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Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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A King and His Castle

Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:17 pm

A King and His Castle
Vhalar 38 718

here existed charm to it all and a quaintness about it he liked, even if it were set out a ways off from the part of town he liked. However the appeal of this new abode not only pleased Patrick, it brought a new sense of pride and confidence within the man.

Earlier after the meeting with the merchants guild to finalize the purchase, Patrick set out immediately towards Lake Lovalus to find his new property. Beforehand he would've looked for something higher up within the city, however when he had caught wind of this type of property and of its location; something about it just rang true to his core. Upon arrival he immediately saw why. It was big on the outside compared to his flat, which he was far too accustomed to, and certainly maintained greatly by the previous owners. Though the lot around it seemed a little less greener now that Vhalar had kicked in, and it probably didn't help that lack of attention derived the plants of color either.

With pack over his shoulder Patrick stepped onto the porch observantly, impressed with the color of the wood as well as the craftsmanship put into it. The house's keeper really did take care of this wonderful home, and now it belonged to Patrick as he sought private refuge from the world. And for what? He had a lot to manage and so much more to figure out, and it would all begin here once he finally settled down inside. Which led him to the four-paned door with key in hand, curiosity already eager to see what awaited beyond the glass. With the release of the lock and turn of a knob he pulled the door open, eager to enter his private abode and sate the appetite. Curiosity was slaughtered with joy.

The first reception area had a little bit of furnishings for decoration, more or less just a sitting area with a wood stove tucked the corner; probably to help heat the area during the colder parts of the Arc. There resided a brown couch and a brown loveseat, both with oak frames, accompanied with somewhat worn mahogany end tables. The wood stove certainly seen better days as the iron appeared lightened in some areas, with a couple spots of rust on it's exhaust from where it ran through the wall. "Okay." He remarked with satisfaction as he moved on to the next area of the abode, passing by a line of counter space which created the divide. This second reception area seemed to be set up more like a kitchen and dining hall, with four unpadded wooden chairs tucked around a large table in one side; and a standard cooking area setup along the wall further to the right.

"Look at that, all the storage space you could ever need." The fluttering ball of light remarked as she moved from behind Patrick's head towards the center of the room.

"Tell me about." He remarked with a look from the cabinets and counters towards his left, into a hall that led onward to three other rooms down the end. More curiosity led him to inspect the rooms further down, his only real guess being that they were the bedrooms he'd heard of. The first of the three was revealed with the opening of a door, where he found a single bed on a frame with a bedside table beside it. There was also a small dresser and a rug, but overall a simple and plain room when he looked inside; well lit though thanks to the angle of the sun. That meant the next room had to be as well, which much to his surprise wasn't made into a bedroom; but rather an office area instead. There were shelves but they were barren saved for a few books, if only for decorative purposes rather than actual interesting topics.

The desk area though looked well tailored to the office theme, a smoothly well crafted mahogany desk with a padded wooden chair; with a filing cabinet situated next to it. "Huh, even a study area. They weren't kidding when they said you'd like this place."

"Best is yet to come." Patrick reminded Ri as he looked his left shoulder at her, his gaze then moved towards the door behind him where the master bedroom had to be. He moved to open the door and enter his new domain where he'd rest his head, a smile broke his lips as he immediately saw the double sized frame with it's mattress. For a master bedroom the setup seemed rather plain and simple like the first bedroom, which he considered spare or guest room material, as the only difference with this room was that a foot locker and vanity were also situated in the room. And the windows? Considering it was the late afternoon the lighting felt rather modest, but come morning time that sun would be welcome for the early rise. When he stood on the rug next to the bed, Patrick slipped the Domain Bag from his shoulder and let it fall to the floor.

The wood reacted with a creaky 'plunk' sound upon initial impact of the bag, and moments later Patrick crashed face first into the mattress before him. Oh Gods yes. The cushion felt like a cottony cloud beneath him when he landed, with the sturdy frame barely even creaking when he landed. "Oooooh yeeeeah." He sighed into the mattress which would've sounded muffled and warbled to anyone present. He could've just laid there for the rest of the day, never wanting to leave the comfort of this bed ever again.

"Nice to have your own bed again."

"You said it!" Patrick remarked as he turned over onto his back, the portions of his spine slightly ached as he tried to relax more. "And to think I'd be getting stuff done later."

"You can though!" Ri'ku assured him as she hovered above his face with bobs in the air. "You've all your stuff to unpack."

"Ugh." Was all Patrick could say in regards to that, as far as that was concerned his stuff could wait. "I'll take a nap first and then see how that works out later." He figured with a soft grin as he exhaled steady breaths of air, his eyes closed as he eased his head further into the mattress.

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