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Since the birth of the city, Ne'haer has struggled to maintain peace with the territories surrounding its borders. While some of the other territories work with Ne'haer in search of peace and protection in the region, others resist, determined to fight back against Ne'haer and what they perceive as an attempt of colonization. Ne'haer and the territories exist in a constant tug-of-war that threatens the very region.

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Mon May 21, 2018 12:36 am

105th Ashan, 718

Place holder.

Plot: Tei'serin and her family enjoy the festival.

Weather: Some localised and small storms occur during this time as though Ashan wants to make sure to remind Ne’haer that it isn’t over yet. Generally, though, warm weather and clear skies. 96th-110th

Off Topic
Bonus experience approved by Jade, to be given to the following character(s) involved in this thread, only upon the completion of the review, where the character(s) demonstrated celebration of the holiday, Performer's Day, on Ashan 105th, Arc 718. The details of this this holiday include: Anyone with an acting skill awaits this day with great excitement. Dancers, singers, actors and all other kind of performers walk the streets to show off their talent. The goal is to show the diverse skills among the people of Ne'haer, as well as getting some potential recognition for their work.

Bonus Experience Upon Review Completion:
Ne'haer Holiday: Performer's Day
+2 Bonus Skill Points
Bonus Character Title (To be approved by Jade. Please PM.)
Free Item: A costume created by a fan who witnessed your performance. This cannot be sold or given away.
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