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Tio Alone

Fri May 31, 2019 10:28 pm

123rd Ashan, just before midnight
"I mean all things considered, it could have been worse."

Tio swung his bat just a little too early, missing the ball as it sailed past and struck the wickets behind him. He blamed himself for distracting him. "Could it? Could it really? Our eyes are gone. Fred is dead. Kitty is deader. Jesine and Kielek are the deadest. Everyone on Idalos is presumably dead too, as is apparently everything in Emea because we accidentally blew up an entire dimension! And if anything has survived they're probably going to know that we were screaming like a little bitch when we did it." He recklessly swung his bat again, missing yet another ball. "As far as we know we are the only being left in existence, doomed to forever wander alone in a wasteland of our own creation! How exactly could it be worse?!"

Optimistic Tio paused for a second, and scratched idly at the part of his mask where his chin should be. Then his body perked up as a realization struck him. "We could still be wearing that bloodstained pink nightgown!"

Tio paused to look down at the clothes he wore; an item he'd created to look identical to the strange crime against fashion he called a shirt back on Idalos, accidentally allowing a third ball to swoosh straight past him. "I suppose that's mostly true. Except for in his case."

He pointed over to Fabulous Tio watching the game from where he sat perched on the roof of a nearby house, who wore a replica of the same pink silk pajamas he'd been given at the beginning of the adventure that'd led him to his current circumstances. Fabulous Tio flicked his long blonde hair like a model in a shampoo commercial.

"I look amazing and you know it."

Tio swung his bat once more, finally hitting the ball and sending it flying through the air and straight through the window of a nearby house. The house exploded.

"Another explosion. That's three points." Intelligent Tio declared, fixing the pair of glasses perched across his face as he chalked three strikes on the scoreboard. Why he wore glasses when he didn't have eyes was a mystery that not even he could solve. "Game set and match to Tio."

Tio raised the bat up in a half-hearted sign of victory as the other six Tio's around him gave a small round of applause. Tioball was a game of his own making: players rotated between batting and bowling a ball several times, and whoever caused the greatest amount of destruction after hitting it won. He'd won every round he'd ever played: a whopping 1'216! Of course technically he'd also lost every round too, since he was playing against himself, but thinking about it for too long made his head hurt so he tried not to.

"Well I guess I'd better start cleaning this place up." He muttered to himself, scanning the assortment of buildings around him for damage. A few were on fire, three had been shrunk to the size of a mouse, and one had transformed into a large pile of dead snakes. Luckily he was sure nobody lived there, since nobody else lived anywhere. This town was his creation: a dreamscape he'd weaved for himself bit by bit by cobbling together his memories of the various buildings he could remember visiting on Idalos atop the deck of a huge, town-sized flying battleship. A charitable mind could consider it quirky in the sense that every building's aesthetic was completely different from its neighbours, but most people would just call it a mess. Still it was a damn sight nicer that the post-apocalyptic fire-and-brimstone style wasteland stretching out into infinity around him. Aboard this ship he'd ventured far across Emea since his great mistake, searching for anything else left alive, but had found nothing. As far as he knew this ship, which he lovingly named Tio's Arc, was the only settlement in existence.

As he reached the wrecked buildings Tio held out a hand, pulling at the fabric of the world with his will in a way that had become second nature to him, and imposing his memory of the buildings original states on it. Like rippling water the world began to bend and twist, forming back into the shapes he wished them to be. Within a few breaks the buildings were back to the way they had been before.

"So what shall we do next?!" Optimistic Tio said chipperly, clapping his hands together in delight as the other Tio's gathered around them. "We could play some poker! Build a giant seesaw! Perform a demonic ritual! What do you want to do boss?"

What did he want to do? What a ridiculous question. When he'd first gotten stranded here Tio had been determined to find a bright side to his situation, to see the empty wastes around him as a blank canvas to paint his own version of reality on. He'd put on his best fake smile, forced a spring into his step, and filled his time by using his Governing powers to entertain every stray thought that crossed his mind. But the one thing he could never make, no matter how hard he tried, was other real, genuine people.

"I want to go home." He whispered, sitting down on the cold ashwood planks beneath his feet and hugging his legs to his chest. A faint itching tickled the corners of the holes where his eyes had been. "I want to see mum again."

"Impossible." Snapped Intelligent Tio.

"There's nobody left." Fabulous Tio taunted.

"Just you. All alone. With no one to talk to but your own delusions." Optimistic Tio chuckled. "Forever and ever and ever and eve-..."

Tio buried his face further into his knees, covering the top of his head with his hands. "Shut up. Why do you keep tormenting me?"

It was a forth Tio that stepped forward to answer him; a Tio that radiated an aura which sent a chill down his spine. It was the cruel part of him; the madness, the evil, the things he tried so hard to hide away behind a mask.

"Because you deserve it." He said coldly. "Because it is the great revenge of the world you destroyed to give form to the hallucinations of your own shattering mind. We'll be here, slowly growing in number as isolation fractures your brain into smaller and smaller pieces, until the day when it shatters completely. Until the day you give up on thinking altogether."

Tio began to tremble, fighting against the spasms in his chest as his body tried to cry. "I'm not going crazy. I'm not. I'm not."

"You are."

"I'M NOT" He roared wildly, bursting to his feet and taking a wild swing at where Cruel Tio had been. But there was no one there now, nor anyone behind him. There never had been. It was just his mind playing tricks on him; tricks made real by a dead world of infinite possibilities.

"I'm not. Imnot, imnot, imNotiMnotIMnotimNotimNOTimNot…" His voice broke into hysterical sobs as Tio fell to his knees, clutching at the floor desperately.

Although he didn't seem to physically age any more, Tio's hair still grew. It had been slicked back to reach halfway down his neck when he'd made his mistake while trying to wake Jesine and Kielik, and with no sun or moon to measure the trials by Tio used it to keep track of how long he had been here.

It now fell down to his knees.

Time passed different in Emea than it did in Idalos. What had been the turn of the season there had been dozens of arcs for him. Arcs of living in an endless wasteland with not a single other living thing around. Arcs of walking through a reminder of his own foolishness. Arcs of nothing but loneliness.

"SOMEONE! ANYONE! LET ME OUT OF HERE! PLEASE!" He screamed, the echo of his cry reverberating out across the broken sky around him. "I'M SORRY! I'D DO ANYTHING TO TAKE IT BACK! SO PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP ME!"

But no one answered. No one ever did.

He was all alone.
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Re: Tio Alone

Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:38 pm

Review Rewards

Name: Uncle

Points awarded: 10

Discipline: Trying not to go mad
Discipline: Ignoring delusions
Discipline: Recognizing delusions

Wow. That's probably the best 1422 words I've read on this site.

Nothing wasted, no fluff or filler, just pure storytelling, and the story is both terrifying and heartwrenching. I loved the glib nature of it to start, how it leads to completely blindsiding the read when Cruel Tio shows up. I loved even more the concept of madness being your mind getting smaller and smaller, less and less coherent, until you're so fractured and unable to cogitate that you really ARE incapable of sane thought, just a small army of competing personalities. And where better to entertain and visualize such a concept than in the Emea?!

More than that, more than ANYTHING, the desperation and sorrow you portrayed in Tio is just heartbreaking. Especially:
"I'm not. Imnot, imnot, imNotiMnotIMnotimNotimNOTimNot…" His voice broke into hysterical sobs as Tio fell to his knees, clutching at the floor desperately.
This part broke my heart. The sheer, tearful anguish he feels, for all he's done and what he's become and how he just wants to go home and have it all end. So much he's screaming into a void he KNOWS won't answer him. Just... wow. If I could put this up for a Medal, I would. You were amazing, mate. Keep it up.

Oh! And since I recommended one for Ali a minute ago, here's something for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVxqGYRjGwU&t

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to this review, feel free to PM.
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