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Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Luna's Dream
Opened in Vhalar 717, Luna's Dream provides care for the orphans of Scalvoris Town and beyond. It is a pleasant building nestled in well kept and pretty grounds. Funded through Cally's restaurant, the orphanage makes no charge for those who wish to adopt a child, but there is a stringent process for that. The focus of Luna's Dream is to make sure that the children who live here have all of their basic physical needs met, are well fed and have good medical care. More than that, though, the aim is that all the children feel secure, cared for and are given the best start in life possible.

This means certain things; there are communal areas in Luna's Dream where all of the children and staff eat together, for example and there are large play rooms. The garden is split into sections; out the back is a fenced off area which produces fruits and vegetables. There is also a chicken coop out there. The parts of the garden which are accessible to the children have areas of seats under shady trees, outside play areas and flower gardens. Inside, each child has their own room with their name on the door. The only exception to this is for the newborns or infants who arrive; the nursery is a large room with a number of cribs in it.

The children in Luna's Dream all receive a good education, focused on giving them choices. Any visitors to the orphanage will be greeted by the large and hairy dog who lives there. This enormous shaggy creature is as daft as a brush with the children themselves and would defend them with his life. Within a few steps of opening up the wooden gate, any strangers are accompanied by the dog all the way up to the front door which inevitably is shut.


Name: Felicia Hounsworth
Race: Mixed race, predominantly human
Age: Saun, 682
Title: Manageress
Skills: Caregiving: 68, Medicine: 53, Cooking: 51, Logistics: 40
Other Information: A kind soul, Felicia is the manageress of Luna's dream, overseeing the care of the children and making sure that the place is run smoothly. She is a well organised woman who seems calm even amidst total chaos. Her hair is usually tied back and is a deep brown. She has pale skin and dark brown eyes.


Name: Nats Bettes
Race: Human
Age: Cylus, 680
Title: Teacher
Skills: Teaching:76, Writing: 53, Mathematics: 51, Singing: 40, Musical Instrument: HarpL 60
Other Information: Miss Nats as the children call her, is the teacher for Luna's Dream. She is a focused individual and an excellent teacher. The children seem to universally adore her; she knows every name of every child she has ever taught. Outside of the classroom, Nats is a quiet young woman who gets on with her job. She doesn't tend to socialise much, preferring her own company.

Mr Chris

Name: Chris Jonson
Race: Human/ Biqaj
Age: Zi'da, 675
Title: Gardner
Skills: Gardening:70, Storytelling: 63, Unarmed: 60, Sword: 60, Crossbow: 60, Acting: 51, Acrobatics: 50
Other Information: Mr Chris is adored by the children. He tends the garden but, on any given trial, he is as likely to be found with a gaggle of children around him, listening to him tell a story or showing them magic tricks. He seems to be quite a dour individual yet the children bring out a side of him that is not often shown around adults.

There are whispers among the adults that Mr Chris is more than he appears. Some say that he is the son of Cassion, but there is no evidence of that. However, his storytelling is something of a legend and, there is no doubt, that he worships that Immortal.

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit Luna's Dream
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Feel free to self mod / solo here, or ask for a modded thread if you wish one.
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Credits to: Faith
Submitted for Development: 6th October 2017
Developed by: Faith

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