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New Player Guide!

New Player Starting Guide
Hi there and welcome to the site! We're glad that you've taken an interest in our story and hope, with the help of this guide, that you'll stick around and enjoy all the chaos-packed adventures we have planned. But first, you're probably wondering what Standing Trials is about and why we have such an odd name?

Standing Trials is a fantasy-style role playing game that incorporates medieval themes. Our story line can involve graphic violence and gory scenes so please be aware of that while going through the information. Standing Trials is plot driven with a strong focus on character development. We do not focus on the quantity of your writing, but the quality. So please don't be intimidated by lengthy posts.

As for our story, Standing Trials takes place in a world unlike our own, full of dangerous, powerful beings that use mankind to fight against each other. Immortals are what they're called; spawned into existence at the hands of their creators, the eight Original Beings. They were never supposed to walk the lands of Idalos, and the world was never supposed to suffer at their hands as it did. The Great Shattering, brought on by the existence of these powerful beings, wiped out nearly half of their population and destroyed all but one Original Being. Thus, humans came to be; a species formed by the essence of the Original Beings, and a counter to the Immortals who remained alive. Mankind's presence in Idalos did not go unnoticed and soon fear, desperation, curiosity, and love led to a rift between the Immortals. It wasn't until the death of one beloved Immortal at the hands of a human, did war break out among them.

These divine beings blamed humans for the Great Shattering and sought to rid them from the world, but there were those who disagreed, viewing mankind as a solution to the chaos within Idalos. For many years, they fought, failing to rid the world of each other till a thought occurred: Humans. They were the solution, but the solution for death. Humans could and would be used to kill the Immortals. The days of Mankind turned dark, taken by chaos, fire, and death. Every day was a test, a trial, to beat the odds of survival and live to see peace. Now, as war rages on, will you stand against the trials of life or death?

So that's pretty much a synopsis of the history of Idalos and our story line. For more details, I recommend checking out the history section in the Wiki.

Now that you have some details about our story, where do you start? Well go to the New Player Information area of the wiki, and go from there!!

I hope this guide helps for all of those who are brand new to the site! Have fun and don't get too overwhelmed by the information!

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