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From Tried's Mouth to the mysterious Tower, the waters around Scalvoris and the island itself hold a vast array of secrets, just ripe for discovery. Here are landmarks and small villages of note.

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[Faldrass] Keep it Simple Stupid (Solo)

Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:24 pm

77th of Ymiden, Arc 715
“Elias?” a female voice said inquisitively. The old man turned to her from his perch on a blackened volcanic rock. “You’ve never told me where you came from or why you’re here.” Sephira noted stoically as she focused on the space in front of her and began seeking out pockets of ether surrounding the pair of them on the wide cliff hanging off the mountain. The old man grumbled under his breath and frowned at her, seemingly content to ignore the line of questioning.

“I’ve known you for the past two arcs, and you’ve never wanted to tell me.” The young mage said as she felt her spark bubble with anticipation. Ether swirled and wove around her as the rupture in space ignited into a blink portal. Sephira leapt through the writhing gash of scarlet light and emerged from the exit portal a few feet away that was facing the opposite direction. She was wielding her master’s sword Wyvern and executed a sharp downward diagonal strike he had taught her recently. The blade hissed through the empty air as she emerged, striking down an imaginary opponent. The blink portal dissipated almost instantly the moment she stepped free of it.

The old man; Elias looked especially interested in his fingernails when Sephira turned to face him. “So…nothing.” She uttered with an irritation to her voice.

Elias finally glanced up at his pupil and set his hands on his knee, his indigo eyes reading her expression carefully. “The less you know, the safer everyone will be my dear. This is simply the way things are.” The older man climbed to his feet and slid off the rock, his sandaled feet crunching as he walked over the sandy volcanic ground toward Sephira as his student rolled her eyes at his response. His clothing was simple but well made; including a loose belted tunic and pants. His pupil’s own garments were similar though her tunic was maroon in color. His pupil’s mother was a local seamstress on the island and often sent Sephira with clothes for the old hermit. Her mother had no idea that Elias was Sephira’s teacher but she knew her daughter had a fondness for the old man.

“Give it here.” Elias said gruffly, motioning toward the saber Sephira was wielding. Without question she sheathed the weapon then tossed it over to him. The older mage snatched the weapon from the air and motioned for Sephira to take a seat and observe with a rough nod of his head.

“Precision is key for the use of blinking in combat, you can easily lose a limb if you are too hasty to leap into a poorly rendered portal." he stated chidingly. His student looked at him flatly.

“You’ve told me this a thousand times old man.”

“However...” he added, utterly ignoring her comment. “Perhaps just as important is the process of planning you’re assault in advance so that you can chain together you’re attacks. Making a single portal and attacking works fine in practice but if you are not ready when you make your initial attack to retreat or press forward, then you will simply be a sitting duck.” He said while pacing across the wide shelf of rock, gesturing now and then with the sheathed sword.

“The element of surprise is our greatest asset. A properly training rupturer can hit hard and fast and then get out of immediate danger before the enemy figures out what they are. Our techniques are not designed for extended combat but for executing targets swiftly and then retreating from sight.”
The old man unsheathed the saber and tossed the leather sheath to his pupil who barely managed to catch it before it clattered to the ground.

“Plan your assault carefully and execute it as quickly as you are able. There is a lot to be said for scaring the hell out of your enemies when they think a specter is picking them off one at a time. People tend to panic when they can’t see or track the thing that is hunting them.”

Without warning Elias disappeared in a flash of indigo light before he emerged a split-trill later some feet away before delivering a brutal thrust into the back of his imaginary opponent. He vanished again into another blink portal he leapt into before appearing near the edge of the cliff and executed a sharp upward slice paired with a horizontal cut. Again he dove into another flash of violet radiance before flying from the air into the space just in front of his student, displaying three sharp cuts with the saber; two horizontal and one diagonal.

The old mage was panting with the exertion when he finished the display; he was not as young as he used to be after all. Elias handed Wyvern back to his pupil, hilt first. “Give it a try and start simple.”

Sephira trotted to the center of their training area, taking a moment to tighten her grip on the polished hilt of the sword. Though before she began the young mage collected a few nel sized stones from the ground and set three of them at different locations across the area. Marking her destinations often helped with visualization and improved her accuracy. Sephira would not have that luxury if Fates forbid she was ever in combat, but it helped ensure that the exercise went a bit smoother and safer for all involved.

She moved to the center of the ring of stones and pictured each location clearly in her mind. A warm sea wind came soaring past her, ruffling her long brunette locks as Sephira began notating pools of ether around her. Her spark blazed into life, like a bird stretching its wings before taking flight. It’s excitement and anticipation was infectious and the mage felt herself feeling a bit giddy before unleashing her magic. Gripping her weapon tightly the mage reached out and chose her first destination while keeping in mind her next and ignited the ether. A scarlet star flecked blink portal yawned open just in front of her, warping space to make the air appear like a pool of water that had been disturbed recently. Excited and ready Sephira shot through the portal and emerged at the furthest target. She flew out of the portal with such vigor she nearly skidded on the loose volcanic sand. It was only a quick forward step that stopped her from tumbling to the ground.

Wyvern snapped down in the same slice she had used earlier, striking her imaginary opponent. Without pausing she called up her next location, remembering the way the area had looked, the undulations in the ground and the color of the marking stone. Another weeping gash in reality emerged directly in front of her and she nearly sprinted through; appearing at the nearest location to her and immediately delivering two diagonal strikes. This time there was less hesitation and time between blinks, and she almost reflexively igniting the ether nearest to the last stone with a flick of her wrist. Feeling a bit more adventurous now that she was getting the hang of blinking around the training ring Sephira leapt through the last blink portal, and attempted an aerial strike as she emerged.

To be quite honest it really didn’t go as planned, she emerged from the blink with a low thrumming boom and the same flare of brilliant scarlet light as before but she underestimated her speed and landed weirdly on her left leg, her ankle collapsing sideways as she hit the ground.
A pitiful yelp escaped her lips and Sephira collapsed to the glassy blackened sand gripping her ankle and hurriedly cast aside her weapon.

“Stupid girl.” Snapped Elias from his perch, sliding down to walk slowly toward her…obviously taking his sweet time.

“I told you to keep it simple, and what did you do?” His forehead was in his hands as if he was in more pain that she. Finally her mentor reached her and offered her a callused hand. Sephira glumly accepted it and her master hauled her to her feet.

“I’m sorry.” She hissed painfully through her teeth. The ankle was not broken as she could still move it, but it was pretty badly twisted and sprained.
“I bet you’re sorry!” he snapped angrily while he helped her over to the rock he had been seated on. His pupil remained silent, her eyes fixed on the ground. She was humiliated and ashamed, wasn’t that enough? Elias peered at her with a hardened expression. This was why he was hard on her, why he repeated the same core lessons over and over. Precision and simplicity was so core to safely using their magic and using a blade correctly that she would have to repeat those lessons a few more times before it sunk in.

Finally Elias gave Sephira a twitch of a smile. “I don’t know how I’m going to explain this one to you mother.” His pupil had a knack for injuring herself rather often, but it was better that she made errors while in practice and not out there in the real world. The old mage feared for the trial that his student would want to leave the island, or if she was forced to. The latter thought was one that troubled him every trial. His past was full of dangers that could destroy his life and his pupil’s if they ever found their way to Faldrass.
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[Faldrass] Keep it Simple Stupid (Solo)

Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:27 pm



Oh, I like Elias! He's like a gruff grizzly bear but you write really well and just how deep his care for Sephira is comes across - and I imagine this was one of many, many injuries they had to explain, after reading your CS. Lovely writing, you craft the relationship between them really well and it was a pleasure to read.


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