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Gleamwater Sanctuary (Water Troop Command Post)

Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:33 pm

Gleamwater Sanctuary
[Water Troop Command Post]
Serving as the command post of the Water Troops, the Gleamwater Sanctuary has clearly been designed to accommodate more aquatically inclined inhabitants. Although the entire building and nearby training arena sports stone walkways and bridges, the main courtyard has been flooded with several feet of water to allow water mounts and Mer easy access onto the premises. The architecture is clearly inspired by the ocean, with shining blue tiled roofs and circular arched thresholds and windows lined with shells.

The command post contains a central building along with a secondary structure designed as a training arena. A bridge connects both buildings, while canals running inside the buildings allow swimmers to gain entry from the courtyard. The central building holds within it a couple of offices for high ranking personnel, a chamber filled with cots and wash basins to accommodate soldiers returning from duty along with a conference chamber dedicated to planning assignments and operations. This building is often bursting with activity with couriers delivering messages and soldiers moving out to perform assignments. Additionally the current Water Deputy, Thost Fall can be found in her office at this location.

The second and smaller building serving as a training arena has two levels; the top floor is open to the sea air and contains several sand lined sparring pits. This training area contains racks of wooden practice weapons along with several benches for weary soldiers to rest on. The first floor is a well-lit aquatic training area. The center of the room contains a wide deep pool specifically used by Mer to train in water combat, and additionally for all races to train in water rescue.

This command post is located right off the shore of Scalvoris Town, allowing for a canal to effortlessly connect the Gleamwater Sanctuary to the sea.


Name: Eshilda

Race: Mer

Age: 21st Zi’da, Arc 691 (Age 27)

Title: Administrator

Skills: Discipline: 35, Unarmed Combat: 20, Swimming 40

Other Information: Eshilda is a Mer of unparalleled discipline. She is curt and to the point, caring little for needless prattle. She is incredibly loyal to the Water Troops and works tirelessly to keep this command post in ship shape. She is responsible for greeting guests, setting up training requests for troops, and dealing with daily communication with the two Element Halls on the island. Frequent communication with the Water Assistants ensures that the Water Troops deal with their assignments with clockwork efficiently.

Player Notes

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Credits to: Sephira Blackwood
Submitted for Development: 2/1/2018
Posted to Scalv: 13th Feb 2018, with thanks!
Developed by: Sephira Blackwood

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