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Da'Riya (Unarmed Combat- Martial Art)

Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:33 pm

Name: Da'Riya (Unarmed Combat)
Origins and Description

Loosely translated from Xanthea as protector; Da’Riya is a gentle martial art that focuses on defense rather than offense. Da'Riya can take multiple different stylistic forms due to exposure with the different cultures of Idalos; however its main tenet is the redirection of an opponent’s energy in combat in order to gain the upper hand. This form of unarmed combat revolves around defense rather than offense. The Da’Riya practitioner that attacks first will find that their techniques fail more than they succeed. Utilizing well-synchronized pushes and grabs, this martial artist can redirect the actions of their opponent with relative ease. Kicks and tripping maneuvers are also utilized in order to knock the opponent off balance. This method of combat actively avoids maiming or seriously injuring the opponent. A warrior well-practiced in this form of combat learns how to read the intentions of their opponents so that they are always prepared for what they will face next.
Standards and Cultural Differences It is believed that Da’Riya was initially developed by the Sev’ryn as a non-lethal means of ending an altercation. However the use of this martial art has quickly spread through Idalos because of its practicality. Because the core tenant of Da’Riya is simply that the practitioner must use their body to redirect the attacks of others, there will be a great deal of variation in stylistic techniques across different cultures. A Mer practicing this martial art may have adapted the use of Da’Riya to suit water combat, while an Avriel may alter the technique to suit fighting in the skies.

The Standards listed below are only the most well known styles. Other more hybridized and unique styles do exist in Idalos.
Desnind Standard: Taught almost exclusively in Desnind, this standard of Da'Riya is perhaps the most gentle and well meaning. Great lengths are taken to ensure that very little harm comes to the opponent. Notable techniques such as joint manipulation and throws are only used if the opponent is endangering others or the Da'Ryia practitioner. This style is unique as it focuses on flowing, elegant movements that many consider closer to the act of dancing rather than fighting.

Idalos Self Defense Standard: Far more common than the beautiful Desnind Standard is the form used in the majority of Idalos as a basic form of self defense. This style is executed with an efficiency and speed that often does not taken into account the well-being of the opponent. Pain inducing techniques such as joint manipulation are readily used if it will mean the survival of the practitioner. This form of Da'Riya has become especially popular among women across the world as an effective means of thwarting an attacker or an unwanted stalker.
Complimentary Skills
*This list should not be considered exhaustive, but rather a simple guide to help your choose skills that will compliment Da'riya.

Endurance:It takes longer for the practitioner to tire, allowing them to remain effective in combat for longer than normal.

Strength: Techniques have a greater impact and are more often successful because they are executed with strength.

Acrobatics: Allows the Da'Riya practitioner to have a higher chance of evasion.

Meditation: Meditation helps in focusing the practitioner, so they can reflect on the possible outcomes in combat and be better prepared in the future.

Discipline: By being more disciplined, there is a lower chance of being needlessly distracted in combat.

Tactics: The Da'Riya practitioner can better string together techniques in combat due to careful planning.

Notable Techniques Evasion:
The first technique a Da’Riya practitioner will learn is the ability to evade attacks. Evasion will be achieved very simply at first, and will be met with both successes and failures. Methods of evasion in Da’Riya always involve the most basic of movements possible as to avoid complicating the possibility of successfully evading an attack. Maintaining your balance is key to successful evasion.

Pushes and Pulls:
Core to the fighting style of Da’Riya is the joining of the attacker’s and the defender’s energies by use of pushes and pulls. The practitioner will wait until they are faced with an attack before attempting this technique as the energy of the attacker is utilized to push or pull them off balance. Once the attacker's balance has been compromised then the Da’Riya practitioner can attempt a counter move. The practitioner can also utilize pushing and pulling to the point that the attacker will become so exhausted that they will no longer be able to continue fighting.

Trips and Kicks:
Kicking and legwork is utilized in Da’Riya, though perhaps not as much as maneuvers with the hands and arms. Most commonly, kicking is used to trip an opponent in order to quickly and efficiently knock them off balance. This takes less time and energy than the use of pushing and pulling but it is much harder to successfully execute than the latter method. Timing is essential in order to successfully trip the attacker.

Spinning is a counter move that is often used in concert with Pushing and Pulling. Once the attacker is off balance the Da’Riya practitioner can use a precise tug of the arm or an opponent’s shoulder to send them spinning or tumbling away in order to induce disorientation. An induced spin is used to disorient and confuse the attacker. Also the practitioner themselves can execute a brief spin to blunt incoming attacks that they are unable to block.

Luring is the act of tempting or tricking your opponent into attacking you. This can include intentionally leaving areas of the practitioner's body unguarded in order to invite an attack in a specific place. With this level of preparedness, the practitioner can easily intercept strikes and turn the tables on their enemy.

If the attacker is sufficiently disoriented then the Da’Riya practitioner can execute a pinning maneuver in order to force the attacker to into a prone position where they can be immobilized and disarmed.

Joint Manipulation
Joint Manipulation is one of the strongest counter moves available in Da’Riya. This technique is used to induce pain in order to immobilize an opponent. The elbow joint is most often targeted but the finger and shoulder joints can also be manipulated to great effect. Normally if the earlier techniques are unable to stop the attacker then the Da’Riya practitioner will take hold of a limb/body part attached to a sensitive joint and bend it in a very unnatural direction. This will induce severe pain that normally does not cause permanent damage. In most cases the introduction of extreme joint pain will allow the practitioner to immobilize their opponent with ease.

Similar to pushing and pulling a throw will use the energy of an oncoming attacker to fuel the act of lifting and throwing the opponent. A successful throw can be achieved early in combat if it is well timed, even if the opponent had yet to be successfully disoriented by other techniques.

Novice: 0-25
The novice Da'Riya practitioner is beginning to understand how the flow of energy from an attack can be redirected back at the opponent. Pushes and pulls are effective about half the time they are attempted. At times the novice will fumble when attempting to evade attacks, choosing movements that are more complicated than necessary; however they will be successful more often than not at keeping themselves safe from harm. The most common mistake that a novice will make is the tendency to attack outright rather than waiting for their opponent to come to them.

Competent: 26-50
At competency the Da'Riya practitioner will become much more talented at evading attacks; fumbling is rare unless the opponent is talented enough to predict the defender's movements. Pushes and pulls are much easier and are often successful in tipping the opponent off balance. The competent practitioner has learned to wait for their enemy to come to them, and they are beginning to truly understand the nature of energy redirection. Blending together moves has become more second nature and they have begun to learn how to anticipate the attacks of their opponent.

Expert: 51-75
At expert the Da'Riya practitioner had become a force to be reckoned with. There is a simple elegance to their efficient and powerful movements. Pushes and pulls almost always make contact and induce disorientation and exhaustion. Evasion has become second nature; at times appearing more like they are partaking in a dance rather than engaging in combat. Kicks, trips and spins are peppered evenly throughout their maneuvers to further knock their opponent off balance. The use of joint manipulation and throws has become much easier. The expert has truly learned to efficiently redirect oncoming momentum in order to counter incoming attacks.

Master: 76-100
Upon reaching mastery the Da'Riya practitioner has become nigh untouchable in a fight. Their skills with evasion are so sublime, so efficient that trying to lay a hand on them can feel impossible. The master is capable of throwing their opponent off balance with the lightest push or pull. Kicks and spins are so devastating that an unprepared opponent can quickly find themselves face down on the ground as the result of either technique. Joint manipulation has become almost child's play, as the master is capable of inducing extreme pain with the slightest twist of a finger. Throws are achieved with ease, allowing the master to quickly wear down their opponent or easily end the fight in a single move.

Credit: Sephira
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Da'Riya (Unarmed Combat- Martial Art)

Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:27 am

I think these just get better and better.

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