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Since the birth of the city, Ne'haer has struggled to maintain peace with the territories surrounding its borders. While some of the other territories work with Ne'haer in search of peace and protection in the region, others resist, determined to fight back against Ne'haer and what they perceive as an attempt of colonization. Ne'haer and the territories exist in a constant tug-of-war that threatens the very region.

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[Treth] Garden of Heroes

Sun May 20, 2018 3:44 pm

78th Ashan, 718

The decision to do something was easy. Everyone in the village wanted to do something ho honor those who had been lost in the war of 716. In some ways, it was a way for them to put the war behind them once and for all, and that sentiment was very much in tune with what this trial stood for. From here on out, people would look to the memorial. They wanted something that they could work on together as a village, not something set forever in place, like a statue. And through working on or with the memorial, they would honor those lost without dwelling on the past. Not forgetting, but looking toward the future even so.

The decision of what to use for the memorial was considerably harder. When most people thought of a memorial, they thought of a statue, or an elaborate grave marker. But it had already been decided that they didn't want anything of the sort. Statues were all well and good, but people of future generations rarely cared about them. They were images of people long dead, whose names and deeds were long forgotten. Besides, there wasn't much you could do with a statue once it was built besides look at it. And that didn't fit with what everyone wanted.

So the people of the village debated for many breaks about what was to be done. Finally, one of the local farmers suggested creating a garden as a memorial. Gardens were forever changing with the seasons, and they required constant work to be well maintained. And a garden could be changed to meet the needs of the people. Tei'serin didn't have a say in the village decisions herself since she didn't live in the village proper. But as their teacher, and their herbalist, most people respected her opinion. So when she said she was in favor of the idea, many others did as well.

Jacor Olsen from the general goods store offered some land not far from his store as a plot for the garden. It seemed like an ideal location. Everyone in Treth came to the general store sooner or later. Children could tend to the garden while their parents did their shopping. Those who were in need could take what they needed with the understanding that they would replace what they took in terms of seeds and labor in the garden when they could. It would be something that everyone in the village could contribute to, and take pride in.

With the big decisions of what the memorial should be, and where they should put it made, it came time to decide what they would plant in their garden. After another break of debate, Tei'serin suggested that they divide the land into quarters, and plant different things in each section. She suggested herbs for one of the sections. Vegetables, fruit, and flowers were the other suggestions that were agreed upon. Finally, it was decided that everyone who wanted to help make the memorial would meet at the general store in a break, once they had gathered up the tools they would need to get started.

Off Topic
Bonus experience approved by Jade, to be given to the following character(s) involved in this thread, only upon the completion of the review, where the character(s) demonstrated celebration of the holiday, Day of Armistice, on Ashan 78th, Arc 718. The details of this this holiday include: A trial devoted to peace, where all war is forgotten and everyone is encouraged to work peacefully together. People join together in peace and put aside all conflict, dedicating themselves to their future - not their past.

Bonus Experience Upon Review Completion:
Ne'haer Holiday: Day of Armistice
+2 Bonus Skill Points
Free Item: A necklace with a shimmering stone housed within metal wire crafted expertly around it. The stone is Azotic Topaz, better known as Sun's Star Gem, which is rumored to bring harmony to the one who wears the necklace. At night, the tiniest bit of light makes the gem glow with enchanting light, almost mirroring soft, sun rays. This item cannot be sold.
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