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Review Requests 2.1.0

Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:08 am

Rewards Requested
Thread Name: Daudra Dura III
City/Area: Fields of Gauthrel
Notes/Warnings: Heavy violence, general insanity
Requested Rewards:
There's a lot that happened here, but... eh. I'm lazy.

Loot: N/A
Injuries/Overstepping: Burnt lower legs for several trials
Fame: +1 General Good Deed, Protecting Finn - +1 General Good Deed, Escorting Finn to complete his mission - +2
Devotion: +10 Ralaith
+2 Teach someone to survive
+3 Share wisdom with a loved one
+4 Dedicate an upcoming battle to a lost love in the name of Ralaith
+1 Pray to Ralaith

Collaboration: Yes
Magic EXP: No
word count: 107

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