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Standing Trials' Review System 2.0.0

Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:50 pm

Self Moderation
Guide to Self Moderation
[columns=2]1. Proper Skill Knowledge
2. Skill Knowledge Examples
3. Word Count vs Knowledge
4. Non-Skill Knowledge
5. Points Gained Per Thread
6. Mark Knowledge
7. Magic Knowledge
8. Rewards, Injuries
9. Overplaying Skill
10. Abandoned Threads[/columns]
In the past month, we’ve realized that efforts made to reduce the number of threads waiting in the review queue have not been as efficient as we’ve hoped. The current way we’ve designed our review system still places a lot of stress on moderators, where they must focus an enormous amount of time on reading and grading when their effort could be put towards further city development, plots with players, global events, and other fun activities. Though this proposal is not intended to shrug off responsibilities in any way, we hope to reconstruction our review guide to make it more efficient so that we can all get on with the one thing we’re here for: Story.

That being said, we are beta testing this proposal with a select group of players and staff members to see if such a system could work outside of what we have now. Because this will be new to all involved, we’ve developed a guide to help you in this experiment and hopefully, with the success of this experiment, implement it in place of what we have now.

All Players will be self moderating the grades for their threads. What this means is that after your thread is finished, you, as the player, will put together your own grade to be submitted to the review forum for approval. This might sound daunting but it’s actually quite easy. You as the player know exactly what has happened in your threads and what you want to get out of them when it comes to skill knowledge, loot, renown, etc.

So how do you go about doing it? Well this is what this guide is for.


What is a proper Skill Knowledge? I’ve noticed there are a lot of skill knowledges being given that seem very vague and out of place for that particular skill. On top of this, these vague pieces of knowledge sometimes don’t provide any support to a skill, especially if that player manages to get said skill to Legendary. A Legendary skill means that your character knows how to operate within all areas of that skill, and if the proper knowledge is not there to back it up, then it makes no sense in RP.

A proper skill knowledge is something specific, relating to the skill, that you have done in roleplay. A Skill Knowledge must have an obvious tie to whatever you are doing in your thread. If it does not, we will not approve it for you to have. Listed below are example passages from threads with proper Skill Knowledge attached to them and explanations of why they are listed how they are.
"Handstand, forward flip, leap, roll, backflip, spinning turn, spinning kick, rebound, recovery, slide," he went through terms, words, motions. "Let us start with a Shadowdancing fundamental: the spinning turn," he said. Then, motioning for Jimbob to be still, he moved towards him. When in front of Jimbob, he gestured for the warrior to lunge. After doing so, Keanu stepped to the side, before twirling past Jimbob to his blindside and kicking lightly against his back. "Try now. After doing so, shadow sweep," Keanu commanded, his apprentice nodding. Jimbob complied, waiting for Keanu to strike. The man did so at a fair pace, and Jimbob strafed diagonally, before spinning behind Keanu. He did well, only his spin lasted slightly too long, and he had a difficult time straightening his form afterwards. The man turned around and swept him off his feet.

Acrobatics: Strafing into a Spin (Before spinning, Jimbob strafes to provide himself space for extended mobility)
Acrobatics: Timing an Acrobatic Maneuver (Jimbob learns he must time his acrobatics, in this case spins, properly in order to execute them without failing)
Unarmed Combat: Using Vulnerability to Knockdown Foes (After failing a spin, Jimbob is swept off his feet in a swift motion, showcasing the importance of vulnerability in a takedown)
"Show me the skill. Don't go easy." With those words, his master nodded, and he got into battle stance. So too did Jimbob, though his legwork wasn't perfect, and he knew. Spreading out his legs somewhat evenly and holding his spear in both hands, he took a breath. The master jumped from the ground and began to spin mid-air, doing singular three-sixty degree turns with each jump, feet meeting the ground time after time. Jimbob observed, and decided that he would dance with him, attempting to do the same. It was incredibly difficult, and certainly acrobatic, but after a time he managed the spinning turns with only few faults.

Polearms: Spear - Even Stance (Jimbob focuses on properly evening out his weapon stance before performing the acrobatic spin)
Acrobatics: Spinning Turn (After some practice and application of other combat procedures, Jimbob properly performs a spinning turn)
She gasped and tried to kick, tried to punch, and claw, and fight, but it was all in vain. Tara was choking and while she attempted to free herself, Gale simply tightened her grip, “Just die, sarding foul-born...” She grunted.
Tara's green eyes slowly blackened, her vision tunneling to the bookshelf in front of her as her gaze landed on a letter opener. It must have fallen out of some nook when her head hit the shelf, and it was within reach! Desperate hands clamored for the opener, grabbed a hold, and sank the thin metal into Gale's thigh. A cry escaped her as she threw Tara away from her, the woman falling to the floor in a fit of coughs and gasps.

Strength: Fighting Against A Chokehold (Even though Tara didn’t succeed, she was still demonstrating strength by attempting to bash against the other person to be released.)
Tactics: Using Whatever Is In Reach To Fend Off An Attacker (Tara uses a letter opener on the bookshelf to get away from Gale.)

So how do you know what skill to use for a piece of knowledge?
Well it’s based off your own interpretation of the text and what skill knowledge you’re trying to get. If you think the knowledge leans toward one skill, list that. It is up to you to decide as the player since that is what you’re requesting to receive.

Of course, it has to make sense to what’s happening in the thread. If you’re cooking stew and you’re asking for the knowledge, Cooking: Baking A Potato, but you didn’t actually bake a potato… Obviously, that knowledge will not be approved. If you’re cooking a stew and you request, Cooking: Dicing Vegetables, Cooking: Seasoning Stew Meat, Cooking: Handle Knives With Care, these are all proper skill knowledge that can be awarded for RPing cooking stew. It’s specific. It’s straightforward. It’s obvious.

What about knowledge that can be used for another skill?
You cannot have duplicate knowledge. Please let me repeat, no duplicate knowledge. That being said, in the example I used above, I’ve listed: Cooking: Handle Knives With Care, which is a proper skill knowledge because knives are used a lot in cooking. However, one can argue that the knowledge could also be: Discipline: Handle Knives With Care. It is up to YOU to decide where that knowledge falls because it can go into either skill. It is based off of personal interpretation at this point, therefore we as mods cannot dictate one way or the other.

You may also choose to rewrite the knowledge like so: Cooking: Handle Knives With Care, Discipline: Use Caution When Cutting With A Sharp Blade.

You MAY NOT do this: Cooking: Handle Knives With Care, Discipline: Handle Knives With Care.

You MAY NOT do this: Cooking: Handle Knives With Care, Cooking: Use Caution When Cutting With A Sharp Blade.

The above is considered duplication, the first being a repeat knowledge and the second, being that you are talking about the same thing for two separate knowledge. Each knowledge should be unique within the list you will collect. Otherwise, your character isn’t learning anything.

Acquiring Knowledge and Skill Points

Standing Trials TOU: You should, at minimum, be posting 250 words per post.

Threads: There is no minimum word count, however we feel that 1500 is a worthwhile number to strive for. That said, we will not be hard enforcing word count. Individuals found abusing this system in order to powerplay will be dealt with accordingly, as individuals.

Solos: You may choose 6 Skill Knowledge from your thread. For every post made after the first page, you gain an additional skill knowledge for a maximum of 15 total skill knowledge. Auto 10 points upon completion no matter what.

Collaboration Threads: You may choose 8 Skill Knowledge from your thread after you've made a total of 3 posts. For every post made after that, you gain an additional skill knowledge. Auto 15 points upon completion no matter what.

Moderated Threads: Final rewards are up to the moderator's discretion.

Overall, moderators and peer reviewers have the right to deny or modify knowledge given if they feel you're attempting to abuse the system. Players may not dump the entirety of their skill knowledge into one skill.

Keep in mind that this restriction is only placed on Skill Knowledge. That means, if the skill is NOT on the skill list, you may request any amount of knowledge relating to that thread. Examples of this would be location knowledge, religion knowledge, language knowledge, NPC and PC knowledge: John Doe: Likes To Drink Whiskey, Ne’haer: Legend of the Sandstone Beaches, Aukari Occult: Worshippers of Faldrun, Moseke: Immortal of Life. These kind of knowledge are NOT restricted by any number.

What if the skill I want a piece of knowledge in isn’t on the skill list?
If it is an appropriate skill, request that it be added and why. You can do this by going to the suggestion forum or PMing a prophet.

Do I have to account for these kind of knowledge? Why?
Yes, the reason being is because if you try to say that you know the best route to Uthaldria that’ll get you through all the monsters and mayhem unscathed, we will throw down with you. If you know something, you know something. If you don’t, you don’t. Having your character knowing something when they don’t actually know it is a form of godmodding, which is not tolerated on ST. Your thread will be locked if we see this happening.

The reviewers checking over your thread will also nudge you to add these kind of knowledge if they feel you skipped out on them on purpose. Example being, you’ve had a conversation with a pretty girl at a bar. You know her name is Sara, her favorite drink is Vodka, and her eyes change color. But the only knowledge you list is, Seduction: Suggestive Eyes and nothing about Sara. Sara needs some attention too, buddy, come on. She didn’t just appear and disappear from your memory. If you just met the PC/NPC, you should have some listed knowledge about them. However, if you’ve been RPing with a partner for some time, and you don’t learn anything new about them in thread, then it’s fine not to have anything listed.

Points Awarded Per Thread
Like the current system we have, solo threads will receive 10 points upon approval from a peer reviewer. Threads that have a partner involved, or multiple people have the opportunity to receive 15 points. Moderated threads may add an addition 5 points to the review, for a total of 20, if the bonus points are justified (Example: Global Event, City Event, etc).

Mark Ability Knowledge
Mark ability knowledge are considered skill knowledge. Therefore you may only request as much as the word count of your thread allows.

Magic Knowledge
Magic knowledge is considered skill knowledge. Therefore you may only request as much as the word count of your thread allows. ----WILL LEAVE THIS UP TO PLAGUE----

Rewards, Loot, Injuries, Overstepping
This is what our reviewers will still be keeping an eye on. If you’re requesting loot from your thread, we will be making sure it’s well deserved. On top of this, if your character was injured in any way, or inflicted by something, or affected in some way, we will be expecting you to notate that. How long will an injury take to heal? Well, if you can’t figure it out, or our reviewers feel that the duration should be longer, we will specify that when your rewards are approved.

This includes overstepping. If you know you’ve used your magic to a point where your character would get nose bleeds, headaches, shakes, or worse, please do not attempt to skirt the rules by not putting that in your submission. We will still be reading over your thread to make sure the requested rewards are well earned. ----WILL LEAVE THIS UP TO PLAGUE----

Along with this, if we feel you’ve included skill knowledge that was not earned in thread, or is a duplication, we reserve the right to not award it to you. In many cases, we will ask you to revise the knowledge, but in extreme cases, we may simply remove it from the list of rewarded knowledge and you will not have a chance to get it back.

Overplaying Skill Level
This is written in the TOU so I feel like I shouldn’t have to repeat this here but don’t do it. We have written skills that outline where your character should be at what rank of the skill. If we see you overplaying your skill in a particular thread, we reserve the right to not approve its rewards.

Abandoned Collaborative Threads
If for some reason you, your partner, or both of you have left the site for reasons of your own, and later return, you may submit your thread for rewards regardless of whether it’s finished or not. Keep in mind that the abandoned thread will still be subjected to the word count rules versus knowledge.

If you’ve submitted a thread for rewards, have had it approved, and your partner returns, all your partner would have to do is submit that abandoned thread with their own list of rewards. So, in this case, the thread would be submitted twice, by each player, to receive rewards for it.
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