Job Threads, Professions, and Wages Guide

Here is a list of guides when it comes to starting out, what skills are available, and how to play. This section will have things added to it frequently so please check back often.
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Job Threads, Professions, and Wages Guide

Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:00 am

Job Threads, Professions, and Wages Guide

Job Threads

or your character to earn a wage in the world of Idalos, you must complete at least one Job Thread each season (every two months) to qualify for the wage appointed to their chosen job (which you can apply for through the office of the Prophet who oversees the city you play in, or in the ‘jobs request’ thread in your chosen city). A job thread consists of your character acting out the role and duties of their job, for example, a Farmer might spend the day tilling the earth, sowing crops, or making sure all of the animals are fed, while a Smith might test the strength of different metals, forge a sword, or design a new dagger.

A job thread should be around 1500 words long, though this is not a hard rule. The 1500 words is simply the target to strive for, though we do ask that this is not abused. Proper effort in the job to earn wages should be shown.. It is important that your character is doing their job rather than filling your thread up with ‘fluff’, such as, a lot of unnecessary travel or social interaction. Job Threads can be completed with other people or as solos.. All cities require that you complete at least one Job Thread per season to qualify for a seasonal wage.

Players are allowed to have two jobs total. You must complete two job threads (One from each job) in order to earn a wage from both jobs.


Can I submit my Job Threads for grading?
Yes, Job Threads are just like any other stories you write for Standing Trials where your character can earn skill points for performing different tasks. You'll need to keep track of these threads, however, so that at the end of each season, you can submit them to your city's prophet for your wage.

Can I put down placeholders for Job Threads?
Yes, as long as they are dated correctly, you can return to complete placeholders at a later date.

Do my Job Threads need to be graded before I can apply for my seasonal wage?
No, as long as you have met the requirements of a Job Thread, you can submit them without being graded first (the Prophet awarding your wage will read the Job Thread quickly to make sure the character earned their wage).

What happens if I forget to do a Job Thread and it is too late to put down a placeholder?
Unfortunately your character will not be paid for that season, but will not be taxed as a result (see pricelist and seasonal expenses).

Will I get more money if I write more Job Threads?
The simple answer is no.

Can I post a job thread for The Hot Cycle if we're currently in The Rebirth Cycle?
No. You have to put a job thread or placeholder down for each of the seasons during the four months assigned to that Cycle

Does a mage have to be Revealed in order to earn the final wage increase?
No. Mages who use Domain Magic instead receive their final skill-level related boost to wages at 99 instead of 100, due to the limitations of Revelation for the mage.

Professions and Wages

All players will start on a wage of 2gn. This wage is influenced by skill but only slightly. With 25/250 or 25/100 for Fast Track (FT) points in a related job skill, the player gets +2gn per day, giving them a total of 4gn to start on. 75/250 or 50/100 for Fast Track (FT) points gives +3gn, 150/250 or 75/100 for Fast Track (FT) points gives a bonus of +4gn, and 250/250 or 100/100 for Fast Track (FT) skill points gives a bonus of +5gn (with the exception of Domain Magics, who receive the bonus at 249/250 points instead).

As you can't allocate more than 25 points in a single skill on start-up, most players will start their jobs with a max of 2gn unless a prophet awards more.

Each season you complete a job thread for this job, your wage goes up by +2gn, with a max of +12 by the end of one year (6 seasons, 6 job threads, 6 wage promotions). If a player managed to get 100 skill points (or 99, for Domain Magic) in their related job skill and completed all of their job threads for a year, they could earn a max of 2gn starting wage, plus 12gn promotions, plus 5gn for maxed skill, totalling 19gn per day in their job.

Loyalty in a job is rewarded every season you write a job thread, and developing your skill is just a small bonus. If you decided to change jobs and were earning +19gn a day when you left, you could later return to that job and pick up exactly where you left off. Any new job, however, will start you on 2gn per day plus whatever your related job skill bonus is in that job.

If you miss a job thread one season, you do not lose points on your current wage, however, you will not get a promotion of +2gn for that season.

There is also a cash bonus for players who stay in their jobs. Each year your character is in the same job (and only if they completed all of their job threads each season), they will be given a bonus of 5,000gn (think of it as work bonus from the boss), to spend or save as they please.


How do seasonal expenses work?
Seasonal expenses correlate to money earned rather than job cap.
0gn – 4gn per day = Beggar x N/A
5gn – 10gn per day = Poor x .05
11gn – 30gn per day = Commoner x .10
31 – 50gn per day = Luxury x .15
51gn+ per day = Aristocracy x .20

Are there any other additional modifiers to a wage?
Yes, there's a Language Modifier. If you speak the local language in a city that does not speak Common, and speak it Fluently, you get a +2 GN for wages earned in that specific city. You can check Language and the Loyalty Bonus for more details.

Do I have to inform my city prophet if I change professions?
Yes, you should reapply for the new job you want for your character and explain which job you’re giving up so that the correct information can be added to your Prophets' Notes

If I'm inactive for a season, will I still be charged living expenses, etc?
No. If you didn't make any posts for a season or number of seasons, you will not be charged any expenses. If, however, you made a few posts within a season, left, then came back later, you will be charged that season's expenses.
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