Trees are People Too (Faith)

Qit'ria doesn't understand a local custom

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Trees are People Too (Faith)

Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:54 pm

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Qit'ria looked at the slightly swollen belly of the woman, and immediately wanted to touch it. But this woman was a mother now, so Qit'ria knew she'd be incredibly protective of her young. All animals and people tended to be. An angry, protective mother was one of the most powerful forces on Idalos. Qit'ria couldn't imagine being fat nor pregnant. Being so hindered, so fat and chunky about the belly and other areas was revolting. She wouldn't be able to run, wouldn't be able to sneak up on prey, wouldn't be able to move as easily. Fat truly was a horror to her.

But Faith wasn't like Qit'ria. As a healer, cook, gardener, fat wouldn't hinder her much, Qit assumed. Fat Faith was still quite pretty, and still useful in the best of ways as a healer and food provider. Qit'ria turned her attention back to the stall. The man looked a bit annoyed, she thought. She didn't know why, she'd done nothing to earn his ire. What she didn't realize is that the man had been listening to their conversation, and to him, it seemed as if Faith was stealing a potential customer from him, right in front of him.

Qit'ria considered the offer. She'd made her own clothes in the past, but they were... abysmal at best constantly falling apart, becoming drafty, full of holes. Turning her back to the man, yet still rudely, unintentionally so, standing in front of his table, "Yes. Cold season come soon. I no be so high on world in winter. Much snow, yes?" The offer was incredibly tempting, and in Qit's mind, a most fair trade. Some meat for clothes made from the hides she herself procured.

She brought a hand up to her face, spat in it and offered it to Faith. "It deal." Then she realized something. "How find you?" Qit'ria waited for an answer for a while, when she saw the customer that she normally brought her skins to. "Time go. Skin buyer there." She nodded at the man that had just entered the area. His name was Harvello and he was known to most as someone who took advantage of people. He easily manipulated people for personal game, and unbeknownst to Qit'ria, had been drastically underpaying her. She didn't know better for she had little use for money. She knew it had some purpose which was why she bothered at all, but not enough to keep special track of it, to learn how it truly functions.
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Trees are People Too (Faith)

Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:50 pm

Faith smiled slightly, as Qit'ria looked at her stomach. The bump was tiny, much too small to hinder Faith in any way at all ~ and at the moment she had limited to no idea of just how hindered she could be. Give her time, she rather imagined. They looked and Faith nodded at Qit'ria's comment. "Yes, more snow than I thought possible." She was pleased that it was a deal because, frankly, Qit'ria couldn't afford to buy clothes and Faith was worried that the young sev'ryn was going to get herself killed by frostbite or, at the very least, lose a couple of toes, if she didn't make sure that the young woman was warm. So, they had a deal. As for where to find her, Faith told her where Cally's was ~ it was the easiest to find and was easy to describe. That was important, Faith's sense of direction was worse than awful.

But then, Qit'ria motioned to where her 'skin buyer' was and Faith frowned. "Qit'ria, one moment, please?" She turned to the stall owner and spoke, "excuse me, sir, but you buy skins don't you?" He nodded, yes he did. "How much would you pay this young woman for a rabbit skin, for instance?" He answered and, it had to be said, the number was more. "It is up to you, of course," Faith said to Qit'ria, and she smiled, "But this man, he would buy your skins from you and give you a fairer deal?" She glanced at the stall owner.

He was in a strange situation of not being happy at losing a customer and recognising that, really, there wasn't a customer to lose. The scruffy young wildling was obviously not in receipt of enough money to buy a sock. And if she brought good skins? He knew that Faith owned Cally's and they were a very posh restaurant, so he could only assume that the meat she would bring was good quality - that often, usually even, meant good hides. So, he went with economic sense and grinned at Qit'ria.

Happy that she had done all she could and keen to get back home to "Paddyrags" (a name she would store, gleefully), Faith bade Qit'ria farewell and made her way out of the market. Somehow, it seemed, she'd picked up a new employee.
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Trees are People Too (Faith)

Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:52 pm

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  5. Intimidation: Snarl when threatened
  6. Tactics: Don't fight when it benefits you
  7. Discipline: Calming down when presented with an alternate solution
  8. Teaching: Using real examples when translating languages
  9. Cooking: Rub the raw meat with spices
  10. Cooking: Cook meat on a skewer
  11. Logistics: Ensure proper preparation for cold season
  1. Katara is taking over Grenald's business soon
  2. Faith; Healer for the Order of the Adunih
  3. Faith; is on the Council
  4. Faith; is an Officer for Welfare
  5. Faith; will stop a bullying situation
  6. Scalvoris; ties ribbons around trees in Vhalar
  7. Faith; pays respect to Moseke
  8. Faith; is a cook at a restaurant
  9. Faith; knows the traditional Sev'ryn greeting
  10. Faith; grows vegetables
  11. Faith; doesn't hunt
  12. Faith; to be married to Paddyrags
  13. Faith; to be married in Desnind
  14. Faith; is pregnant
  15. Faith; helped find a better skins buyer
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Teaching: How to cook over a campfire

Fame: +6 - Stopping the fight was TECHNICALLY obstruction of justice.

Comments: Seriously, besides good Ellune and Aukari, the thing I think this site is missing the most is appropriately played uncivilized PCs. Qit'ria is the shining example for that. From the Broken Common and the hunting pelts, to responding to "civility" by natural reaction, she is just a delight to read. Seriously, this makes me want to make a wilderness PC.

And Faith. She's a beacon for the helpless. Seriously, could she be any more of a charitable philanthropist and activist for the downtrodden? I loved her rush to save the obviously uncivilized Qit from the forming lynch mob. Expertly handled.

If you guys have questions, lemme know.
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