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Where the hungry can eat, and the helpful can serve

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Scalvoris Town Soup Kitchen
The Scalvoris Town Soup Kitchen is situated at the outskirts of Scalvoris Town, near to the small village of residences which has become part of the Isonomia faction and where the Cally's trainees live. This building was abandoned and left to the elements but when bought, a team of people worked together to bring it a whole new lease of life.

Therefore, a small path leads up to the wide double doors and inside there is a large dining room with food being served at the far end. Hot, hearty and wholesome soup is available here, every trial. It is served with freshly baked bread and provides the people of Scalvoris with a free meal, should they need it. The people who work here are friendly and jovial but there is an absolute no tolerance policy to violence or abusive treatment of staff. There are not many rules, but those that are here are reinforced absolutely. First, no weapons. Anyone who comes in here, does so without weapons. There are safe places for storage, but that is very much a non-negotiable. Second, no trouble. Anyone causing trouble is ejected and they are not welcome back. Faith, the owner and overseer of the place, is clear. The people here are working for the good of the community; they can not accept and do not expect to be treated poorly for it.


Name: Tasha Bornet

Race: Human

Age: 27th of Zi'da, Arc 699 (Age:19)

Title: Chef

Skills: Cooking: 65 , Baking: 50, Unarmed Combat: 50 Intimidation: 35

Other Information: Tasha is generally friendly, fun and funny. She's a talented chef and makes great food. Previously one of the trainees at Cally's, Tasha is delighted to be working here. She's quick to be helpful and she wants everyone to be nice and get along. However, if there's any trouble, she's quick to step in and she can give a verbal tongue-lashing without pause. She also is not beyond sticking someone's arm up their back and marching them out of the building.
Name: Sal Treetip

Race: Biqaj

Age: 9th of Ymiden, Arc 698

Title: Server

Skills: Socialization: 50, Unarmed Combat: 50, Intimidation: 50, Persuasion: 45.

Other Information: Sal is front line in the Soup Kitchen, serving the soup and bread. She is bubbly, friendly and quick to have a laugh. But there is a side to Sal which everyone knows and she is the first to admit. She doesn't like conflict, but she does have a gift. She is very well known for her zero tolerance attitude and she will not hesitate to throw out someone twice her size if they start to cause trouble. What really winds her up is bullies, or anyone trying to pick on someone weaker than themselves. Generally a friendly and fun individual, best not crossed.
Name: Hugh Treetip

Race: Biqaj

Age: 9th of Ymiden, Arc 698

Title: Server

Skills: Socialization: 50, Unarmed Combat: 40, Intimidation: 50, Persuasion: 40, Strength: 50.

Other Information: Hugh is Sal's twin brother and the two of them work together out front. They share similar tempers and back each other up wherever possible. He's quieter than his sister and tends to be a bit more broody, but equally he has a ready smile and will try to help anyone he can.

Prices & Services

The soup kitchen provides one free meal a day to every individual they can. It is run and funded as part of the Cally's traineeship programme and Isonomia faction.

Player Notes


There are jobs available here, players are welcome to enquire. Please PM Faith for details!


Credits to: Faith
Submitted for Development: 4th April 2018
Developed by:Faith
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