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Here are submissions for the fauna of Idalos.

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:38 am

Brother has advised that I can work on this. This is taking the original concept of the Zerfin (Found Here proposed by another player who hasn't been online since 06/23/2017). Stay tuned for any updates! Any feedback is welcomed!
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Updated: 10/16/2018: The rest of the rough draft is up. This has not been proof read, fact checked, or anything along those lines. I need to go through and smooth things out, make sure everything makes sense, etc. Like always, if you have any feedback or have any questions leave it down below!

Rarity Rare (Between 5-10 Prime Zerfin) ( Between 50-75 Lower Zerfin)
Quick Facts:
Height: 5ft - 6ft
Width: 2ft - 3ft
Length: Humanlike
Weight: Unknown
Native to: First Generation - Emea
Subsequent Generations - Idalos.
Locations: Throughout Idalos.

All Zefin will share similar traits in terms of appearance, they all appear to be cloaked humanoid figures with hoods pulled over their head. Beneath the hood, there appears, what most mortal researchers would describe as, a simple mask. These masks are blank with the exception of eye holes. What is beneath the mask has never been observed. They a few inches beneath the ground and do not appear to have to have feet or legs. But they do appear to have arms with black hands with long bony fingers.

Prime Zerfin:
These are the most powerful and sometimes the eldest of the Zerfin, they are only distrigbale by the color of their ‘cloak’ and mask. Every Prime Zerfin, no matter first generation or revealed spark, will have a cloak of black that is so dark it appears to absorb all light around it. Their mask is something of pure white, that sticks out clear as day even in the darkest nights.

Lower Zerfin:
Variations in appearance is most found within the lower Zerfin’s ranks. Their ‘cloak’ colors, along with their mask will depends on the spark that they held before being consumed by the sire Zerfin. It is unknown why by the cloak colors of the Zerfin appears to be bound to the Domain magic that the Mage was a practicer of. Their Mask appears to be bound to the size and maturity of the magic user. Known colors are found below:

Mask Colors:
  • Novice: Copper
  • Competent: Bronze
  • Expert: Silver
  • Master: Gold

Known Cloak Colors:
  • Necromancy: Wine Red
  • Aberration: Charcoal Grey
  • Defiance: Midnight Blue
  • Empathy: Dark Purple
  • Pact: Dark Brown
  • Sovereign: Ebony

There has never had a Zerfin with a different color recorded, therefore it is unknown what color of cloaks the unlisted Domain Magic’s would possess.

OOC Note: The higher leveled the mage was, the strong Zerfin they would become. So a Gold masked Zerfin would be “stronger” than a Bronze masked Zerfin.

The majority of the Prime Zerfin have taken residence within the six Grand Fractures. Due to the size of these fractures, there could be a few (2-4) Zerfin within the confines of each Grand Fracture. The stronger and older the Zerfin, the closer to the “Heart” of the Fracture they will be. A Prime Zerfin is not able to survive outside the range of the Fractures.

Lower Zerfin are normally found within reasonable proximity of an established major fracture, the the extreme outskirts of the Grand Fractures, or enroute to another Fracture looking for the next source of Ether. Therefore Lower Zerfin, are normally found in caves, chasms, and other areas that are able to hold major fractures. Though an extreme rarity, travelers have provided accounts of observing a hooded figure floating through the horizon during the night. It is believed that these Zerfin are in search of another Fracture to call its home and feeding ground.

Lifespan and Development:
Zerfin fall into two categories: Prime and Lower. Both are born similarly and develop the same, their difference is created within the strength of their abilities and their leathlity to mortals.

The original Zerfin were first discovered after the shattering when the first fractures were created and Emea was brought to Idalos. It is unknown if the first Zerfin was brought to Idalos from Emea during the Shattering or if something on Idalos was corrupted by Emea. It is unknown how many Zerfin were created during the death of the Originals. These original Zerfin are one of the two branches of the Prime Zerfins, the original and pure creations of Emea. The other branch of Primes are those revealed mages who have had their sparks consumed by the the Zerfin. The lower Zerfin are mages who had not revealed their magics and had their spark absorbed by a Zerfin. The transformation from Mortal to Zerfin has never been observed and recorded. Educated guesses have been made that suggest that the spark passes from the mage. Then their body loses its control over the ether that was tied to the spark and the form transforms from mortal to that of the Zerfin.

Zerfin’s are not known to die of natural causes or old age. With no Prime Zerfin ever been recorded of being killed, it is believed that the first of these creatures still lives. They appear to also be almost fully immune to magical attacks or physical harm. It is unknown what happens if a Zerfin is killed.

  • Bright/Intense Light, picturally sunlight, has shown to slow and hold the Zerfin at bay.
  • Aberration Mages: Have often said that they have the ability to harm the Zerfin. Due to the fact that they are mages that leech the Ether of others. There are also rumors that the Ether from the Zerfin is fair purer and superior to that of Mortal Mages.
  • Abrogation Mages: Though their shielding techniques have been recorded to slow and stop the Lower Zerfin due to them having to consume the Ether used within the shields deployed to stop them. It is suggested that Prime Zerfin will be able to consume their shield quicker and more effective.
  • Attunement Mages: These magic users are able use their spells to mask the spark within themselves. This will effectively hide them from the Zerfin. It should be noted that a these masking attempts do not work on the Prime Zerfins.
OOC Note: Generally Speaking, when it comes to abilities of a Abrogation or Attunement Mage skills will work to delay or “defeat” the Lower Zerfin of their “level” or lower. See the mask colors for relative Strength.

Prime Zerfin:
The Prime Zerfin are able to sustain themselves on the pure Ether of Emea that flows between the realms through the Fractures. Due to this fact, this class of Zerfin tend to bypass the inferior Ether of mortals. The only exception to Prime Zerfin’s seeking out mortals for substance, is in the terms of domain magic users. A Zerfin can sense these mortal’s sparks. Then they will seek out and consume the spark of any mage that comes in their proximity.

Lower Zerfin: :
The Lower Zerfin are not able to feast on the Ether of Emea due to the overwhelming concentration and pureness of the Ether. These Zerfin are the ones that tend to prey on the Ether of the mortal races. Like the Prime Zerfin, they have the ability to sense, seek out, and consume a mage’s spark.

Prime Zerfin: The Prime Zerfin are not overly aggressive to the normal person, unless provoked or approached upon. The only exception to this rule is when sensing the spark of a mortal. Upon sensing this Spark, the Zerfin will pursue the mortal to consume their spark. They will continue to pursue this mortal till they out of range of the Ether of the Grand Fracture.

Lower Zerfin:
These Zerfin are far more aggressive than the superior individuals of their species. Due to needing to feast on the Ether of Mortals on a regular bases (due to the toxicity of Emea’s Ether). These creatures will seek out and attack mortal races that cross within their path. Like the Prime Zerfin, they will seek out and pursue mortals that they sense with a Spark. These creatures will pursue further due to not being restricted to fractures but will still not pursue outside a reasonable distance from the fracture.

Mental Abilities:
  • Mist/Fog Generation: The Zerfin has an aura of around them that creates a ‘Dense Mist’ around them. This ‘Mist’ is not in the physical world but only within the minds of others within the range of their aura. This ability is Autonomic and continuous, the Zerfin has no control of this ability to turn it off or on, it just happens.
  • Ensnare/Trance: Upon physical contact with the flesh, a the Zerfin to establish a mental link with a ‘prey’. With this connection, the Zerfin will bring victim back to a safer place. After moving the prey, the Zerfin will place the victim into a trance or living dream. In this dream, the victim is at peace and does not feel pain, just in induced bliss.
  • Jamming: Prime Zerfin have shown the ability to “Jam” the spark of mages, thus furthering their ability to defend themselves from arcane attack.
  • Ether/Spark Consuming: Upon being placed into the Trance, or living dream, the Zerfin will begin to consume the Ether of the Mortal.. This will be carried out over the span of many Trials and ends with the death of the prey. The Zerfin does not provide anything to keep the prey alive and upon death of the mortal, the Ether flow stops. Should this mortal be a mage, the Zerfin will consume the Spark and a new Zerfin will be born.
  • Ether Absorption: Due to the Emean nature of this creature, it is immune to the vast majority of magical attack. Should a mage, attempt to fight and use any form of magic attack that is Ether based, the Zerfin will absorb the Ether within the attack. This also applies to any to any form of magical attack that attempts to alter or control the mental status of the Zerfin.
  • Physical Durability: Being a creature of Ether and Emea, the Zerfin have been recorded to show great immunity/durability to mundane weapons from Idalos. Swords slash but don’t cut, hammers hit but don't crush.
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