[Ishallr] Fish for your life - Part III.

Ciara and Lavana helping Em catch a Shimfin

From Tried's Mouth to the mysterious Tower, the waters around Scalvoris and the island itself hold a vast array of secrets, just ripe for discovery. Here are landmarks and small villages of note.

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[Ishallr] Fish for your life - Part III.

Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:22 am

41st Ymiden, 718th Arc

What a thing that a trial of travel from Scalvtown up north east to Ishallr could change the temperature of...well...everything. The air, the water, her feet! Frankly, Emerit's mood dipped a bit too when she realized what her plan could make her do. No wonder her feet were already up in riot just thinking about having to enter the waters. The young Biqaj overlooked the waters with the Scalvoris Mountains towering towards the sky on one side and the ice caves behind them and no doubt underneath as well. Holding her improvised fishing rod in one hand and the bunch of colour tassle spinning lures tied to the line on the other, Emerit was taking a moment to herself before marking the start of the hunt.

"Aye." She encouraged herself, before looking at Ciara and then the scientist who commissioned her to do this job.

"Aye, listen up!" Shaking her body as if to get the cold out of the bones, Emerit made a few steps front before spinning around to look at the gathered group. Some of the sailors got greedy at the idea of catching themselves a shimfin to sell for good nel. Bastards. But hey, she couldn't blame them. The scientist paid them almost sweet nothing.The only thing she hoped they wouldn't do was to mess up her task. She couldn't kick their arse for it because they had to get them home, so she could only tolerate them. And that did not please her.

"I's gonna lure the fishes here with this." She lifted the lures that swung lazily under her grasp, catching the light of the sun on the beaten hooks. She had to modified that thing that morning. Earlier, the crew could hear her hammering the hooks flat and harmless so they would not injure their prey. Quite a masterpiece and critics be damned that from the U they looked like deformed tears.

"Once we sees them approach I will start drawing it back. You wait...and I mean WAIT. W-A-E-E-T. Alright? Until they's on the shore. If you don't wait, I's gonna shove this pole up yer arse and throw you in for funs." Some of the crew snickered in clear disregard to her threat. Well, just they wait. She would happily follow through with her words. But their response made sense. Emerit held little power over them. She was no captain. They had their own. And he was not there. So Immortals help her, these biscuit eaters better listen.

"When they starts getting closer to the shore, we's gonna engage them to play and then we's gonna catch us a shimfin!" Sounded good, no? Solid. Aye. Hopefully... Emerit was a whaler mainly so this one took her out of her depths, but she was positive. And she'd be even positive-r if she wouldn't have to get her feet wet in that damned bucket of ice of a sea.

Turning around, Emerit reached back with the common pole, letting the lure go. Its sway and weight (after all she put all ten pieces on for a safe margin) bent the end a little. Thankfully, the pole was flexible.

Breathing in... Ai, dang, the air stung her lung. So swiftly breathing out and with a swoosh, the bait flew through the air, the string whirred in the crank lock madly, before a splash in the waves as the bait was depositied...much closer to the shore then Emerit would have liked. Behind her, sailors chuckled with no respect again as if they could of done better. Bastards...
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