Welcome to the Rebirth Cycle 721 (Active Cities)

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Welcome to the Rebirth Cycle 721 (Active Cities)

Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:04 am

Rebirth Cycle: Arc 720

Welcome to the Rebirth Cycle 721. Every Cycle in Standing Trials runs over four real life months and has two in-character seasons. The Rebirth Cycle has Cylus (30 Trials) and then Ashan (123 Trials) which are open for you to play. All new threads from February 1st 2021 - May 31st 2021 should be timestamped within one of those two seasons.

Please see Timekeeping for more information and reach out to a member of staff if you're confused!

We're rolling into the new Cycle. The Rebirth Cycle marks the winter and spring season of the Arc, and begins with the season of Cylus. Long cold days leave the world in a constant state of twilight. Living outdoors becomes extremely difficult due to the icy temperatures and flora and fauna suffer during this time. Grass dies making livestock, who need to eat more to survive the harsh conditions, difficult to feed, and a lot of trees fall into dormancy, slowing down their metabolism and energy consumption in order to survive the season until the sun comes up again.

While the days slowly tick on, the sun begins to sink to the horizon before finally being blocked by one of Idalos' slow orbiting moons. The stationary effect of this moon, however, is partly due to the Ellune and their dormant ruler, Treid. His influence over the moons, and his less than favorable views of Faldrun, prevent the moon from showing any light for 30 trials. A curse he enacted to punish Faldrun for his backhanded and wicked ways, Treid was incapacitated by Audrae before he could remove it. Now the world suffers sunless for 30 trials an Arc, until the light of Ashan touches it once more.

Cylus lasts a total of 30 trials (days). It is the deepest winter on Idalos. However, each region will experience the effects of this seasons differently.

As Cylus closes out, Ashan begins, and slowly, the world begins to see spring. The first few weeks of Ashan are rigidly cold. Though the sun finally makes its appearance from Cylus, it takes many trials before the ice melts away into puddles, blooming flowers and grass. Ashan experiences a cold period, lasting for a quarter of the season before the temperature finally heats up enough to begin sowing crops for the Arc. Ashan is mainly known for it's spring weather, gentle breezes, and the rebirth of plant life. Barren trees slowly sprout buds of leaves and flowers, releasing a green haze of pollen while green grass grows slowly from the wet soil. Dead leaves from the previous season are swallowed up during this cycle, providing nutrients for new life growing from the ground.

Ashan lasts a total of 123 trials (days) while experiencing pretty moderate weather. Later in the season, rain clouds become a common thing, depending on the environment. The temperature begins to heat up while the green haze of pollen dies away and the budding plant life fully sprouts into bushy trees, thick grass, and lively, colorful flowers. As the season closes, the temperature rises, ushering in stronger storms and much hotter weather.

All active threads from the Cold Cycle of 720 are now grandfathered. New threads must be timestamped as Cylus or Ashan 721 or be a Memory thread, if applicable (only playable on a season before you began playing your PC). If your PC lists their age in their CS and has a birthday this cycle, be sure to update their age.

Cities & Areas Open and Supported by City Mods
The following Cities are Open and have City Moderators presiding over them. This means they will have active Calendars, Events, and will moderate threads for players. These city moderators are on hand to provide active support for their cities.

Viden - Tempest

Scalvoris - Pegasus ~ Please note this is the city we advise new players to begin

Athart - Maltruism
Etzos - Maltruism
Rharne - Pig Boy, Basilisk and Squirrel

Melrath - Pig Boy

Desnind - Tempest & Bumblebee

Cities Under Active Development
The following cities are under active development, with the intention of opening in the future.


Cities & Areas Closed
The following cities are closed. PCs are not allowed to play here.

Rynmere (including Andaris and the Eastern Territories)


If a city or area is not on the above lists, it is currently not moderated and/or not being actively developed. However, you may still post in that city by posting in the regional wilderness, adding the [City Name] at the front of the post title.
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