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Redwood Redoubt (Flame Troop Command Post)

Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:48 pm

Redwood Redoubt
[Flame Troop Command Post]
Lying quietly to the east just outside Scalvoris Town is Redwood Redoubt. The strange round building is carefully placed across a wide stream that flows in from the direction of Sweetwine Woods. This structure serves at the command post for the Flame Troops. The building is connected to Scalvoris Town by a covered walkway that eventually delves into a tunnel which emerges out into the local marketplace. The tunnel to the Redoubt is common knowledge although non-military members of the community rarely bother visiting. A guard is normally posted at the entrance to the command post itself to ward off potential troublemakers.

The building itself is made of beautiful redwood, giving the location its name. Some would call the Redoubt a rotunda, consisting primarily of a large domed structure with several halls leading off to a few small attached structures. There are a handful of private balconies connected to offices along with the conference room, allowing for private conversations and meetings in an outdoor space.

Inside the command post one would find what they would expect. There are several offices for military personal along with the office of the current Flame Deputy: Markus Needwell. Further, there is a small wing of rooms that serve as short-term barracks, containing cots and wash basins for weary troops. There is a large conference room used for meetings and planning missions.

Unique to Redwood Redoubt is the lack of any outdoor training areas; however there is a spacious gymnasium available to allow Flame Troop soldiers to practice their skills away from prying eyes.

NPC Name

Name: Samantha Reid

Race: Human

Age: 72nd of Zi’da, Arc 686 (Age 32)

Title: Administrator

Skills: Discipline: 35, Intelligence: 30, Investigation: 40

Other Information: Samantha serves as the administrator for the Flame Troops command post. Like other administrators at the other posts Samantha manages the flow of communications, arranges training for the troops when requested, and manages the necessary upkeep for the Redoubt. However she is an excellent judge of character as she was previously an investigator. Her ability to read people’s intentions is so impressive that the Flame Deputy requested that she serve in the command post to keep an eye on individuals as they come and go. Even if someone of ill intent makes it past the guard posted outside, they won’t be able to lie their way past Ms.Reid.

Player Notes

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Credits to: Sephira Blackwood
Submitted for Development: 2/1/2018
Posted 13th February 2018.
Developed by: Sephira Blackwood

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