The Pirate Finale!

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The Pirate Finale!

The Pirates Finale ......

Welcome to the Scalvoris seasonal event for Rebirth 724!

It's going to be done in a way that's heavily influenced by Pigs' awesome Fire event in Rharne - first things first, massive thanks to him! Then, without further ado, lets get going!

The Starting Situation (The Big Picture) ......

Well, the big picture is that the pirates attacked - and they obviously were very well prepared, well-resourced and well informed. Over the cycles since the pirates attacked, PCs have been investigating and we are now at the point where it's what we call "do or die" time!

So, the big picture is:

There is SOMETHING due to happen - we're going to call it the endgame.

That will happen on a date this cycle. I know what that date is, but as of yet none of the PCs have found out that date.

Every post, I will populate this with "Big Picture" that is correct from your posts.

Big Picture:
Information Who Knows Note Below?
What's going to happen? ~~ ~~
When's it going to happen? ~~ ~~
Where is it happening? ~~ ~~
Anything else? ~~ ~~

The Specifics (The Smaller Pictures) ......

In the nine boxes above are areas / topics that I believe are important and that PCs have been dealing with. As you progress through this thread, I will update as we go (I won't update this post every time, I'll reply with a copy of this post).

These are not exhaustive - if someone decides to investigate / go somewhere else, I'll add them to the list:

Coasts (this includes the waters)
Spies (are you being spied on? Are you infiltrated?)
Ghosts (Can the dead speak more information?)
Factions (see the Lore thread, there's lots... and there's some unknown ones or ones not in Lore e.g. Centipede)
Traps (Are there any traps / places which have been sabotaged, etc?)
Islands (ishallr, Faldrass, etc)
Underground (Tunnels and caverns are rife throughout Scalv)

The Mechanics / Rules (The Picture Frame?) ......

I will post here once a week. That post will be every Thursday starting on Thursday 8th February 2024 (that will be post two. This is post one. See?)
Each week, I will post a copy of this post which is both a reply and an update.

Your post will cover a period of time which is TEN DAYS - I'll give you the IC dates etc. That means that you will have to be very clear about how you're using your time.
In your post, you should do the following
  • Give the narrative of what you are doing during that time. You don't have to use all 10 days, you can use as much or as little as you want.
  • Assume the outcome of "mundane" skill use. That means, if it's obvious that you will succeed, then assume you do. For example, if you're investigating something, and you have GM investigation - you can assume you find stuff out. You can then tell me who you'll tell what you've found out to, etc.
  • Link to any external posts which you do - or have done - which are directly relevant (not any memory lane stuff, but specific stuff, please). A note here: You are more than welcome to do "side threads" while this event is ongoing. If you do that, then the thread needs to be completed and ready for review when you do your post. So, if you can do a thread in a week and it's directly relevant, link it. No placeholders, semi-finished etc.
  • If you do a "side thread" that takes longer than 1 week, then you can and should submit it here ONCE IT IS FINISHED and ready for review. If it takes longer than a week, things might have moved on, but that's ok, you'll still get something out of it!
  • Put a summary at the end of what you've done and what you're seeking to do. So, in the example above - you would put "I've investigated X - I've assumed Y - please tell me any more stuff, please?" :D

Your Posts..... (I have totally lost this analogy now.....) .

Please post by Wednesday 7th February and I will post on Thursday 8th.

In your post:
  • Sum up what you have already found out.
  • Tell me what questions you have and what investigation / discussion you have done before this event. Especially, let me know who you've informed. It's fine to say "I'm telling the Alberach" - but equally if you haven't told her (or whoever) IC before now, we'll assume that for SOME reason, the person you are telling won't find out till 1st Cylus.
  • Give the narrative of what you're doing between 1st and 10th Cylus
Please let me know asap if there's stuff you've done / found out that people would know NOW - drop me a PM and I will update between now and then.

This is the actual post! reply here by Thursday 8th Feb. :D
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Re: The Pirate Finale!


The Search for the Gray Lady

Before Leaving Almund
A Doom Portends Book Woe has a missive from Balthazar to warn him to leave. This post fleshes out his exodus and that of his people from Almund.[/url]
Woe had dipped his toe into the Court of Miracles. He’d had his lead which led to Cobra, the recruiter for them. The next step would seem clear to anyone with a modicum of mechanical, linear thinking. Go to the Cobra, find what you could about the Court’s involvement in the Pirate crisis. But Woe’s mind didn’t move in a straight line, ever.

Something had bothered him, for a while. Ever since the aftermath in the Forging, the investigations into who the Warden was, the silence of the Mer, and the vague mention of a Gray Lady who had the ear of certain mer.

Woe went alone, sending most of his people back to the Seastack Manor in Scalvoristown. It felt disruptive to remove Lacrima from her sanctuary in the Bones while she was making good progress, but he had very bad feelings about Almund’s position in all of this.

They were all gathered there, most of them, with the exception of Toutouye and Gloom, who were sequestered at his large cabin in Egilrun.

Woe turned his attention to Gunvorton. And that was where he set his itinerary next, on the back of the swift dragonling, Soz. She cut through the air like a peregrine falcon, almost, faster than anything that big had any right to be. She moved through the shadows she conjured with her breath, casting an illusion that covered her passage as she went at turns, through lighted passages.

Within half a day they arrived at the outskirts of Gunvorton.
And Woe ensconced himself in a cloak of shadows, to make himself unremarkable, nearly invisible to scrutiny.
This coupled with his skill in stealth and deception made him hard to notice.

As he looked around, Woe gave a slight scowl. There was barely any damage at all, besides the docks. And that looked rather… staged for lack of a better word. Where was the collateral damage? The casualties by all accounts had been small. Had the people of Gunvorton not fought, or just laid aside as the Pirates went through and stormed the town?

Too much speculation, for Woe’s liking. He couldn’t merely assume that much. So he spent the rest of the night creeping through the town, as
kept a bird’s eye view overhead, silent and shadowy as ever, invisible against the night sky.

Cylus had a way of driving people out of the streets, which made Woe’s trek around the various lattice of streets and plazas easy to navigate without being noticed. Or so he thought. On one shoulder, he had
, his spider spirit. A companion left over from his dreams of Steve, the Orphan of Sintra. On the other sholder,
, keeping watch over the area to suss out any potential illusions.

Woe kept moving, while Apples took refuge behind the collar of his mantle. He noted that the warehouses still weren’t quite repaired, and the Docks certainly hadn’t been touched by anyone, since they’d been smashed. This was Shania’s seat, once upon a time. Perhaps it still was. What had she done about any of it? But he was resolved to leave a meeting with her for the last moment. She was always too clever by half, in the way she kindly deflected any investigations along her territory.

He had to know who this gray lady was, and what connection she had between the mer and Gunvorton. It was a long overdue process to look into, but eventually Woe exhausted himself walking around the town, looking for signs of the wealth and fortunes supposedly stored here. Was this not the place where much of Scalvoris’ commodities were housed?

Which begged the question why the docks had not yet been repaired.

Too many gaps and fissures in the edifice of understanding all of this. So Woe retired the first day of investigations, having familiarized himself with Gunvorton’s layout,and ascertaining that nothing had improved or changed since the Pirate attack. And that Gunvorton, by and large, hadn’t been affected much at all other than the casualties and its commercial output in the form of those docks.

The next few darkness-filled trials were spent searching closer and closer to the Warehouses, trying to see what filled them, If anything. He had half a mind to break in, but then his lock-breaking skills weren’t quite up to task. He’d have to do it with brute force. Something he wasn’t comfortable with as of now.

No, he sent spies into the warehouses. Apples was first to be tried against whatever scriers or spies they had installed in the rafters of those warehouses. The dancing spider skipped and skittered through gaps of warehouse boxes, checking the wares, seeing how much of value was left in any of them.

When and if it became apparent that Apples was making it through these obstacles without harm coming to him, Woe would then send out Egil, to the other warehouses on the far side, and let them search all of them until they came back.

Apples fed his reports telepathically to Woe, as was his custom. While Egil had to squawk them out in riddles, which Woe was accustomed to solving at this point.

It appeared much of the alloted commodities were in place, with only a few empty spaces in there. and hadn’t moved an inch since the sacking of the docks. Something else must’ve been taken, but what? Had portions of the treasury been laundered, with precious items or artifacts, other commodities? Perhaps even gold, smelted from the treasury of Scalvoris itself?

The findings of that trial left Woe wondering more, now, as he gathered himself and went back toward the main Inn, which also happened to be Shania’s. He avoided her however, and mainly just ordered from servers. Then he would go to the room he’d rented, and sleep off the musings of that day.

The next day, he spent listening to conversations had around the bar, near to Shania.
He used his ability to sense and isolate conversations had across a large noisy room, so long as there was unbroken space between him and those words traded so far away.
He listened for any signals or allusions to a Gray Lady, or to Shania herself, or anything related to the pirates or mer. He waited, and listened, all that entire day, while he drank his drink. Thankfully Kuvarakh’s effigy prevented him from getting truly drunk (at least when he wished not to be), and so he was able to maintain his anonymity and remain inconspicuous, despite his prodigious ability to imbibe alcohol.

Egil fluttered from the warm depths of his mantle, and crawled onto his shoulder, to perch there, and sense anything illusionary that might pop up. When the day was done, and he’d collected any and all intelligence that was relevant, he went back up to his rooms.

The next three days he spent searching around the docks. There, the sea grass swayed in the cold, popping up over the sparse snows that were only beginning to collect around the ground. He caressed these grasses, Then he asked them, “How are the sands around here treating you, my friends?”
He asked, and tried to understand however they answered, through his ability to understand communication patterns that defied mortal comprehension, and were geared toward an alien understanding of the world. He listened to their answers, and questioned them for a while longer, pressing for information relevant to pirates, mer, and villagers. Mostly he tried to gather more information on any mer who had crossed over from here.

When his time was done, and he’d extracted as much information as he was likely to from those plants, he withdrew once again to the Inn. The next few trial would be key, in that he wished to corner the Gray Lady, the Mer, and possibly even try to get an ounce of useful information out of Shania, if he could.

So the next day, he approached Shania rather brazenly, dropping his anonymity and disguise, so she would know who he was. Egil sat perched on his lap, while Apples crawled beneath the cowl of his mantle. “Hello Shania.” Woe said, “I was wondering, do you know the best sealanes to get from here, to Nekhet?”

For a while then, they spoke of sea lanes, and various other subjects related to the traversal of the oceans. He did grow tired of shop talk about navigation after some time, however,and just decided to chomp down on the matter that brought him here. “Have you ever heard of the Gray Lady?” he asked, and he watched her carefully, as she reacted to his question.

"Why yes. That's me! People have often called me that - it was also the name of a ship that my late husband and I were on, which was attacked by something large - I don't know what - and we were saved by some merfolk. Why do you ask?" She smiled and replied. Woe had suspicions about Shania, and it was easy to see how deftly she was able to deflect suspicions to her intentions by being so... nice. Anyone else asked of such a traumatic event as losing their spouse (supposing he died in the wreck), might've clammed up right away.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to rub old wounds, but that's remarkable that you were saved by a tribe of mer." Woe said sincerely. "But it's said that the Gray Lady, that is you, have a special relationship with the mer. That you have information from them. I was wondering if we could count on your help to get information on the Pirate Lords."

Woe didn't know of any connection between the mer and pirates, but it stood to reason the mer would be aware of their movements. "I'm sorry about your husband. What was he like?" He ordered a drink, since it was rude to interact with the owner or bartender without patronizing the tavern. "Can I have a whisky?"

If at any point Shania would turn her back, or move toward another customer, he'd reach out to glancing touch her arm, and ask, "May I have some bacon and eggs, if you have any?"

As he touched her arm, he would reveal prophetic insight, to see into her immediate future.

What plans do you have, Shania?
In the first day, Woe maps the streets of Gunvorton, and records the lack of damage to most of the town. He rents a room at Shania's Inn.

In the next few days, Woe sneakily observes and investigates the warehouses that hold much of the commodities that are up for trade elsewhere (supposedly). He looks for any missing pallets or out of place extractions of goods. I assume he found some pallets and places where boxes ought to have been, signalling that something of value was taken even though the docks haven't been repaired. He surmises this is connected to the pirate raid and might've been in their possessios. I want to know what sort of commodities were taken if at all, if there are munitions, weapons, or valuable items that might've been laundered from stolen treasury funds (Woe suspects Shania is not trustworthy as a treasurer).

He inspects the docks, looking for signs of recent or distant passage. He asks the sand grasses for information about any mer that might've passed nearby. He uses his ability to understand alien communication patterns, to better understand their feedback.

The next day Woe spends gathering information from overherad conversations in the bar. He tries to and I assume succeeds at hearing some things about mer, pirates, and the Gray Lady.

The last day he's there, he confronts Shania and makes talk about the fastest path to Nekhet over ocean lanes, or what she's heard about that from sailors and such. Then he hits her with a question, of the identity of the Gray Lady. He's using all his perceptive and psychological experience to bear in feeling out her reaction, whether she speaks to it or not. Then he remembered that Ziell had marked him with prophetic insight.

Tracker: viewtopic.php?p=180693&hilit=The+Cantan ... er#p180693
Woe received information on the Gray Lady here: viewtopic.php?f=412&t=27619
Woe investigated Gunvorton and Shania previously here sorta: viewtopic.php?f=412&t=27734

Day 1: Woe goes to Gunvorton, and sends his people in Almund (Navnea Utojesk, Korm Ki’enaq, Lacrima, Blodwen, Crawford Shipley, the crew of the Smiling Scorpion (flavor mostly otherwise those listed on Employees/Associates apart from Gwarpy, Doc Guy, Fleaface, and Primula Troke.) sail/move over toward the Sea Stack house in Scalvoris (which is the house he bought from Faith).

Travels the rest of the day to Gunvorton, he should get there by the second day as he’s riding on a very fast dragonling.

Day 2: Arrives in Gunvorton, hides and conceals his identity/approach with shadow illusions if need be, and stealth skill (expert) if need be.

Spends the rest of the night there, creeping through and searching the streets, basically making a mental map of the place and getting his bearings.

He muses about shania’s trustworthiness to Scalvoris. He notes the docks have not yet been repaired.

Day 3-5: He spends the next few days investigating the warehouses, looking to see what fills them. He uses his spirit companions, Egil (the raven) and apples (The Spider) to sneak into those warehouses and see if there are empty spaces in the pallets, see if anything is out of place, or specifically left unoccupied. See what’s in the current crates that occupy the warehouse.

If the spirits made it through there without harm coming to them, he sends in Egil to the otehr warehousess on the far side, and slowly has them coalesce in the middle, where he is, until all warehouses have been searched by them.

Day 6: he spends this day listening in on convesrations around the bar, near to Shania, and otherwise. Isolating them with his capstone to listen in even with a busy and noisy atmosphere.

Specifically listens for refereences to Gray Lady, Shania, Pirates, or mer.

Day 7 -9: The next three days he searches the docks, specifically. He asks any nearby vegetation that might be awake to answer questions, about what might’ve transpired near there, in the past or lately. He presses them for information relevant to pirates, mer, villagers, and anything that moved over them.

He uses his capstone Alien Receiver, which allows him to understand better what a spirit or other strange being might mean by their speech. This should help him collect more ifnormation.

Day 10: He confronts Shania, and will probably follow up with her with more questions after she answers him, depending on how she answers.
 ! Message from: Peg
Quick modnote to say that Shania will smile and say (entirely honestly) "Why yes. That's me! People have often called me that - it was also the name of a ship that my late husband and I were on, which was attacked by something large - I don't know what - and we were saved by some merfolk. Why do you ask?"
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Re: The Pirate Finale!


A sprawling pall of anxiety fell over the village of Havardr, as the last of the suns set over the horizon, and the moons made their appearance in the clear, star-shine of twilight. The clear skies seemed a good omen for what would be their ongoing whaling expedition off the middle coast of Havardr. Not to mention make visibility a breeze. They almost didn’t even need the lighthouses that had been constructed mid-cycle a season ago.

Even so, the burning spotlights pierced the gloom of early Cylus, like pillars of light threatening any pirate to show their colors.

For Havardr’s part, and its new fleet, they proudly shone the colors woven in their banners and flags, crafted from the hands of Daia’s dancers in Vhalar. Rorom hoisted his own flag, as they prepared to set off with the Onyx Cascade, to accompany the whaling fleet and ensure that this, not the first, but the largest outing by far, utilizing all but one of the cogs to haul as many fish, whales, and other aquatic prey as possible for the welfare of Scalvoris, and Havardr’s returning fortune.

Rorom squinted as he worked the ropes of the boat, and the deck hands pulled up the gangplank, while untying the Cascade from makeshift pier it was docked beside. He had a sense of forboding, he couldn’t ignore. Perhaps it was the suggestions and stories shared by the old Havardreens to the new. Perhaps it was the presence of Breachfang in his soul, threatening to break out of the prison of his self-totem, his own flesh, and wreak havoc and vengeance on the village that had claimed its hide.

He felt its totem in his own body, assimilated. But even though Dana had assured him it would be safe there, he felt better for gripping it with his own hand. As if he alone could resist Breachfang’s lingering will.

At any rate, within a break all of the ships made an orderly disembark from Havardr’s shores. Longboats, keelboats, schooners and cog. They flew Havardr’s colors high above their flagmast, the bright yellow against the sky was easily visible.

Rorom looked at that banner, hanging high above the main mothership, the Cog. He’d assigned Mastrel to captain that boat. And so he had more confidence in its running. Yet the way the red eye of the black squid on Havardr’s regalia glinted, gave him an eerie feeling.

Still, he shook it off. They were out to sea now, no room for fear or doubt, but a heavy harpoon in hand, and a keen eye to spot any whales.

They’d pulled up catches of fish from the deep, several of the longboats, which transferred their catch to the broad-decked keelboats. All went rather smoothly for a few breaks, tons of fish were dredged out of the sea, and a few seals and smaller whales harpooned, brought aboard the second keelboat.

Rorom had an uneasy feeling still, and he couldn’t ignore it. Something in him called him to sail out further to sea, leaving the rest of the fleet behind. He assured the other crewmates that they were just being careful, looking out for any potential dangers out there.

Mastrel, stood on the prow of Havardr’s one cog, watched as the Onyx Cascade floated out beyond the lighthouse’s gleam. Into the gloom beyond the stars. He shook his head, “What’re yer playing at, lad?” But he just went to business, sorting the other ships and their crews, making certain that they’d be ready to make a swift return if need be.

Rorom wasn’t far into the deep when he felt a nudge from the elements. Water called to him, warning him of a large shift. It was always inexact, even though he was well accustomed to interpreting their peculiar way of communiicating. So when the pitch hide of the great Baleen shone through the darkness, reflecting star and moonlight, showing a great glaring scar on its left eye.

“Chrien be damned…” He muttered, as the baleen whale turned its ugly head, to slap the water just to the side of the ship, disrupting its path through the currents. Several of the deckhands felt the sudden jolt, but were able to grab onto the rigging to prevent going overboard.

Rorom shooted out to his higher-ranking crew, Mirq, Bones, and Oreq. Dana and Malmada were on board the Lucky bird, with Noille and Eairok, well out to the south, keeping watch there. Rorom was glad of their safety, and so focused on the fate of his current cargo.

“It’s the pitch-black beast. The very same one!” He warned. Had it followed him from Rharne, from the very delta of the Zynyx?

He shouted orders to his crew, telling them to turn tail, and make back for the fleet. It was just then, as he turned around, that Mastrel’s cog was bearing down on his path, several fathoms out to the northeast of him. Rorom waved, warning him off, but Mastrel seemed not to notice, but pointed frantically at the water, telling his own crew to ready their harpoons.

Mastrel roared at his men, “Get a line in ‘er! It’s the Captain’s beast! We’ll get her snug onboard in a jiff!”

Several harpoons dug into the whale’s flesh, resulting in whoops from the men on Mastrel’s boat. Rorom was not so confident. And yet, as he neared the cog, his concern proved to be his undoing, as something stopped him dead in the water. A loud creaking and splintering was heard from the portside bow. A bit of the whale’s tail stock had lodged itself into the hull.

Oreq shouted at the captian, “Breach! Breach in portside hull! We’re taking water!”

“Well! Bail the water, plug the leak! Whatever you can.” Rorom retorted, as his eyes glanced toward the cog, and what was causing commotion over there. Then he imagined the physiology of the baleen whale. It’s pectoral fin… it appeared to be caught on a splinter or barnacle on the cog. And it was dragging both of their ships down with the force generated by their circling each other.

“Blast it!”

Rorom growled, suddenly taken with a pain that was utterly agonizing.

“Captain!” His men cried, but he didn’t hear them. He could scarcely hear his own thoughts behind the sensation of boiling blood filling his head.

Breachfang had broken its prison, at last. And now it roared to life, diving into the waters, with the captain’s soul in tow.

Rorom struggled with Breachfang then, as it swam through the deep. He didn’t know what the beast had planned, but it couldn’t be good, as its eye turned to fixate on the banner of Havardr over the flag mast of the cog. No. Rorom thought, from within the beast’s form. And with a great effort, he exerted his will over the large body, larger than any the becomer had a right to inhabit at his skill in the magic.

He tore through the waters, betraying Breachfang’s will, and subverting it as he drove his teeth through the Black Baleen’s pectoral fin that had been lodged in the cog.

Above the battle below, Mastrel spotted Breachfang, and shouted, “There’s two of them now! Double up on the harpoons men! We’ll bring them out of there.”

So then, as Rorom tore through the pectoral fin, severing it and thus saving both of their ships from a watery grave, a tailspin into the deep, the Baleen whale’s mournful song hit Rorom’s newly formed sea-wolf ears. And he heard its voice for the first time ever.

The Whale’s song was a thing of beauty, and he almost regretted his life of hunting the beasts, for the beauty they presented. This occurred to him, as several harpoons pierced the water around him. His defiance spark, pulled in more ether to power a guardian defense against these harpoons, but was only able to command so much ether out of Rorom’s exhausted soul. Most of them missed, one did not, and grazed his pectoral fin, which would’ve been his arm.

Rorom cried out, and the transformation began to reverse. He felt Breachfang’s body melting away, back into his biqaj body. And there he sank, into the deep, yet the elements still had a means to preserve him against the icy cold, directing a warm current to bear him south, toward the Lucky Bird.

The Onyx Cascade and Cog being saved, they made their way back to the fleet with such a crew as they had. Mirq took command of the cascade, and joined the rest of the fleet. The news of Rorom’s fall and disappearance soon filtered around the village.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Lucky Bird, such as it was, found Rorom’s body. It was Dana that spotted him floating across the surface of icy waters. “THERE!” She screamed, covering her ears and eyes as she sank into a terrified stupor. Malmada tried to comfort her, meanwhile.

Eairok pulled him on board, while Noille turned the tiller of the sloop. They examined his wounds and could see the livid gash left by the harpoon on his right arm. “That doesn’t look like enough to put him out… it must be something else.”

“It’s the magic, the beast overtook him… He needs…”

“He needs the Lady of Limbs. We’ll get her to fix this.” Eairok intoned, solemnly.

Noille lifted a brow at him, “Who is the Lady of Limbs?”

“The sea witch that cursed him with the beast, and the bedeviled him with the elemental influences. She will fix this, or we’ll all make her do so.”

Noille crossed her arms, “Why hasn’t he told me of this Lady of Limbs?”

Eairok winced as he wrapped the wounds of Rorom in a sloppy bandage. “Well… you know, women talk and… He thought it best only to tell his closest…”

Noille slapped him, “Stop that.” She said, tears forming in her eyes, “And you.” She said to Rorom’s unconscious form, “If you don’t die, I’ll feed you to the sharks mysefl.”

So saying, she made her way up to the steering of the ship, and followed Eairok’s heading, to the Scaltoth sea caves where the Sea Witch made her lair.

On the 10th of Cylus, Rorom awoke with a ragged breath. He saw nothing, but felt… better than he had in many years. Like he’d been reborn almost. The wound in his arm wasn’t there, as if he’d dreamt it. Yet… His surroundings betrayed a difference in fortunes. He looked around, searching the darkness for any sign of anyone, anything. Or to confirm if he’d dreamt it all, and never left the lair of the Lady of Limbs.

“Easy there.” Said a familiar voice. Rorom turned on his backside, and scuttled backward. He saw a ghost. It wore the face of Linca… And yet… It’s scent. He would know it. It wasn’t Linca. “Lady of Limbs… What fresh devilry is this?”

The false Linca smiled with a cruel twist of his lips. “You’d be surprised how much a lock of hair and finger can be bartered for, from a pirate that has little use of it. I had my pound of flesh from Linca, and I intend to use it.”

“How?” Rorom growled, narrowing his eyes, “And where is my crew?”
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Rorom has lessons in Becoming from Dana (He will be expert by the time that thread ggets graded. If it's graded before your reply, he'll not have to overstep to become Breachfang. But I still want him to fall unconscious from the inexperience/shock. and for narrative purposes obviously.: viewtopic.php?t=32592

NPC links, including the Lady of Limbs (his magic mentor): viewtopic.php?p=96069#p96069

His curse is referring to his magical skill, which is what Rorom and many of his clan consider it.
Day 1: Rorom leads a whaling and fishing expedition, the largest since rebuilding Havardr’s fleet, and brings them out into the gloomy Cylus waters.

He senses something beyond the darkness, and goes to see what it is. He finds it’s the Whale that nearly killed him in Rharne, and a battle ensues between the Onyx Cascade and Mastrel’s command the Havardr Cog and the whale.

The whale’s pectoral fin gets stuck in Havardr’s Cog, while his tail stock gets stuck into the Onyx Cascade, causing a small breach in its middle hull.

This causes the two ships to circle each other, causing a spiral motion that threatens to produce a sink hole in the water.

Rorom is overwhelmed at this point and Breachfang unleashes, causing him to massively overstep, but he still manages to take control, enough to bite off a pectoral fin of the whale, thus releasing the Havardr Cog from the death spiral. Both ships presumably make their way back to the fleet. But not before Rorom is treated to a whale song, earning a grazing wound from a harpoon in his arm for the trouble. He transforms back into Rorom, and is slowly guided by the elements through a safe current toward the Lucky Bird.

The crew of the Lucky bird dredges him up, and have a brief disccussion where they try to decide what to do about helping him. Eairok seems to think the Lady of Limbs can help him, probably if they go in arms to her to make her help him.

Day 10: What happens in the intervening nine days to the Lucky Bird’s Crew (Malmada, Noille, Eairok, and Dana) I leave to you. Please be merciful (jk you can kill them all if you think tha’ts appropriate).

I do say that Lady of Limbs may have a special interest in the girl, Dana, as a becomer that was born that way. She’s a master becomer herself, and would have a naturla curiosity about the nature of her spark.

Anyway, what ensues is possibly a fever dream of Rorom where he sees Linca, but senses (through his becomer’s spark sense of its mentor) that it’s actually the Lady of Limbs. So is confused.

Whether she actually is Linca I leave to you, if you want it to be so. Otherwise, the rest is up to you.

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Re: The Pirate Finale!

Nir'wei sat cross-legged in the woods of Faldrass and breathed deeply. Outside wasn't the safest, nor the most private place to convene meetings like these, he was certain; but more and more he found himself wishing for the fresh air and the feeling of grass under his feet again, and he knew he was not the only one.

Around him sat his wolves;
all arranged in a circle, with their pups loosely arranged closer to the middle, idly sat near their parents or in clumped piles of fluff.
, the Zephyrus, lounged nearby and watched with half-lidded eyes. Traveller sat with his forelegs pressed together in that characteristic Sohr Khal prayer pose. Nox preened his feathers, nesting in a tree. Jasper, the otter, was ripping chunks from a fresh-caught fish and batting one of the wolf-pups with his tail whenever it drew near for a sniff. His own little council.

"Lots to be done," Nir'wei sighed quietly. There was. He'd promised many things to Kura, committed himself to building something to finally give the Natural Affairs a more concrete reason for its existence as an office of the Council, and to make some real changes across Scalvoris as a whole. He'd also abandoned the whole island to curry favour in an entirely different nation, hoping to lend their strength when the time came again.

Greyhide was the first to lift his head. "Is it enough?" Nir'wei gave him a look, but the wolf instead looked to Sovar, and Nir'wei followed his gaze. "Those pirates were... very well-equipped," Sovar huffed, licking his lips and shuffling in place. "If they came again. As we are right now? We'd lose. Quite quickly, I think." Nir'wei disagreed... but only out of immediate instinct and no small amount of bravado. Here, he was forced to let it sink in, really think of the truth behind that statement, and the sheer numbers they'd been facing. Not just alone. Not just on Faldrass as a whole. "We don't even know what we're really facing."

"Hasn't stopped us before." He'd known nothing about the Hermit, or his motives, or his powers, or much anything else about him - not even his name. None of that had mattered in the end, when he'd caved the man's chest in and left his remains for vultures to pick off. He'd known nothing of Unity or that Labyrinth of Dreams they'd conjured during their forming, but he'd made it through that puzzle regardless. Time and time again, facing unknowable odds and fighting through with his wits and his skills, he'd made it out the other side, one way or another. Call it luck, call it skill, call it the will of some unknowable Immortal and their grand scheme in motion if that's what helped, but it was too many times to chalk up to blind chance at this point. Whatever it was that the pirates had brought, if they ever dared show their faces again, he'd be there to stop it. He would stop it. Then the next thing would come along, and he'd deal with that too. It was what he did.

"Besides. All that 'investigating' and searching for clues, talking to people, chasing leads? That's not my style, really. I did things my own way. The easier way--"


Nir'weis attention snapped down to Jasper, but the otter had already turned back to his catch. Or maybe it'd never risen from it? "I'm not lazy." His eyes narrowed. "It's just worthless busy-work at this point to--"


"How is it lazy to just... listen, it's different." He grit his teeth, frustrated, trying to form the right words. "It's impossible to know where to even start." Was he supposed to scour the entire ocean for signs of these pirates? If they were even still out in the ocean, and hadn't somehow snuck into the islands as they had with Haven, and tried to do across much of Faldrass too? "It's beyond my abilities at this point. I'd just be a hindrance." There was no shame in admitting where his weaknesses lay.


Alright, that one was more of a slap in the face than the others. It still wasn't true. He didn't think it was, anyway. The reasons why, though... well, alright, he didn't want to waste his time and fail and feel stupid for trying. Yes, he could see how that was quite a cowardly thing to do. Yes, especially when there were potentially many lives at stake, considering the dangers the pirates might pose. What good would knowing these things really be, though? If their numbers were so high and their resources so plentiful, surely knowing how screwed they were wouldn't really make much of a difference to the result, right? ... and yeah, that sounded pretty cowardly too, actually. Lazy and cowardly, both. Yeah, he deserved that.

He pressed his fingers to his temples and rubbed them slowly, sighing to himself. "Okay. Okay. It couldn't hurt to give it a try." Greyhide nodded and stood; the others remained still, with their attention turned back to the young. "Worst thing that happens, we find nothing of importance and everything proceeds as it would anyway.

There were three key mysteries he'd wondered about since he'd first spotted them, but never really pursued... just out of indifference, or laziness, as Jasper would have put it. Even if they were dead ends, even if he found nothing at all, it was better to try and see what came up first before discarding them. The first, and most pressing, was what had happened to the animals during the attack. Birds had fallen out of the sky. Fish had risen from the water and floated on the surface. His own wolves had felt dizzy and confused, growing weaker the longer they remained within whatever sphere of influence the effect had cast.

"It was happening all over Faldrass," Greyhide confirmed, convening with the other wolves in the background. "They felt it from all the way on the other side, from the Gardens to Hopetoun." But it'd disappeared in the wake of the disaster. Had a person been responsible for the yellowish fog, who'd then disappeared when the invasion was repelled? He didn't like to think so. Yellow fog, he'd never heard of it nor seen it before, but he didn't know enough about magic to question, nor know anyone well-versed enough in magic to question... apart from Balthazar perhaps, who he wasn't sure would be pleased to see him, even if he could track down the rogue mage in the wake of Haven's collapse. No leads, then. No openings to pursue, beyond poking at the birds and the elk for clues on where the fog had originated from, and following it back to the scene of the crime, searching the area for any clues that hadn't been washed away like footprints in the sand. He could even use his breathing necklace to check the coastline for debris. That, and ask the local aquatic life if they wouldn't mind performing a quick search.

That part was perhaps the hardest. He'd never spoken with fish before, and it took breaks sitting and watching their erratic motions before he began to pick up the rhythm of their motions, how the schools dove and twisted around each-other in vague communication. As a rather poor swimmer himself, he couldn't possibly imitate their movements enough to convey even a single word - but he could dip his hand into the water and wiggle it like a tailfin to get by, with vague hints about strange things in the water that shouldn't be there, and where to find them.

He devoted all of the first ten days he'd set out, to this end. Along the way he plucked the most talkative birds from the trees and the small rodents from the underbrush with promises of food and good company, then sequestered them in his Coat of Many Small Animals for safe keeping and further plans. Though he knew next to nothing on how to run a spy network, much less one composed entirely of small woodland folk, he wouldn't let Jasper chide him afterwards for his lack of effort, and probed them all for information on the pirates they might have seen that day, the movement of the strange fog, how quickly it had cleared, and any other 'unusual' things they might have seen that night, however mundane. Much of it was a loss. That much he could expect. He just needed a lead. Some thread to follow.

Meanwhile, he sent
to the base of the Faldrass Volcano, to try and speak with Faldrass himself. The second mystery that he'd never quite understood; the strange shadows that the pirates had cast over the volcano to make it appear dormant. Had they done it intending to blind the spirit to the attack, or to stop communication running through? In both instances they'd failed, since he'd felt Darius' voice through Gaddwin's connection. That still left the question of why they'd tried... what the spirit had felt by the end, and most importantly of course, how they'd done it. Were they working with strange spirit-blocking magics of some kind, or was it the work of another unusual artifact? Was Ashan potentially involved, or could Nir'wei rope him in with interest in the topic?

If there was anyone who could convince Faldrass to speak, Nir'wei trusted Gaddwin. If it became necessary, he could always take time to go and speak to him in-person as well, though already his head was beginning to spin with all the other places to look into. The other islands, their towns and settlements. Maybe one of the other wreckages of the pirate ships would have details, even if the ones nearest to Faldrass came up empty.

In fact, why hadn't he thought of that before? On the fifth day, half-way through his searches, he penned a letter to Kura and gave directions to a crow to send it tied to his foot. There was a good bit of seed in it for her if she came back with the reply, too, he informed her, though after some brief negotiations she settled on an 'advance payment' from one of his coat pockets, and flew off with the note firmly grasped in her feet. He needed details of the locations of all the downed pirate ships following the attacks, what things might have been scavenged from them so far, the names of the pirates they'd held. That way, he could start scavenging. More accurately, he could bargain with the local fish and wildlife to do some scavenging on his behalf, and enlist Jasper in doing something more productive than critiquing from the sidelines.

It was a start.
There are no previous threads where Nir'wei has done any investigations into what happened during the Pirate Attacks.
Day 1 through 10: Nir'wei investigates the Faldrass woodlands and coastlines. He's using his Tier 2 Animal Training ability Wildspeak to communicate with them and find details on the 'yellow fog' that spread during the Pirate Attack, intending on finding the possible origin of its spread, and he's speaking to fish to find any of the sunken pirates or their goods.

Day 2: Nir'wei sends Gaddwin (his Faldrass FireForged spirit) to commune with Faldrass and query on any disturbances felt during the attack, as well as investigate the entrance to the volcano to locate any spirit-related residues related to the black fog that covered the entrance.

Day 5: Nir'wei sends a crow to Kura requesting any information on the fates of the Pirate Lord ships destroyed in the invasion, who they belonged to, what they looked like, and what (if any) salvage has already been recovered from them.

Skills Used: Animal Training (Tier 2), Leadership (Master), Politics (Expert), Investigation (Expert), Logistics (Expert), Intelligence (Novice)
word count: 2064
We return to where we started, and pass onwards into history.
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Re: The Pirate Finale!

Kura tapped her desk for a moment, looking over a map of Scalvoris as she mulled over the information she had received over the past few trials. She thought for a moment over some of the problems she had faced as the leader of Scalvoris over the past few arcs. While many of the islands defensive issues had come to a head during the pirate attack, they weren't the only thing that had hampered the islands ability to effectively respond to issues. Communication was a big problem that they had increasingly come up against. Any time there was any serious issue, communication between the towns was at least heavily delayed, if it didn't outright break down.

She had an solution for the problem, but she didn't have the means to make it happen. She thought she knew who did, however. First, however, she had a brief meeting with Jacien, the head of her Spirit Elements. She gave him the information she had gotten over the past few arcs and gave him a few orders to carry out regarding making sure the new defensive constructions were secure. Once that meeting was done, Kura used her Gateway Bracelet to travel to Saoire's Dream. She could have, she supposed, used the teleport to the school, but that felt wrong when she was here on business as the Albarech. It was silly, she supposed, but she hadn't completely shed all of her hang-ups.

When she arrived, she went to the building that served as the headquarters of Saoire's Dream and nodded at the receptionist. "I need to speak to Saoire, if she's available." she said, her tone polite, but professional. Assuming she was shown in, she exchanged greetings with Saoire, then got straight to the point when it was appropriate. "Durin' past incidents on Scalvoris, communication breakdowns have limited our ability to respond. I have an idea that will, at the very least, mitigate the problem, if not eliminate it completely. The problem is, I can't make it happen on my own." she said, her tone calm, but there was a slightly nervous undertone to it. She wasn't actually used to asking for help anymore. "My idea is linked echo scrolls. A set of nine linked scrolls would make for instant communication between each town in Scalvoris durin' a crisis. Eleven would let us add in Saoire's Dream, if you want, and the tribes of Scaltoth, if they're willin'. A twelfth would let us add in the Mer, if they're willin' and those scrolls work underwater." she said, her tone calm. "But neither I nor the Scalvonite government knows how to make individual echo scrolls, much less such a linked set. So I've come to you for help. If nothin' else, to teach me how to make them, if that's even possible." she said, though she was admittedly hoping for more direct help. She didn't want to push her luck though, and she would take whatever help Saoire could give.

-Kura's talked to various people to get information on several potential issues.
-She has also issued orders regarding the build up of defensive structures of the island and the reorganization and training of the Elements.
-She merged the Rangers and the Elements.

-I showed the actual request she made of Saoire and how she made it because that's not something she can just order as the Albarech.
-She gave orders to Jacien to put a sleeper agent at each defensive construction to make sure they aren't sabotage like the prior defenses were.
-What she does during the rest of the period depends on what answer she gets from Saoire.
-If Saoire gives her a set of scrolls, she'll spend the 10 day period using the Gateway Bracelet to give an Echo Scroll to each town leader. She can use the Gateway Bracelet to return to Almund to give them a scroll, then go to each town over the next day to give them a scroll, including Haven and Sweetsong. These would be in the government offices of each town. If she gives 11 or 12 Scrolls, she would leave the Saoire's Dream scroll with Saoire and offer the Scaltoth scroll to Ralgar Warborn. (She can find him because their Fracture Scars are linked thanks to the Forging.) She won't have time to communicate with any Mer tribe in the area during this period.
-If Saoire teaches her how to make them, she'd spend the 10 days doing that.
-She'll inform the rest of the island's town leaders that she's contracted Balthazar and the Black Cats to deal with a possible infiltration plan. PC's included in this list: Woe (still the lead citizen of Egilrun at least), Rorom for his work on Havardr, Darius as leader of Haven, Vega as leader of Sweetsong and military trainer. It will also include Nir'wei, and she'll tell him what happened with the scavenged Pirate Lord ships. She'll do this when handing out the Echo Scrolls if given the set, otherwise, she'll use the Gateway Bracelet to make quick trips to relay the information in private. It should be noted, she will only relay that information in private with no one else around. If such a situation cannot be set up, she will not relay this information.

-Grandmaster Politics and Expert Socialization when talking to Saoire.
-Everyone else she's approaching in her official position, so she'd be using her Grandmaster Leadership
-Master Tactics and Expert Logistics to come up with the Echo Scrolls plan and making sure to only relay the sensitive information in private.
word count: 963
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Re: The Pirate Finale!

OOC & Ship Details
These threads lead to Winston being able to make this post, will have occured last cycle, but have not yet been reviewed/completed fully:
  • Saoire promised to provide some ships. Winston promised in turn to provide said ships on her behalf. These were (secretly) completed under this thread and being provided by Saoire as far as anyone by Woe is concerned unless Saoire chooses to say otherwise (Winston is very happy for her to receive the credit, should she decide to do so).

    They provided 2 Masterwork magical Briggs and 2 non-magical Briggs made of Phoenix Wood, all of which are available for 'the cause'.
  • Winston ensembles a light crew of skilled and loyal people from Saoire’s Dream for the ships here.
  • Winston reached the Mer in this thread, returned the missing Mer children and learned about the role they played in the pirate affair.
  • Winston convinces the Mer to STOP giving the Chrien Chosen to Chrien here.

For clarity on timelines:
  • I'm assuming to be picking up at the beginning of Cylus by returning to Deori to be with them.
  • Vega will have a Holo-com as of this thread and Horatio Thunderbustle and Saoire already has a Holo-com each from this thread.

    Winston will be using these to keep them and so anyone else, up to date with everything he finds out about the Mer, Sotong and the Pirates.
  • The last time he was with the Mer, here, they agreed to introduce him to Sotong... For better or worse.

Winston wandered over to the water room... this was, what had now become, the entrance to
. The first time he'd tried to enter Chest underwater had resulted in the poor unfortunate construct being flooded. It had not been a great surprise, in hindsight and after several breaks of drying out his belongings and persuading Chest to put the door underwater, it was now possible to leave and enter his friend without filling them with seawater, sand and fish from the briny deep. The door was now at the bottom of a large pool of water, through which the occasional Mer, curious enough to try, had come to visit from time to time.

Having spent many trials here now, it was time to press Sot on the meeting with Sotong. He was not expecting to actually converse with the creature, but perhaps they would converse on his behalf? For some reason, the Leviathan was pressing the Mer to cooperate with the Pirates and finding out why could gain them a great ally.

Was it too much to hope that a creature like this would help them? Even if it only stopped isisting the Mer didn't, then they would have an ally in them at least.

The Devil on My Shoulder
Curiosity: Can you become Leviathan-forged?
Winston: OOOoooooooooohhhhh
Curiosity: Oh my Immortals, that would be amazing!
Winston: Yeah mun, far once we es an de same page. 'ow wud dat even work?
Curiosity: Who cares. If it's anything like Ol-Tuck, it's be just like super sea powers right?
Winston: Yeah... Me nat shar me shud 'ave dem.
Curiosity: Why not? It would be awesome!
Winston: YYyyyeeeeaaaaahhhh... Bot de first an last time me used me farged powas, me killed a LAT af peepal.
Curiosity: They were pirates and maybe the Leviathan's power will allow you to breath underwate without the siute.
Winston: OOOOoooooo. Yeah, dat wud be cool.
Curiosity: OH! Or maby it'll give you ferretenticles!
Winston: OH! YES!

Lost in trial-dreams again, he shook his head suddenly as he remembered he was supposed to be leaving to see the administrator again.
"I'll see yuh latta!"
He yelled off into the complex that was his home inside Chest.

"OKaaaaaay! If Hok asks, tell him the new sea kipper is ready for him to colleeect!"
Came the reply from
as she worked in the kitchen.

"Ooooo, nice."
He said to himself as he stepped to the edge of the pool.
"Raaaajaaaa DAAAT!"

With that, he dove into the water clumsy with an uncomfortable *SPLASH*.
His swim suit
kept him warm and allowed him to breath, which was good, because he still struggled to swim even half as fast as the Mer typically strolled around the complex. Taking a moment to right himself, he moved out of Chest and along the halls towards where he assumed Sot would be waiting aboard Floaty, the second of the Isonomia's Magical ships. His jets gave off their gentle currents as he focused on emitting a steady output from them. He could keep it up for about a break at a time before he needed to rest if he pushed his luck, so mostly he coasted around gently and, where he could, simply floated.

Emerging from the waters, he climbed up the rope ladder so kindly lowered by the crew and gave
Captain Clip
a cheerful wave.
"'elloooo dere! Es Sot 'ere?"
He queried as he began to shake himself off and towel-dry himself down a little.

The Rat Cadouri captain of the ship nodded firmly.
"Been and gone. Left
with a heading and shot off. Apparently they want to watch this one from the water."

The ferret suppressed a churning, burning, knot in the pit of his tummy at the response. They were going to meet a Leviathan. There really was nothing they would be able to do to stop it decimating their ships if it took exception to their presence... But at the same time, his excitement was palpable.

appeared over his shoulder.
"Don't worry so much.
He began, in a very 'OK, if we are all going to die, we might as well pretend otherwise for as long as possible' kind of voice.
"Having met and spoken with Immortals and Induks... What's a Leviathan in the mix? On its home turf... Above its prized possessions. Riding in the most valuable ship this side of anywhere... Ehem! Sorry, yeah. Pffft. Nothin' to worry about mate."

Winston continued to stare off into the distance for a moment.

Commanded the captain, drawing Winston out of his trial-dream.
"And inform Boaty that we head for Sotong!"
There came a cry, in unison, from the crew as things began to happen.

Winston was glad he left Chest somewhere safe. If Sotong's reputation was to be believed, he'd almost certainly not have been able to resist a sentient treasure chest full of goodness knows what.

As the two ships travelled towards their (perhaps final) location, the ferret moved up and looked out to sea.

"You OK their Chief?"
Asked his ever diligent and friendly Diri companion.

It was almost impossible to tell, because he was already wet from head to foot, but there wee tears in his eyes as he stood at the prow of the ship, staring out to sea.
"Yeah, mun."

"It'll be OK, mate. You can build another one. A better one. Stronger, Faster, harder to see!"
The spirit could feel the conflicted emotions churning in the ferret, but was not quite sure where they were going.


"Boaty. It's OK to be sad. It was a lot of work."

Winston chuckled.
"Me nat sad Joe."
He smiled and sniffled slightly.
"Me 'appy, mun."

Joe was pleased, a little at a loss, but pleased nonetheless.
"OH. Cool"

Winston raised a hand to the horizon, as if to frame some distance visage.
"Who wud 'ave thunk Joe? Littal ol' meh. 'avin' de chance tuh give sometin' tuh someone like a LEVIATHAN dat dem actually WANT?"
There was genuine marvel in his voice as his disbelief drove him across fields of fancy.
"Givin' don't get betta den dis, Joe... Bot et comes at great cast tuh dem dat need dis ship."
Saoire would be so proud!

Joe nodded slowly.
"You could give him one of the other ships? And, you know, we are hoping to get his help right?"
The Diri tried to reassure the ferret kindly.

Winston just nodded.
"Dat we cud mun, but sen et wud nat be de 'perfect' gift far em an' wud no lang be a gift, bot a trade... The Leviathan Sotong is a good friend tuh 'ave an' friend deserve de best gifts... Ef 'im decide nat tuh 'elp os... 'im still deserves de gift."

Now Joe shook his head. He very rarely disagreed with Winston where gift-giving theory was concerned, how or where his 'wisdom' came from on such things and why it always had to cost him so much was a mystery to him though.

It was many breaks before the warning came up that they were heading into the marked territory. As much as Winston was happy to give a gift, he could not sacrifice any lives and so they stopped well short of the 'dangerous area' and the crew from Boaty abandoned ship to come over to Floaty.

"Soh et's all ready tuh goh?"
He asked the acting captain of Boaty.

The crewman gave a sharp nod. "Just hold the big round thing to steer. This way for por.... This way for left and that way for right." He said, pointing at the helm of Floaty and correcting his speech for the benefit of the Cadouri.

The sails were down and the only propulsion would be the Sea-water Wells, but he could trigger these and hopefully just float in a straight line long enough to get spotted by Sotong... who almost certainly already knew they were there.

"Right. Is dat everyone?"
He checked as he hopped up onto the side rail of the ship.

"Eye." Came the reply from the reticent captain.

It had required a remarkable amount of effort to convince them to sail anywhere near these parts. The reagon was well know for it's danger and there was barely a trial on the seas that went by that didn't include a shanty or two of the Leviathan in the deep.

Taking a
weightlessness chew
from his
and eating it, he jumped off the ledge and let out a little squirt of water to propel him across to the other ship.

He loved flying and now was as good a time as any to enjoy it as he shot across the gap between the two craft. He took a deep soothing breath to calm his nerves as he settled down by the help and
reported for duty to steer the ship. After longer then he would like, they set off.
"Jost try tuh keep 'er steady."
He said as he focused on the thrusters, placing a hand on the wheel to allow him to activate them.

With a slight 'creeeaaking' sound, the ship lurched into motion.

The other ship and it's entire crew, watched on as the ship sailed off into the distance and they prepared to make haste away.

Please see the final meeting between Sotong and Winston here.

Action Summary
Winston spends all but the time it takes to travel to the Mer Incubation Facility, at the Incubation facility or visiting Sotong.

Winston's Visit to Sotong happens at the very end, to allow more convenient Mod-bomb follow-up to occur.

To be clear, Winston informs everyone of what he's doing via Vega and/or Horatio so people can plan.

Changes proposed:
  • Coasts:
    • Isonomia has provided Saoire 4 ships (as detailed) to use.
  • Spies:
    • Mer - Sotong agreed to permit the Mer to operate as spies against the Pirate Lords for them.

    • Mer - Winston has freed the Mer of their Baby-napping obligation to the Pirates.
    • Mer - Winston has installed Holo-coms in the Mer incubation facility to help them watch for further Mer-napping incidents.
    • Sotong - Earned Sotong's friendship and discovered a few secrets about the situation.

Things everyone would know (because Winston would ensure 'the brain trust' get the information):
  • The ships need weapons!
  • The ships need more competent Crew (they have one good skeleton crew and the rest are average, faceless NPC crews).
  • The Mer need Tactical direction from us for tackling the pirates, please (all can assume commends can simply be passed to Winston with very little notice via Saoire's Dream or the Isonomia HQ).
  • Chrien is involved in, if not 'leading', the attacks on Scalvaris. She is certainly influencing Sotong, the Mer and the Pirates.
  • Everything from the 'Changes proposed' section.

What I need please:
  • He studies as much as he can about the Mer from the few present at Deori, finds out about Sotong, etc...

    Is there anything else he might stumble across while he's here (by the end of this 10-trial, he'd have been with the Mer well over 16 trials all told over Zi'da and Cylus already).
  • Is there anything else that Sotong might drop to him in hints, please? :-)
  • Are there any further baby-napping attempts and if 'yes' what might this uncover when investigated, please?
  • The conversation with Sotong in here and is NOT submitted for review. Could I please get a mod not to approve of adjust the outcome on this before I put it in for review, thanks you!
  • I started this thread ENTIRELY intended to loose a ship to Sotong, but after your Mod Notes in DM and Sotong's apparent inability to go against Chrien, it genuinely just made more sense for Sotong to 'help' by 'not hindering', if that makes sense? I feel like I copped out :-p LOL. But if you disagree or feel something different would happen, please let e knwo and we can sink the ship (OOC I will be 100% OK with loss of this ship if that's what makes sense).
  • Does the Leviathan give me Ferretenticales? :-D

All template credit, love and admiration goes to Kisaik
word count: 2318


When standing at his full height, Winston towers a full 1 foot and one blueberry tall. A fact he will happily demonstrate before flicking said blue orb into the air with his nose and then eating it with a snappy grin.

His eyes are dark and sharp, ringed by dark brown fur upon the bright white fur that sets off across the rest of his face.


Winston usually carries the following on his person:
  • Cassion's Locket hangs snugly around his neck.
  • Winston's Fairy Bell hangs from his tool-belt attached to his hip. It's 'ringer' is often bound by a small piece of cloth to prevent it giving away his position while in the wilderness.
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Re: The Pirate Finale!

Bao sat in his new office, eyes looking forward as he pondered for a while. Scalvoris was going through another time of great trouble, but this time the reasons seemed even harder to find. Facing the Warden had been a challenge, and it had been imposing, but there were clearer answers. They understood some of his motives, understood something about him. But the pirates were different. It was an unforeseen threat that seemed to come out of nowhere. The intentions and motivations weren't clear.

But that couldn't stop Bao. Nor, did Bao imagine, it was stopping the other heroes of the Island. He'd met many of them on his adventures. Some of them had even brought him back from the dead. They would likely be busy at work, the council was more than likely working hard on a solution too. A part of him missed being on the council, admittedly. But Bao had set out to make a difference in a way that the council wasn't providing him. The meetings had been long and arduous, and he felt as if the council was at one another's throat rather than setting out for any real change. Perhaps he had simply been on the council at a bad time, or perhaps he was simply too soft for the kind of negotiating the council did. Each person worked in their own way after all.

But Bao's way was far more fitting of his new role.

Since Bao had taken over the glass temple had he encouraged people, as Stan had encouraged him, to come and pray. Be it to find a new Immortal to worship, to dedicate a prayer to all of them as Bao often did, or simply to hold out some semblance of hope. That was what mattered now, after all. The Cadouri didn't know what to expect of the upcoming trials, nor did he know what would happen. But he knew one thing. Events came in life like waves on Scalvoris shore. They were out of control, simply a matter of waiting them out. But hope was a choice. No matter how strong the waves, people could stand tall and hold out hope.

So Bao had made that choice. To hope. To pray each day to Xiur and Ziell for peace. To send prayers to Saoire, his 'mother', for guidance and to protect the people of Scalvoris. To talk to anyone who entered the glass temple and offer them drinks, guidance and a shoulder to rest on. Bao was even known, on occasion, to give hugs to those that needed it. That was his usual contribution. Making the glass temple a safe space for everybody was the best way to do it.

As Scalvoris fell into a state of defense, however, Bao knew that having hope himself simply wasn't enough. Nor was the glass temple being a metaphorical safe space. No, he needed more. So as he sat in his office he prayed - this time with a purpose. Ziell had helped him once before. While Bao never sought to abuse Ziell's help, rarely praying for his own wants or desires, he knew this was different. So he prayed to his two immortals. The glass temple had suffered deeply as of recent, Stan had been killed and the building was left in ruin. Not this time. This time he needed a true safe space for those that needed it. A haven in Scalvoris where no harm could be done.

So his prayer went out to his Immortals, hoping that they could provide the people in the glass temple some safety. Regardless of whatever happened, however, he would ask any volunteers and priests to inform the public that the glass temple would be welcoming refugees. Then, he himself would go and find Kura were she around at the time, asking if the council could offer any supplies to the glass temple. Namely beds, food and other items so that Bao could convert the place to a sanctuary until Scalvoris was in a safer state, giving a place of protection to anyone who felt afraid or unsafe in their own home, even if it was just for a single night.

Should they run out of space at any time, Bao would see that his own office was swiftly taken apart and converted into a smaller room with beds for children specifically, so that he could maximise on space.
Off Topic
Actions taken:

1) Praying to Ziell and Xiur for support in making the Glass Temple safer
2) Converting the glass temple, regardless of the prayer, to a safe haven for people that wish to stay there.
3) Sending out priests and volunteers, if there are any, to encourage people to come to the glass temple (be it for prayer or for sanctuary)
4) Asking Kura for supplies in doing step 2 and 3 above
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Re: The Pirate Finale!

Cylus 724
The earlier part of the season was flying by for all the wrong reasons. Balthazar had been engaged in an effort to prevent cataclysm ever since he opened the Liberator's Journal in Almund and discovered the secrets inside. He was quick to get everything he found to the Albarech but communication was only the beginning of the work ahead of them. Rupturing allowed for Balthazar to move back and forth between cities and the Watch faster than most others. He could reduce two trials of travel into one focused effort with a portal and he wasn't going beyond his range. On the first trial of Cylus, as soon as he had his bearings and he'd told the Albarech what he found, he and Lyanna went into the tunnels.

They were careful not to be seen or heard while they drifted through but they took careful inventory of everything that they found. There were all manner of weapons hidden beneath the city but the most dangerous one of all was a thick liquid that had filled more barrels than anything else. Balthazar carefully extracted samples from the barrels to run tests on but he wasn't confident in their ability to seize everything at once so the majority was left alone. All they needed was to confirm what the book had said for the time being- and that they had.

The second trial was spent testing that which had been stolen on the first. Balthazar opened a portal to the Watch and brought everything through to run the tests far from the danger of prying eyes. It wasn't the first time he'd been to the Watch but it always felt strange to go back. He spent much of the trial performing the same exact test on single drops of the fluid, only not once could he produce the same result. No matter how many factors he tried to control, something changed every time he set the liquid off. It was dangerous and far too unpredictable for him to find a way to nullify. If they were going to prevent Almund from blowing up, they were going to need a better plan.

It took Balthazar until the fifth of Cylus to make the portal journey from Almund to Scalvoris Town. He'd waited to recover his energy but also to plan with the Black Cats. He wanted to map out each of the entrance points into the tunnels. If they could control access to the tunnels they could control access to the explosives. Only that wasn't true because his trip to Scalvoris Town had revealed there were explosives there as well. Less personal arsenals beneath shady shops but arguably more marked explosive barrels. Controlling one spot wouldn't solve the problems with the rest and there weren't enough Black Cats to do everything.

The brought him to the present. Balthazar was back in his office in Almund looking at a map. His companions were out working in the building and his mind was spinning against the odds they faced. He needed help. He knew he couldn't do this alone. He took a breath and closed his eyes. He said a quiet prayer and reached out for guidance.Genetic Memory (Minor) - As a domain, Remembrance is often overlooked by those who follow Vri. Although of vital importance, few pay it the proper homage it’s due. Most take it for granted. Those who follow Vri know differently, however. Memory is a record of the past and in that past, answers to current problems can be found. This ability relies on the creative powers of the player to help describe, but can be immensely valuable to the marked. Entering into a meditative trance, a marked of Vri can step ‘back’ two generations of their lineage seeking the answer to a problem. These answers come in the forms of visions, snatches of imagery and experience. Some with this ability spend many trials poring through the lives of their parents and their parents parents, hungry for experience and knowledge. This ability cannot be used on those who are already alive as they must have passed through Vri’s hands to be applicable. If one's father still draws breath, this ability cannot look into their lives. Only the dead may whisper their secrets through genetic experience.

1 Cylus 724 - After a delay, his enchanted journal activated, revealing that there were things beneath Almund. Met with Kura to tell her what the journal revealed about Almund. Here
1 Cylus 724 - Snuck into the tunnels beneath Almund and investigated the stockpile of weapons. Discovered barrels filled with a strange fluid, assumed to be a volatile explosive. Samples are taken. Here and here.
2-3 Cylus 724 - Ran tests on the explosive from underneath Almund at The Watch to varying success. Important notes: The explosive is attuned to and Balthazar uses defiance to create the spark for his test. Here
5 Cylus 724 - Travelled to Scalvoris Town to use the journal again and determine their situation. Here.
Present - Attempting to use Bellinos' Genetic Memory to find some guidance against what they are dealing with.
word count: 866

Visible Mutations/ Marks

Defiance: Skin always glows faintly and he is warm to the touch. His is also the center of a field of static electricity so people get shocked touching him on occasion.
Rupturing: Orange etheric cracks spider-web up his arms to his elbows. His eyes and the glowing cracks going down his cheeks glow dark blue.
Transmutation: He has a series of emerald, glowing cracks on his right pectoral.
Bellinos: His fingernails are always black. The color fades into his fingers.
Celarion: A dim glowing ring surrounds his left forearm.
Palenon: A silver lightning shaped mark about the size of a hand stretching up towards his torso.


  • Oops, Oops, Ouch: Balthazar Black has twenty scars across his back from a lashing as well as scars on his hands and arms from jagged rocks on Faldrass. There are two scars on the sides of his abdomen from being stabbed and a slash across his back which blends in with the whip scars.
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Re: The Pirate Finale!


Vega had been involved, of course, in the Pirate attacks and she had done some investigation thereof. After the attacks, the Pirate King had decided to stay in Sweetsong, but Vega had been clear - these attacks were co-ordinated, they were planned and, after discussion with the Pirate King she became convinced that there were bigger forces at play. She had a number of maps and so on from the Slaver , one of the Pirate Lords who had attacked Sweetsong. The Pirate King had given her lots of information and, so she had informed Kurasorry, literally just gotten to this OOC, but it's all dated just after it happened. However, we can assume that translating the maps took that long? that she had them.

She'd also informed Kura about the scavenged items from the ships that she'd taken for Sweetsong and her intention. She was going to chase down and investigate these places that the Slaver had connections with. Vega was convinced, and told Kura this, that the Pirate Lords were organised and so on by someone else. To her mind, that was all that made sense.

So, she was away and investigating. However, she had an echo scroll which linked to Kura, and her "Joy Scroll" and an Echo Box linked in Sweetsong and, of course, Winston's funny device. Of course, she'd been training the Elements as requested


When she found out what was happening when she was many miles away. She was, in fact, on a boat following up on the Slaver's maps. Depending on how she found outLeave that up to Kura, whether it's Echo Scroll or she pops up and has a chat, Vega would give Kura the information she had. Of course, she also made sure to give her opinion and would let Kura know that, "Declarin' yerself Militant is goin' to get people's noses righ' out of joint. If you're tryin' it to see if you can take over without anyone noticin', it's far from subtle. An' people noticed." But that was said - and clearly explained as such - because this was a very tricky situation.

Vega however, was too far away to do more than to keep in touch by distance but what she could - and offered to - do was twofold.

"If you keep me informed, I can analyse stuff, tactically. I'm pretty good at that," was her first thing and, her second was equally broad. "An' the people of Sweetsong, if you have somethin' for us to do, an' we're happy to do it, we're bloody efficient. I'm happy to ask folks to help out." For some reasonSweetsong buffs and Vega buffs - things like Leadership Tier 2 and Tactics Tier 2 they were very efficient in Sweetsong and they would very much Get Stuff Done.

However, when informed that Kura had contracted Balthazar Black and the Black Cats for some kind of infiltration plan, Vega was clear. Very clear. "Well that's bloody stupid," she said. "How can you expect people to trust the Elements when you hire someone who was fired from them to do their job?" She shook her head. "You have to see that that's a really bad move, surely? Suddenly, you're trustin' the guy who was put on trial for all sorts, who by all accounts got expelled from the Elements an' even without that particular bunch of high recommendations, you're still hirin' a mercenary group to do the job of the military you jus' took charge of without discussin' it with anyone, but jus' took control of in a benign dictator kinda way? Are you havin' a giraffe?" Vega despaired, she really did.

And sometimes, she thought that maybe the best thing to do would be to disband this council completely. She liked Kura, as an individual, but frankly this was so stupid that Vega wondered whether there might be some situation where Kura'd been hit on the head, drugged, replaced by a doppleganger or some other fate befallen her. "It says a lot that I'm half-hopin' that you're not really Kura, because this beggars bloody belief an' you need to sort it out before you have a full out revolt on your hands."

At least, Vega thought, no one could accuse her of being a yes-woman.

OOC: Since Kura hasn't said anything about the wildfire in her post, I'm assuming that she said nothing.
OOC: I'm not including this in my response as Peg. My part will be overseen by other mods. Other than berating Kura, it's just the information that's given here.

Info given:
- What's in the salvage of the three ships (everyone in the Joy scroll) - NOT specifics of the maps / clues. Just "information on outside Scalv contacts which I'm gonna explore an' will report back on"
- Basic info on what the Pirate King said (lost contact with Mer, attacks etc) - Joy Scroll.
- What her view is (that the pirate lords were organised / controlled / this is part of something much bigger). - Joy Scroll.
- Kura knows more about the maps, but she hasn't shared specifics with anyone.

This template was made by the stupendously talented Pigs. Much much thanks!
 ! Message from: Pig Boy
Information has gotten to Kura, that was sent along to Kura without a hitch. Good stuff!
word count: 904

Vega's skin has a reflective metallic sheen with a red glow. Her eyes still swirl biqaj colours, but one colour is always bright red which glows like fire. She has a bright red glow in her chest, situated directly under the mark of a heart (Daia mark) in the middle of a glowing silver dragon on her chest (Xiur). She's unnaturally warm to the touch
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Re: The Pirate Finale!

The Pirates Finale ......

Welcome to the Scalvoris seasonal event for Rebirth 724!

It's going to be done in a way that's heavily influenced by Pigs' awesome Fire event in Rharne - first things first, massive thanks to him! Then, without further ado, lets get going!

The Big Picture.

Well, the big picture is that the pirates attacked - and they obviously were very well prepared, well-resourced and well informed. Over the cycles since the pirates attacked, PCs have been investigating and we are now at the point where it's what we call "do or die" time!

So, the big picture - on DAY 1 (1st Cylus)
Big Picture:
1. Almund's Gonna Blow!
My secret PM to Balth a) There are a lot (a big lot - more than you would expect) of defences (and attacking) capabilities in "individual" places (many of the businesses, of course, the Kennels, etc) and some of those places are quite surprising (stockpiles in the tunnels under ALmund, etc)
b) The "old" (ie. existing before the Pirate Attack) defences are not as good as they seem to be. (At this point, no one has checked all defences - if / when they do there has been sabotage that must have been going on for months).
c) There are caverns and tunnels underneath a lot of Scalv. There's a large stockpile of weapons in these - and with Balth's skills he'll know what it is doing. It's setting up to destroy Almund entirely (like that set of tunnels in Game of Thrones???? That sorta scene).
d) IF all the defensive and attacking capabilities of individuals are actually of a group working together? Then with the state of the Elements - they could destroy and / or take Almund easily.
told Balth what he found.
Who Knows?
What is it? Nothing, as yet.
Who Knows?
When's it going to happen?
Where is it happening?
Anything else?
1. Ships!
What is it? There are four extra ships. Two magical.
Who Knows? Every / anyone.
When's it going to happen? Since 80th Zi'da.
Where is it happening? Coastal areas are further reassured.
Anything else?
2. Storms in Harvardr
What is it? A very targeted lightning storm hits Harvardr on the night of the 10th. The place is largely cut off cos it's Cylus, anyhow, but there's a belief that Chrien is angry. The defences that have been built get destroyed.
Who Knows? Every / anyone.
When's it going to happen? 10th Cylus
Where is it happening? 2 x ships and Harvardr defences are negated. There's trouble there, people are freaking out a bit.
Anything else?
What is it? Nothing, as yet.
Who Knows?
When's it going to happen?
Where is it happening?
Anything else?
What is it? Nothing, as yet.
Who Knows?
When's it going to happen?
Where is it happening?
Anything else?
What is it? Nothing, as yet.
Who Knows?
When's it going to happen?
Where is it happening?
Anything else?
What is it? Nothing, as yet (although, you know, see Almund)
Who Knows?
When's it going to happen?
Where is it happening?
Anything else?
What is it? Nothing, as yet.
Who Knows?
When's it going to happen?
Where is it happening?
Anything else?
What is it? Nothing, as yet (although, you know, see Almund).
Who Knows?
When's it going to happen?
Where is it happening?
Anything else?
  • Defences have been ordered etc. However, they are in the process of being built.
  • The Elements have been reshuffled - Rangers no longer exist stuff like that. This is new.
  • The Elements have undergone training.
  • Sweetsong: What's in the salvage of the three ships (everyone in the Joy scroll) - NOT specifics of the maps / clues. Just "information on outside Scalv contacts which I'm gonna explore an' will report back on"
  • Basic info on what the Pirate King said (lost contact with Mer, attacks etc) - Joy Scroll.
  • What her view is (that the pirate lords were organised / controlled / this is part of something much bigger). - Joy Scroll.
  • Kura knows more about the maps, but she hasn't shared specifics with anyone.
For Peg, just in case.

Code: Select all

[size=150][b]Anything Else:[/b][/size]
[sptitle=Name Here]
[b]What is it?[/b]
[b]Who Knows? [/b]
[b]When's it going to happen?[/b]
[b]Where is it happening?[/b] 
[b]Anything else?[/b] 

The Days..

Note: Please note my feedback / comments here. If I have not commented on an aspect of your post - then it's all ok!


  • Day 1
    • Apples experiences a strange thing. Flashback - and a feeling of "disconnection" from reality. When Apples saw the liquid fire, at least three or four of the vials seemed to vibrate and Apples experienced them as smelling very odd - very unpleasant. For the next 30+ trials, Apples will be disoriented, and will spend the majority of time in the Beneath as being anywhere else is painful.
  • Days 3 - 5
    • Entering the warehouses is downright uncomfortable for Egil. Apples refuses after trying once. Egil explores but finds nothing out of the ordinary. However, after Egil has been there for maybe twenty minutes, security doubles and then people start actively searching. If Egil stays there, it will become a very big fuss and will be clear that somehow, someone somewhere has a means of sensing when warehouses are infiltrated. Depending on how Woe and the Raven react, the rest of the days could/ will be null. If Egil is discovered, they will try and trap it, especially since it's physical. Security is already very high in Gunvorton - this makes them paranoid to the edge of reason.
    • If Egil gets out of there as soon as it becomes apparent that there's some kind of sense etc - security is ramped up for the foreseeable future.
    • As someone who arrived and then the warehouse got broken into (how it's sold) - he is treated with extreme caution and distrust.
    • Depending on what Woe / Egil do - this could end with (if he shows himself) Woe being imprisoned (attempted to be, anyhow) and / or Egil being captured. If either of those things happen, that is all that happens to you in this round and I'll PM you with what happens next.
  • Day 6
    • He picks up a lot of talk about the warehouse situation - lots of concerned people.
    • It's the main topic of conversation and it is generally assumed (assuming that he has NOT gotten himself found out) that it's the pirates.
    • People clam up around him. He will note that he is being watched. Both obviously and more subtly.
    • Shania is mentioned a lot as someone who will keep them safe.
    • Because of the upset re: warehouses, there's very limited chatter - people are cautious about what they say. Nothing useful to be overhead (dice roll determined).
    • But you get lots of information on mundane things - and a very clear idea that Shania's place here is as strong as it ever was.
  • Days 7 - 9
    • The vegetation around the docks tells him that:
      • Nature is restrained / contained / restricted / controlled here ("words" are hard to pin down).
      • The Mer used to come here and see the grey lady (this is a title like "table" or "cloud" to them) but don't any more. They haven't for .... well.... um. Time is tricky.
      • The Grey Lady is the Grey Lady. Two legs. Grey. She is the two legs who all the other two-legs listen to and obey.
      • They don't understand "pirates" and have no frame of reference.
      • It has been (he finally wheedles outta them) "many moons and roots" since Mer have been on this shore. When Mer came, they came to the <after quite a bit of translation> warehouse.
      • The Grey Lady never leaves here. Never. She's always in the warehouse or at the water or in the buildings.
  • Day 10
    • Shania responds - all appropriate emotions etc. "Oh, yes, the Mer used to come here regularly. It's faded away, now, which is sad. Really, since I became Treasurer, I think. I used to be here all the time, you know, I never left. They stopped. But, saying that it wasn't faded away, that's not right. It stopped dead, suddenly. I became Treasurer, they stopped coming here."
    • She nods, earnestly "I will help any way I can. I can try and contact the Mer , if you like, but I'm worried that they stopped coming here for some reason. They are quick to anger and easy to offend." She assures him of her help, though. She's telling the truth.
    • He uses his ability and he sees Shania standing and looking at herself, like she's looking in a mirror. She's talking to herself, but the "reflection" doesn't reflect, rather it answers. She has a conversation with herself about how best to defend Gunvorton and how it is that the Liquid Flame could be put under the whole island without them noticing. Then, she turns (both of her do) and there is a sudden bright light. Woe hears a scream and then the vision fades.


What happens to Rorom here is kind of outside the remit of this thread/ plot.

It's a great plot, and I urge you to pursue it - but none of this is about the attacks on Scalv or anything, as far as I can see? I can't add it in to what's going on, I'm afraid, there's already a lot of moving parts. Please do let me know if I'm wrong. For the purposes of this, I'm going to assume that he wakes on the 10th, that the Lady of Limbs did not heed the call and that he's been healed, but whatever the whole curse plotline is, I can't add it in here so his curse hasn't been lifted etc.

Harvardr has lost 2 ships - medium term while they get repaired.
Rorom's injury, the "breaking out" of Breachfang and the events here cause major upset in Harvardr. They've experienced a lot and they're not prepared to lose what little they have / have rebuilt. There's not panic, that's not their way - but Rorom awakes to lots of questions, lots of upset and confusion. They look inwards - at him and what's happening, at how they need to make sure that this doesn't happen again, what the situation is with Rorom, etc. They aren't angry at him, but they are concerned.

And all of this - of course - means that they aren't looking outwards, either. At midnight on Day 10, a lightning storm strikes Harvardr, and it's like someone (wonder who ... hmmm) is throwing bolts of lightning, so well does the lightning strike. Lighthouses, defences, those things that have been built - all of them are destroyed.

The people believe that Chrien is angry.


  • Day 2
    • Faldrass can't really explain it in clear terms but it is "not-right", "not of nature" and it annoys Faldrass quite a lot.
    • The yellow mist was - Faldrass says - chaos.
    • No issues re: black fog. Gone
  • Day 5 - up to Kura what she replies. Please note that you've been given a list of salvage from Vega.
  • Days 1 - 10
    • Nir gets a very clear sense that the yellow mist was "chaos" - there's lot of words for it, but one sensation. Discomfort. It was painful. Spirits especially found it painful but animals recognised it as not right.
    • The origin of it, they don't know except that it came from the great beneath - the nature that lives beneath the earth. The roots, the branches.
    • He gets lucky (dice roll) and gets told (you decide which animal / how) that it's chaos, but the frame of reference is very much a "Misty Miasma" sort of thing.
    • The fish tell him that the merfolk are looking inwards - they don't act like they used to. The fish (who are always very paranoid anyhow) believe that the Mer did it.


Saoire is happy to help and will provide you with 12 linked Echo Scrolls.
Jacien will do as requested.
You spend the rest of the time travelling. I am fine with you discussing with you what was said in your meeting - if anything important happens, please include a brief write up of it either in your post or theirs. For this section only, it's fine to summarise etc.


  • Changes proposed: Approved :D
  • He studies as much as he can about the Mer from the few present at Deori, finds out about Sotong, etc... - You have free reign to ask me as many questions as you like - and Winston has full access to the Mer write up and the knowledge of Leviathan, etc.
  • Is there anything else he might stumble across while he's here (by the end of this 10-trial, he'd have been with the Mer well over 16 trials all told over Zi'da and Cylus already). Yes. Chrien is angry at Scalvoris. The pirates are scum (the Mer hates them) and they are defending / building defences as much as they can here because Scalvoris is going to blow up..... (assume that gets mentioned on Day 10?).
  • Is there anything else that Sotong might drop to him in hints, please? :-) Yes. Sotong is NOT happy. I'm not going to give you information - but what I am going to give you is the knowledge that Sotong will help by not hindering - but will also help by helping as long as it doesn't break their pact with Chrien. They'll eat some pirates for you, for example, or have tactical information on the pirates just left out when you're about. On Day 10, though, Sotong will tell Winston that Winston, for saving their children, has earned their trust. Therefore, they urge Winston to leave. If Winston doesn't leave, Winston will die with everyone else on Scalvoris. The only place that is safe, they say, is Saoire's School and so Winston should go there. If Winston insists that he's NOT going to run away, Sotong will inform Winston that Winston should run away and do so before the 30th Ashan. If Winston insists on staying, Sotong will say no more, but one of the Mer children he saved will tell him that it's very important that he doesn't go into any caverns or tunnels or anything under Scalvoris as its very dangerous.
  • Are there any further baby-napping attempts and if 'yes' what might this uncover when investigated, please? Nope.
  • The conversation with Sotong in here and is NOT submitted for review. Could I please get a mod not to approve of adjust the outcome on this before I put it in for review, thanks you! Done!
  • I started this thread ENTIRELY intended to loose a ship to Sotong, but after your Mod Notes in DM and Sotong's apparent inability to go against Chrien, it genuinely just made more sense for Sotong to 'help' by 'not hindering', if that makes sense? I feel like I copped out :-p LOL. But if you disagree or feel something different would happen, please let e knwo and we can sink the ship (OOC I will be 100% OK with loss of this ship if that's what makes sense). No, I think you've got that right - but think of all the ways that they can help you by not saying anything, but leaving hints. They're right on the edge of breaking the hell outta here and helping Scalv. But they're afraid and they're proud and they don't trust anyone (other than the Grey Lady. They know her - they like her. Both of her..
  • Does the Leviathan give me Ferretenticales? No. :D

Bao Bao.

The prayer does nothing apparent. But Bao feels good about it.
Kura says yes and stuff is provided (I checked!)
He gets that done.
Bao finds that, by Day 10, there are lots of people in the Temple. They're just feeling nervous. Not happy. So they come.
And then .... (see below)


  • Day 1 - The liquid samples are INCREDIBLY volatile. Threads: He gets the first sample. The second sample explodes as they transport it out and it blows HARD. A building is damaged to the point of collapse. Balth will sustain injuries. His spirits are VERY uncomfortable in the tunnels. Like - super so. It's physically painful to them. It is a miracle that he has any of that stuff - and he has one small vial.
  • Day 3 - He attunes to the sample - but he will see (Detection) that it's shifting, changing. It doesn't keep the same note. That's all he sees cos the very moment that he casts magic - the very second - it blows. He gets the sort of backlash / overstepping that he should get if he was a novice trying to use a Revealed technique. That's what we're talking. I'm going to ask you, therefore, to move your thread on the 5th to the 10th.
  • Day 10 - previously identified as the 5th.Content of the thread approved.

Day 11 Dawns.. ......


Overnight, there's been a lightning storm that hit Harvardr, Ishallr and Beacon. It also strikes LOTS of ships, damaging them (I leave it to you if your PC has a ship, whether its damaged or not ) - roughly 30% of the ships get damaged.

And across Scalvoris there's panic. A rumour spreads like (pardon the pun) wildfire that the tunnels underneath Scalv are filled with explosives, that the Alberach has known for days but hasn't even informed the Council - that Chrien is out to destroy Scalv and that... basically..... "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!

Panic happens and within the first hour after dawn people are rioting, looting, leaving. But there's nowhere to run to. People try and get on ships out of here, ships leaving are offered enormous amounts of money to get people out. There's violence and panic. We've all seen what can happen when a community descends into panic. This is it. It will of course be nuanced by place. Feel free to assume that and run with it how you choose keeping in mind the place itself.

The other thing to note is that you can assume that Winston tells you the date for when Scalv is gonna blow up.

While there's all this panic, of course, there's a lot of Element time taken up - and also, of course, there's a chance for investigation.

During the rioting there are people who are deliberately sabotaging. Please follow the "play to your level, assume etc" - and that includes for finding out people are sabotaging.

How this is dealt with will have long term repercussions for the current leadership of Scalv.

After the riots / panic you will find that people come forward to help, people hide, etc.

The Antagonists: (aka the group whose aim it is to destroy Scalv) have completed 30% of their tasks. When they reach 100, you lose.

Your Posts..... .

Please post by Wednesday 14th February and I will post on Thursday 15th.

In your post:
  • Tell me what you do in the wake of panics and riots and looting and panic. Much panic.
  • Assume that the panic goes on for at least 3 days. I will modnote within 24 hours after you post in order to tell you if your actions have made the panic better, worse, had no impact.
  • Tell me what else you are going to be doing - if you are wanting to write doing stuff while rioting / panic is ongoing, please do it in the first three days (11th - 13th) and if you want to wait until the panic / rioting has died down (it will peter out on its own if you don't do anything) - write on the 15th onwards.
  • Give the narrative of what you're doing between 11th and 20th Cylus
word count: 3419
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