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New Player Guide!

Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:10 pm

New Player Starting Guide
Hi there and welcome to the site! We're glad that you've taken an interest in our story and hope, with the help of this guide, that you'll stick around and enjoy all the chaos-packed adventures we have planned. But first, you're probably wondering what Standing Trials is about and why we have such an odd name?

Standing Trials is a fantasy-style role playing game that incorporates medieval themes. Our story line can involve graphic violence and gory scenes so please be aware of that while going through the information. Standing Trials is plot driven with a strong focus on character development. We do not focus on the quantity of your writing, but the quality. So please don't be intimidated by lengthy posts.

As for our story, Standing Trials takes place in a world unlike our own, full of dangerous, powerful beings that use mankind to fight against each other. Immortals are what they're called; spawned into existence at the hands of their creators, the eight Original Beings. They were never supposed to walk the lands of Idalos, and the world was never supposed to suffer at their hands as it did. The Great Shattering, brought on by the existence of these powerful beings, wiped out nearly half of their population and destroyed all but one Original Being. Thus, humans came to be; a species formed by the essence of the Original Beings, and a counter to the Immortals who remained alive. Mankind's presence in Idalos did not go unnoticed and soon fear, desperation, curiosity, and love led to a rift between the Immortals. It wasn't until the death of one beloved Immortal at the hands of a human, did war break out among them.

These divine beings blamed humans for the Great Shattering and sought to rid them from the world, but there were those who disagreed, viewing mankind as a solution to the chaos within Idalos. For many years, they fought, failing to rid the world of each other till a thought occurred: Humans. They were the solution, but the solution for death. Humans could and would be used to kill the Immortals. The days of Mankind turned dark, taken by chaos, fire, and death. Every day was a test, a trial, to beat the odds of survival and live to see peace. Now, as war rages on, will you stand against the trials of life or death?

So that's pretty much a synopsis of the history of Idalos and our story line. For more details, I recommend checking out the history section in the Knowledge Base.

Now that you have some details about our story, where do you start? Well if you haven't gone to the link above, do so. It's best to understand the history before anything else. The history explains why Idalos is the way it is presently. I also think it's important to have a visual of the world, where things are, and which regions are which before you take on the task of designing a character.

The links above give you an idea of how big the world is and some information on city locations, the distance between the cities, and the different kinds of terrain. From there, you can decide which area you want to experience first. Do you want to live near an active volcano? Or would you rather take your chances in the wild jungles? Maybe vast open plains or island life is more appealing to you. There are cities available for all of these locations and you can find brief information about each one in the City List.

This list provides links to areas that are currently active with both players and moderators. Some locations may not be available for role play just yet, as we plan to release them after events. For the most part, you'll have a variety of locations to choose from, and from there you can begin to construct your character.

Character construction begins with the Races. What's there to choose from? Well, we have 14 races you can pick from, all with different appearances, psychology, and culture. Each race has its own history, racial skill, racial bonuses, restrictions, and much more. There's a vast amount of information on all of them so please take your time during this step. Note that a race may specify what cities they occupy, but this is only meant as a recommendation. You do not need to start in a city that your race occupies. Once you've decided what race you want your character to be, it's time for account creation and character sheet development!

When you create your account, the name must be your character's name. The reason being that, for the most part, everything that you do on your character will be solely about them. Their story, their skills, their appearance, and their behavior will all be about them. When you register, you'll be agreeing to Standing Trials Terms of Use. Not only is it linked here, it's linked on the home page and it's in front of you when you create your account. Please look this over as it provides information to you about our rules, what we are and are not responsible for, what you can expect from us, and much more.

When you've created your account, you should have listed your character's name and race in which can be changed via the user control panel if you wish to make edits. This can be found via the toolbar across the top, under ‘profile’). So now, you're set to begin creating your character! However, make sure to look in your Inbox for our Welcome Letter. It provide you several links to help you navigate the site. Also, don't forget to stop by our Welcome Wagon and say hello!

The above links are listed in order from what you need to look at first to last. When you joined Standing Trials and created your account, you will have received a Welcome PM - in there is a link to a pre-made customized CS which is automatically generated when you join. Now, you can begin filling out your character. Take a look at your character's race page again. What should your character look like? Are there any tattoos, scars, or noticeable markings on them? What about their personality? History? There are links in your CS to make sure that you've got all the information needed.

It's recommended that you take a look at your character's starting city in the World of Idalos section. Their city will have information that you can use in the character's history. We then move onto the skills and starting packages. Visit the starting package first and review the information. You are allowed 50 skill points to start (+25 Racial Bonus points) and 5 pieces of skill knowledge. You also get an optional up to ten non-skill knowledge detailed here. Once you've decided which pieces of knowledge your character will have, you can follow the link to the skills page and begin choosing your skills. You can put no less than 5 and no more than 25 in one skill at the start of the game.

Each character is allowed to choose between our many starting packages for their items. Select which package best suits your character and apply those items to your character sheet. Lastly, we move onto the Ledgers.

The Money Ledger is your check book, change purse, wallet, coin pouch — you get the idea. It's there for you to list all of your character's purchases. Anything you buy from the Price List before starting the game, that isn't listed in the starter packages, has to be listed on your character's ledger. Players start with gold but the amount varies based on the package you select.

There are two other Ledgers that you must include in your CS. The first is the Renown ledger. Renown is the system used on Standing Trials to track your reputation- your actions will influence this over time, making others recognize you locally and globally. The ledger must include the thread name or link, the Renown awarded in the thread, and your running total.

The other ledger is the Skill Point ledger. The skill system on Standing Trials relies on the concept that it takes more effort to progress from expert to master compared to progressing from novice to competent. This is reflected in our Skill Point system- when tracking your skill points, several things must be included. Like the Fame ledger, the thread name or link must be included. The number of points awarded for the thread (out of 15) must be recorded, as well as what the points were spent on.

Once your skills are in order, your ledgers are correct, and information is listed in all sections, you can submit your character sheet for approval and then start IC posting. Keep in mind that you don't have to have approval to begin role playing, but you must stop if a moderator PMs you, or puts on intervention on your sheet with corrections. Once those corrections are made on the CS, you're good to go!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them in the Questions & Answers forum. For players wishing to begin with a blessing or curse from an Immortal, visit the Guide To Understanding, Rewarding, and Using the Marks and Religion Systems topic and follow the directions.

I hope this guide helps for all of those who are brand new to the site! Have fun and don't get too overwhelmed by the information!

Originally written by Jade
word count: 1672

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