was told, helping his sister into his lap so that he could hold her close and sign around her. "We are a brother and sister, aided by their mother to run from an abusive father. I am Nalin, this is Lavender. Our hope is to find a safe haven in Almund as well as find a way to either cure Lavender or spread awareness and spread Common Sign. It is actually surprising to find someone who isn't a teacher of the language to be using it other than us at least." He paused a moment, why was he telling this man? He didn't know, but it felt like lying to this man wasn't going to help them any. After the short pause he smiled at his sister. "Do you need anything dear sister?"

She squirmed in his arms a bit and looked to the man shyly. "I can talk to him directly?" she signed and both men laughed. She looked sheepishly between her brother and the dark male. It was the dark male that signed first, "Of course dear. Lavender yes? Nice to meet you. It must be different being able to speak to someone other than your brother yeah?" The fluidity of his hands was almost unreal. It was like he was writing cursive in the air that's how beautiful it was.

Both kids stared at him a moment before Nalin turned to see the brightest smile on his sisters face. For breaks, Lavender signed at the man, asking questions about his travels, how he learned sign. He never fully answered her questions, tending to the fire and making their food. Eating was the only time when no hands moved and there was true silence in the air other than the animals and the fire.

Soon the sun started rising, and they all looked at each other with soft laughter in their eyes. The dark man getting up and brushing himself off, signalled for both Lavender and Nalin it was about time for them to go. Standing up themselves they both signed in sync. "Thank you sir." This was when Nalin continued on after Lavender. "You are a beacon of hope for lost travelers, a bright star in the night sky, thank you for helping us in our time of need. Most wouldn't even think of helping us. Some still might even have tried to capture us and sell us on the market. So thank you for helping us keep hope in humanity and in these dark times for us."

The man walked up to Nalin, shaking his head no and putting a hand on the boys shoulder. Now speaking out. "You are the one who holds the hope, I was only here to help nurture it this time. But trust and hope are not one in the same, remember that and even in the darkest of nights you'll find your way, and in the scariests of times you'll be able to keep calm and find a way to smooth things over." The smile on the mans face never left as he walked off in the opposite direction of the city, "Till we meet again, Nalin."

"Till... meet again..Traveler.." Nalin called back. Feeling a bit funny, giddy, but energized, even though he should be worn out and tired from no sleep, he had an new spark of hope for their travels and future. With that thought, he directed his sister towards the city off in the distance and started forward.


Mark of Nalos

As with all endeavours from Xiur, the Blessing of Nalos exists merely to give mortals an easier time of it as they struggle through the harsh realities of the world. He is not discriminatory towards any mortals wandering through Idalos. He will even support the Naerikk. However he will not allow his mark to be shared with Audrae's. If a prospect has her mark, he will not grant his; and if she grants her mark to a willing recipient that already possesses his, he will remove his. Physically, the blessing is not obvious at first. It starts as a small white spot, which as joined by others as devotion grows. These spots become connected by lightly glowing lines to form one of the four "constellations" listed below. Which one is dictated by the aptitudes and attitudes of the Blessed as they advance in his service.



Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Etiquette, Navigation, Psychology or Teaching. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.

Flow of Morale
The Blessed is able to bring a brief surge of hopeful resolve to those around him. Within 10 feet, this lasts for eight bits; to 20 feet, it lasts for five bits; to 30 feet it lasts for two bits. At "Adored", double either the range or duration. At "Exalted", double both.

Calming Overcast
A tense situation suddenly undergoes a dusky graying light, and the attitudes of everyone within 50 feet are affected as if the current hostility instead happened the day before, and everyone has had the time to cool off.


Calming Overcast: An aura that can calm those around you
Calming Overcast: Not sure how the Aura works, seems automatic
Calming Overcast: Seems to be able to almost make people forget about an argument.
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Nalin Marit

Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:31 am

Nalin Marit
Let Him Be Known
Thread/Action Reason Renown
Starting Package (fame) Human Race 10
Starting Package (fame) Starting Zone As Human 10
Starting Package (fame) Job Prostitute at The Siren's Embrace 10
Starting Package (fame) Job Server at The Buckle and Chain 10
A beauty I'll guard until the end of time (Pegasus) Kind, helpful deeds in Almund 5
Things That Don't Exist (Ellen'Wyn)offering your hospitality to Enrick 5
Stay Mute or Raise Your Voice (Pegasus)(that poor chap, did you hear?)5
I For One, Want to Find Out (Alistair)Not listed5
Total Renown: 60

Pains of Being Mortal

Cylus 718

(Ink Burning Darker Than Black) 17th-A little sniffle for the next few days, from exposure. Stay warm and drink plenty of fluids and a hot soup here or there. Maybe some tea would be good.

Ashan 718

(I For One, Want to Find Out) 2nd- Fever 1-2 trials if not treated, and Progression of Inkbloom, Symptoms of Inkboom progressively get worse for the next half trial before dying down.
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Nalin Marit

Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:52 am

Nalin Marit
The Things He Owns
  • One set of clothing: Coat (white), shirt(white), pants (white), undergarments (white), boots ankle high (black). All clothing is standard quality.
  • One waterskin
  • One Black Leather Jacket with Fastener
  • One Short Bow with an engraving of a lotus on it from his mother. (Prized Possession)

The Journey's Ahead

Starter Quest

Optional: One of Nalin's most loyal male customers speaks to him about knowing a man by the name of Tarrith. It seems this Tarrith is working in Egilrun as a jailer within the prison labor mines, and is well known for his cruelty. In fact, this same cruelty has helped him to reach several promotions within the mines. And one drunken night at the town's tavern, the man spoke of his long lost love, a girl named Lavender. He speaks highly of her, and how one his next available vacation, he plans to just "take her away to somewhere nice" for a pre-marriage honeymoon. When asked why she lives far away, he laughs it off, saying who would want to live in Egilrun by choice? But he trusts her to stay pure for him, and he always knows where she is. And with a smile, says how she will always wait for him.

Starter Quest Threads

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Nalin Marit

Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:22 am

Nalin Marit
A Man's Journey
To Be Submitted (TBS)
Adult Forum (AF)
Placeholder (PH)
In Progress (IP)
Modded Thread (MoT)
Submitted but Not graded (S)
Graded (G)
Abandoned (A)
Open (O)
Job thread (JT)
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11th Suan 710GEnrickThings that Don't Exist
10th Ashan 714IPEnrickIt's a Curse you will Live With
13th Ashan 717IPQit'riaInto Blue
Timestamp Status ParticipantsThread
Timestamp Status ParticipantsThread
1stS, AF, JTSoloBefore the Light of the dawn
3rdG, O, JTAmarisStay Mute or Raise your Voice
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17thTBSLavanaInk Burning Darker than Black (Part II)
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