Too Tasty

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Too Tasty

Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:18 pm


Cylus 25 718

Tonight, she was going to find out if anything suspicious was going on, so she was standing in a spot with a good view of a pub. She was very much a rogue warrior of justice at this point in her life, having been inspired to do good by the world by her favorite immortal Ashan. She was just outside the reaches of lantern light and out of the way. Unless someone looked directly at her, she didn’t know how she could possibly be spotted. She had even gone as far as to cover her hair and wear all black. If she had seen someone dressed as she was, she would have assumed that someone was about to get robbed. Or killed in their sleep. It was a look she was comfortable with though, and that’s all that mattered. Her disguise was pretty garbage what with her shimmering wings and the glow that permeated through the gaps in her clothing. She was going to have to give up stealth as an option one day or another.

Hina eyed the door of the pub and watched as the people filtered in and out. This is where Hina became frustrated that she couldn’t tell the time very well in Cylus. If she could, then she would have showed up at a more rambunctious time and wouldn’t have to stand around in the cold. It was pretty difficult to remain still when your whole body wanted to shiver. But she would resist the shivers for the sake of staying hidden and focused on the task ahead. A group of men walked out together, followed by several couples that all took their own paths home.

All of those were regulars though. She had seen all of their faces at one point or another in the area. So Hina stayed vigilant. Then, finally, a man she had only seen for the past several days showed up. The woman looked familiar, and the man had all the characteristics that told Hina that he was charismatic. He had a spring in his step and also had an incredibly sly smile. His hair was just how Hina liked it styled and his body shape looked good even through his thick clothing. She had to blink hard to snap herself back to reality. She was on a person mission, she couldn’t forget. He looked like the guy she was after but she still didn’t get a good look at him. She activated a rune of sound and tried to hone in on what they were talking about. She couldn’t hear the first time so she pumped up the ether usage.

“You’re going to have the time of your life tonight!” the man said with a wink. That was all Hina needed to hear for her to know that this was the man she was going to tail tonight. The woman was intoxicated, but that was hardly a factor. This wasn’t some underaged girl about to be taken advantage of, this was someone who was well aware of what was about to go down. She returned the sly looks and whispered something into the man’s ear that made both him and Hina blush. The woman really had no filter.

Keeping to the shadows, Hina poorly trailed behind the mysterious man and his companion for the night. They were drunk enough to where they didn’t bother caring about all the sounds she was making. In fact, they even looked back a couple times and other than giving Hina a weird look didn’t seem perturbed that she was there. What did they care? Hina was starting to think that trying to be stealthy was hurting more than it was helping. She stubbornly kept trying to be stealthy just to make herself feel better She avoided stepping on anything noisy and was soft with her footsteps. It was all coming naturally to her, as if she had some innate knack for being sneaky. She was able to close in to about ten feet away, at which she was able to listen to a bit of their conversation.

“Oh Honey,” the woman said, “take me to eat before we head to the inn.”

The two drunken lovey doveys walked into a restaurant and Hina followed them inside. She took a seat as close as she could to the couple and did her best to ignore everyone staring at her. She truly did look ridiculous. She placed her order for food and tried to think. What was she even doing here? She had started investigating this man to see what he was up to but there was nothing wrong with him. The only thing Hina could think of going wrong is if he drugged the meal or drinks. Even if she found out he had, it still didn’t mean anything since drugs weren’t even illegal in this city. She rubbed her head and groaned. Was she going to finally admit that she was just jealous and wished that she’d get a boyfriend already?

Hina’s meal came and she pushed the giggling couple out of her mind. She now wished she hadn’t sat next to them because they were discussing all the dirty things they were going to do that night. Hina wasn’t old enough to be listening to that level of filth. She almost gagged when the woman went into detail and had to cover her ears. She couldn’t believe she had actually used the sound rune to hear what they were talking about. Now that she was here though, she might as well try that rune she had recently learned. She reached to the rear of her neck and placed the savor rune in order to enhance her taste and smell. This was a much different environment than where she had learned the rune and with any luck she would be able to identify some new uses for the rune. She pulled out a piece of paper and pen while she was at it so she could jot down notes for her grimoire.

Hina activated the rune with a touch and covered it up with her hair to avoid even more attention than she was already getting. Like clockwork her senses started to become more and more powerful until she simply could not stand the bad taste in her mouth anymore. She popped her mouth open and stuck her tongue out and felt it flopping up, down, and all around. She couldn’t even control it. There was so much flavor in the air that she was getting an influx of tastes just by licking the air. She probably looked like she had lost her damn mind with the way she was slobbering up the air around her. She tasted anything and everything and had to use her hands to force her tongue back into her mouth. As soon as she did her nose started to pick up scents. The BO on the drunkards, her own breath, even the unsavory smell of a fart from across the room that made her pinch her nose shut. She didn’t have an orifice to breath out of anymore if she was going to close up like this.

Then came her food. Oh god she didn’t even know if she wanted to taste it. If tasting the air was this tantalizing how could she possibly handle the meat on her plate. She tried to keep her back straight but her face planted itself right onto the plate and her tongue started licking the food involuntarily. Hina wasn’t even trying to do any of this. Something about her, maybe her spark, wanted to experience the most tasteful bliss ever. As spices went up her nose she let out the most powerful sneeze ever, spraying spittle across her table. In hindsight she should have known that the spices would have set off her nose but this was next level.

The spices burned her nose and she experienced a unique sensation of wanting to vomit right out her nose. She gagged and pushed her plate away so that she could dry heave with her face planted on the table. If she had known how to dismiss her rune away she would have done so, unfortunately she still didn’t know that you could deactivate a rune after it was activated. She laid there with watery eyes and did her very best not to choke up vomit. The influx of wonderful tastes and smells were now overridden by her own vomit taste and smell. She just wanted the rune to run out so that she could go home. Eventually the restaurant staff had enough of her slobbery nonsense and Hina was escorted out of the restaurant by a couple of guards who assumed she was high on something really powerful. They took her home and recommended she get off of ‘that stuff.’ Hina had never been so embarrassed in her life. At least she had found a use for the rune aside from tasting her own mouth.

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Re: Too Tasty

Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:57 am

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Eavesdroppers deserve to hear what they hear, no matter how gross.

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