Tier 2 Review Request Thread 1.0.0

If you've finished a thread that needs reviewing, are interested in applying to be a peer reviewer, or have questions relating to the reviewing system, please post here! All reviews and review inquiries are handled here!

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Tier 2 Review Request Thread 1.0.0

Tue Dec 31, 2019 7:27 pm

Tier 2 Peer Review Requests

Standing Trials TOU: You should, at minimum, be posting 250 words per post.

Threads: There is no minimum word count, however we feel that 1500 is a worthwhile number to strive for. That said, we will not be hard enforcing word count. Individuals found abusing this system in order to powerplay will be dealt with accordingly, as individuals.

Solos: You may choose 6 Skill Knowledge from your thread. For every post made after the first page, you gain an additional skill knowledge for a maximum of 15 total skill knowledge. NO points are awarded for individual Tier 2 Skill threads - these are awarded via the PSF upon completion of the plot.

Collaboration Threads: You may choose 8 Skill Knowledge from your thread after you've made a total of 3 posts. Less than three posts will allow you to claim only the 6 knowledge of a solo (please note, this does not apply to abandoned threads). For every post made after that, you gain an additional skill knowledge. NO points are awarded for individual Tier 2 Skill threads - these are awarded via the PSF upon completion of the plot.

Moderated Threads: Final rewards are up to the moderator's discretion.

Overall, moderators and peer reviewers have the right to deny or modify knowledge given if they feel you're attempting to abuse the system. If claiming maximum numbers of knowledge, players may not dump the entirety of their skill knowledge into one skill.

If you are applying for Tier 2 knowledge, the request MUST go in to this thread.

Roleplay Standards and Rules: 'As reviewers, it's our job to ensure that roleplay standards are upheld, such as playing to skill level. Those posting threads for review must identify skills used, skill levels, for the feats they are accomplishing. Reviewers should compare skill levels versus the poster's feats. If they do not match, reviewers may deny the review request until the player(s) fix the issues within the thread. Until then, the reviewer should mark the player's request as not approved. They are instead to identify the issue with the thread, message the player on the site, and review the players within the thread who have adhered to standards. Then they can move on to the next review if they wish.'

Code: Select all

[style=width: 700px; border-radius: 10px;background-color: #222222; padding:30px; margin-top:30px; margin-bottom:30px; margin: auto; box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px 0px #585858; font-size: 1.25em; line-height: 1.25em; color: #cfcfcf;text-align:justify;][center][b][font size=150]Rewards Requested[/font][/b][/center]
[b]Thread Name:[/b] (Name with link included)
[b]City/Area:[/b] (Where is this taken place in?)
[b]Notes/Warnings:[/b] (Any Notes or warnings? Violence?)
[b]Skills Used:[/b] ex. Combat: Blades. Currently Competent (26 XP, 50 knowledge). 
[b]Link to approval for Tier 2 plot[/b]: 

[b]Requested Rewards:[/b] 
Knowledge: (A list of knowledge - identify if Tier 1 or Tier 2 - note that Tier 2 knowledge may only be claimed for the Tier 2 skill this plot is focused on)
Loot: (If applicable)
Injuries/Overstepping: (If applicable)
Renown: (how much and for what?)
Wealth Points: (how many and for what?)  
- If you are claiming Wealth Points, please link to your Wealth Thread for this season, as Wealth Points can not be awarded before this is completed: 
Collaboration: (Yes/No)

word count: 601
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