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From Tried's Mouth to the mysterious Tower, the waters around Scalvoris and the island itself hold a vast array of secrets, just ripe for discovery. Here are landmarks and small villages of note.

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[Darbyton] Tall tales

Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:35 pm

24 Ymiden 717, evening - Cassion's Feast

"Ky, I want a story!"

Ky paused as she shook out the blanket to mark her family's patch of beach to sit for the night's feasting. "It's a good trial for a story." Sweet and savoury scents mingled on the air, but she had brought her feast contribution earlier. Now she stood caught by a circle of small children, most of whom she recognised from the lessons she'd helped with in Cylus and Ashan. She was laying the foundations to be able to get away from Darbyton and learn more, but Lyam had needed the help in the cold, when their hands seized up. Her reward had been to serve as scribe all morning to-trial, writing down the stories of those who needed help. She thought she had done all right, but her hand had cramped after a while.

She flipped the blanket down onto the sand. There was an irritated hiss, and a glass snake she hadn't noticed shot out from under the blanket and vanished off to a safer patch of beach, changing to match the sand it passed as it went.

"I want a story from you! You must know lots!" the small girl persisted. "You were a scribe! Lots and lots and lots of stories!"

"I suppose," Ky said, "but they aren't my stories to tell." She was going to be telling and listening to stories much of the night though, it was all part of the festival. She didn't see any reason not to start now. These were young enough to drop off to sleep early, they might as well get a story now. She took a seat on the blanket, and the children crowded round. "What sort of story do you want?"

"A story about ME!" the girl said importantly, nestling against Ky's side. Her name, Ky recalled, was Sinead.

"Very well, clear some space, and remember to leave room for Cassion to join. It's his feast-trial." Ky told the children, and waited until they shuffled back a bit. There was now a patch of sand that Ky could get at. "Once upon a time there was a girl called Sinead," she began, "and she went for a walk in the deep dark wood..." That was the easiest part. Ky wasn't much practised at making up whole stories instead of quick jokes, so she patterned this one on one she had read in one of Lyam's books. She dug her fingers into the sand of the beach, sculpting the shape of the story. Here was a winding path, and here were little mounds like the tops of trees. She walked her fingers down the path, but she'd made it too narrow, and she accidentally knocked lumps of sand off the sculpted trees. "Scary sounds echoed in the trees," she went on, "but Sinead was brave and marched on through the darkness, searching for the giant tree that grew all the way up to the clouds."

Beside her, Sinead's eyes shone and her chin came up proudly. "I found the tree!"

"Yes, you did!" Ky smoothed out the forest bumps and gathered sand into a cone like a tree trunk. "It was so big, so very big that her arms couldn't even reach more than a little way around it. But she found a low branch and started to climb." She walked her sandy fingers slowly up the cone tree. "And then at the top, she suddenly popped out, into a whole new land!"

The other children oohed and ahhhed over that, and Ky was peripherally aware of adults drawing closer to listen. She was too focused on getting the story right to look up and see who it was.

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