The Maze: Round 5: Rey'na and Devin

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The Maze: Round 5: Rey'na and Devin

Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:08 pm

Round 5
I can feel it coming in the air tonight...
Aesthetics, though, believes all Art
Intends to gratify the heart:
Rejecting disciplines like these,
Must I, then, go which way I please?......

Sleeping minds often find that there are snippets left behind. As though they seek to make more clear, what they saw, or what they hear. As the crow let out a cry, the slumbering man opened his eye. But yet, he had not fallen awake, sleeping still, his mouth agape...

The lights fell around the sleeping form of Anthropos Apteros - his time between worlds was lessening, he knew that. There was a moment, fast approaching, where his future ~ every future ~ hung in the balance. One of those coming towards him would choose. In choosing, they would decide. In deciding, they would act and that action?

..... it began a chain reaction which ended in judgement.

"Jim, are you seeing this?"
"Jim? What's the... JIM!!"
"Immortals, Jim, say something!! MEDIC!"

Both of them were quick to action, decisive and sharp in their movements. They did not hesitate or pause, both of them Devin lifted the mirror he held. It absorbed the light and the orb did not in any way impact him as an individual. Or, at least, not physically. But it also exploded in a massive explosion of light. It was like an incredible display, a light show the sort of which had never been seen on Idalos. Briefly, just for a few trill, it blinded, and he heard a series of strange, random and eerie sounds.

Then, there was the music. Ghostly, haunting. Just out of reach and beyond his grasp.

Which was a shame.

Because in there, the answer lay.

For Rey'na, however, the shield didn't work. She lifted it in time and it should and yet, somehow, she got blown off her feet and landed on her bottom.Pain shot through her body and she found herself unable to breathe in as she landed, winded. The light which seared into her eyes blinded her for longer, she found herself confused and unsure for a moment.

As they both felt their vision returned, they also noticed that it had gone black. Pitch, night time, midnight black.

Darkness wrapped around them both, yet they were more than aware of the fact that there was someone else there. As the pair of them blinked, they caught sight of one another, each noticing the other.

There was also, of course, that other little thing that they both noticed.

As Devin looked out at Rey'na from behind Rey'na's eyes, and Rey'na looked at Devin from behind his, they might realise that they had... Something Of A Problem.

"It's simple really," their animal companions suddenly spoke in an eerie, perfect unison. "A moment in time. A choice. Choose a direction," it seemed that left or right were their options there, "Choices now lead to consequences later. Who wants to remember? Who would prefer to forget? "

Before them were two choices, indeed. Left or right?

As their companions motioned, both Devin and Rey'na might notice....both of them held crystals which were, strangely, glowing. Hmmm.....

Rewards Achieved Last Round
  1. Both of you: All Must Do Objectives from Round 4 met.

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Things to note!
  • Sincere apologies: for the delay. Normal service has now been resumed....
  • I will post a plot post again this time next week: Wednesday 5th December
  • For this round your companion may be NPCd by you in your post.
  • Oh, yes. One last thing. You've been body swapped. Rey'na is in Devin's body and vice versa! Enjoy....


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  1. Explicitly state what you are going to do (if anything) about this whole "swap"
  2. Explicitly state which direction you are going. PLEASE NOTE: One of you needs to have both crystals in order for you to progress. From this point on, all your posts will be together, so this is your new (and final!) thread!
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Re: The Maze: Round 5: Rey'na and Devin

Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:17 pm

Rey'na's eyes looked forward after the searing pain of the blase, suddenly elsewhere. Mute was gone, whoever he had been, however she understood him. All of this maze had been weird so far, from a talking snake to a man that didn't talk but had a voice that she could hear. It wasn't her usual trial, admittedly. But there was one thing that weirded her out more than any of the others. More than the ball of light that ended up being another moment where her life, quite literally, flashed before her eyes.

Seeing her own body without being in it.

That was definitely up there on the weirdest things Rey had seen so far - and her life had shown her many weird things. Her eyes fell down to the crystal in her hand, before seeing the crystal in her real hand. Which hand was really hers, the one she was moving now or the one she was looking at in her body? That was a question best left unanswered. "Hello?" she asked, looking to her own body before the two animals started speaking. She looked to them carefully, eyes falling over the two directions they offered. Whatever their riddle meant, it wasn't much appreciated by the girl admittedly.

"Left" she said simply, looking to the animals. "Whatever it takes to do it. Left". Her eyes then fell to Devin, or herself, and gave a small but nervous smile. "I don't know you, but we need to get out of here. We should both go the same way if we want to get out of here for good" she explained to him with a firm and authoritative voice. She was, after all, a soldier. It was her job to keep people safe, and whoever this man or woman was, she had to do the same for him.

Besides - they had something of hers. She was going to need that body back.

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