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[Andaris Forests] Dead Man's Tale I

Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:21 am

55th of Zi'da, arc 717
Taking care of animals was hard. It was really hard. It was so hard, Zane thought about deserting the military because of it. Twice. Then again, what didn't make him want to desert? His thoughts were wild, and ran free, much like he would've if it wasn't for all these rules. Horses you take from the barracks' stables must be properly groomed. Horses must be returned to the exact place where you took them from. Horses must be returned in one piece. Silly, all of them were. So what if he was clueless when it came to grooming horses. So what if he had forgotten which horse's place was where. So what if he drove a horse into a tree once. It was one time, in Vri's name! Everyone makes those silly beginner mistakes sometimes, after all, everyone was a beginner at one point. Weren't all the fancy generals and their golden wings once just lowly airmen like him? Weren't they also clueless when it came to horses, and especially volareon? You can't ride a volareon until you have your wings. He wasn't riding it, he was testing the comfort of the saddle. Duh. Riding it would mean actually flying up into the air. Which he didn't do. Zane simply wanted to make sure that whichever segreant's butt sat on the volareon got enough comfort, because everyone knew that those dumb sergeants only desired comfort, and not real danger and adventure. Screw them, the boy thought as he kicked the mount lightly to make it move up in the row of three soldiers traversing the lands outside of Astedia.

Such big punishment, he thought, having to ride around for breaks. They weren't even going that far, so they weren't in any danger. What kind of punishment was that, no danger? Then again, the boy thought introspectively, perhaps the no-danger thing was the punishment, since he had yelled out several times by now that he desired nothing more than to fall into some ambush or other. His military-issued shortbow strapped to his back, he looked around, hoping, for the last time, he swore, that there would be something exciting around the next tree. He had already made the poor horse on the back of which he was travelling move in circles around the other two horses, only to receive a strange, intrigued look from one of his comrades. There were two airmen, learning the patrol routes, with a moseke knight of Vri-knows-which rank. He could barely remember the ranks of nobility, much less all of the ranks of the military. It was enough complaining, for now, he decided silently, within his mind, as he instead averted his gaze from the greens and the browns towards the light blues of the clear sky. How could it be so cold when the sky was so clear? Enough complaining Zane! He shouted at himself within his mind, probably looking like a lunatic to the other skyrider and the senior knight. His head was carelessly waving in the wind as he sped up and slowed down, torturing the mount beyond what any normal mortal could do. The trials were uneventful, too uneventful for him. There had to be something going on in this forest, he was sure of it, and just as if he requested and the Seven acted, a strange sound could be heard from some way away. It was right ahead of them, on their route, so the boy kicked the horse a little harder than last time, entering a galloping state where adrenaline was in the many, and care was in the few as the senior knight yelled at him to stop.
There was something happening, finally, something would happen, he thought excitedly as he neared the sound. There were words to be recognized there, he thought as he pulled the reins and forcibly made the dark horse turn to dodge a tree and move closer to whatever creature the sound belonged to. Did people own the sounds they made? A thought occurred as quickly as it went, not lingering on in the poor boy's overpopulated head.

Except it wasn't a creature that was making the sounds, it was a sentient, sapient, human (most likely, he couldn't quite tell while galloping) male that sat low beside a tree, holding his stomach. The horse jumped over the man's spread out legs with far greater grace than Zane could ever have on his feet, and came to a stop a dozen or so feet away from him, jumping onto its hind legs at the sudden pull from the boy. The man was clearly not well, because who in their right mind would be sitting on a road like that. What if it had been a carriage that went by, and broke both of his legs? Zane jumped off the horse, literally jumping as far and wide as he could, as he moved closer to the lying man, still holding the reins in his hands. At closer inspection, he realized the man was wearing chainmail. Made for the military most likely. So he was a knight. He had a cloak behind him, but it was difficult to determine which colour it was due to the shadow of the tree. His hair was dark, darker than Zane's, but it had every now and there a greying, white glow to it. He was sweaty, suggesting something adventurous, probably dangerous had happened. Thank you Vri, the boy thought quickly as he got even closer, now seeing the three swords that fell onto the dirty floor. He was a captain. So a mission of relative importance. Only moments later did he notice, and immediately regret his previous thoughts, that the man wasn't holding just his stomach, and that his hand wasn't as pale as his face. There was blood everywhere, and now that he was looking, he could see it on the ground, leading deeper into the forest as well. A mission of relative importance, dangerous, and he was bleeding. Too hard to process all at once, Zane thought as he lowered himself to the man, whose eyes were barely hanging open. His skin was light, far lighter than it should be, and from all of the signs, one could tell he was going to die. Trills, bits, a break, he was going to die no matter what the boy did. So he slapped him, rather hard, harshly and directly, hoping to wake him up for at least a couple moments, so he could hear what the man had to say. So he could hear his last words, and let him know his last words were heard. There would be nothing worse for him than passing while knowing nobody was there to hear him.

The man grunted, huffed, and moved, all at the same time, and grabbed Zane's hand as quickly as he could, almost making sure the boy couldn't escape. Once the older man got a better look at him, he realized the young man of messy hair was not his enemy, and not the person that gave him this grievous injury. He rested for but a couple trills, before giving the airman a stare so deathly, it could chill the bones of fearless men. Even Zane realized there was no messing around now. He would do what this man said, and he would do it happily.

"Boy", he said, coughing as he pressed his hand into his chainmail, which probably hurt like all of the seven hells, hoping to postpone his death at least for a little bit. He still held on to the youngster's arm though. "mages. Pirates. Ambush." He said clearly and calmly. He was ready to die. Zane imagined his face would be the same, were he to meet the same fate as the older fellow. There was no fear in it. No regret. Only readiness and the will to be heard. All he cared about was getting his message across, and it showed in his words. He was rather loud, though the boy could only guess whether the two other soldiers, who were still lagging behind, could hear him. One person was enough, Zane knew. As long as one person got the message, it was all that mattered, he thought as one single ray of the sun destroyed its way to meet his eyes, making him squint as he looked at the amount of blood the captain had lost. It was a painful, slow death, one that no being that only served its country deserved. There was even a moral dilemma within the boy's mind on whether or not any being deserved it, but he decided that yes, there were the select few.

"It's alright. I heard you. We will get them, I promise." The boy said to the older man, now holding his hand in return, as he looked him in the eyes. There was no better promise than looking someone in the eyes, the boy's father told him. He would go to the ends of the world, if he had to, only to fulfil this one promise, for a promise to a dying man was worth a thousand ones to a living. If he passed on, with the last word he heard being a lie, he would never find rest, and he would be troubling Vri for all eternity. Neither one of those things was something Zane wanted. As he looked into the man's eyes, he could notice another similarity. The older man's eyes were dark, even darker than the youngster's. Mages. Pirates. He remembered each word, one for all and all for one. He wouldn't leave this plane of existence until he hunted them down. Allowing an honourable soldier to die troubled, with words unsaid, without mercy, that was unacceptable. They could've given him a warrior's death. Bastards, all of them, Zane thought as he heard the hooves of horses approach from the distance. They were getting there. But the man let go of his wound, probably accepting that he was to die soon, and dragged the bloodied piece of flesh into his armour, pulling out a silver chain with a pendant, not too different than the boy's own one, and placing it into Zane's other hand.

"Sarah. Her name..is Sarah...please." He said, huffing once more, and coughing right afterwards, as he saw the light approach him, and the Immortals came closer and closer. Wife? Zane thought, but no, he was a military man, his wife would've gotten the pendant anyway. Someone not related to him made no sense, thus it had to be daughter. Daughter which shared no name with him, the youth deduced. Zane nodded his head, mumbling out a final yes as he closed the dying man's eyes. One should rest after being granted their final wish.

Just as he did so, however, he exited his body and mind, and went into a trip so different than anything he had ever experienced, he felt as if it was the strongest drug ever. He could see once again, but it weren't his eyes. They were bloodied, same as his hands, and he was lying on the ground. He had just killed a man. He couldn't see the body, but he knew it. He had that feeling in his gut. But he was forced by something onto the dirt, to be trampled and stepped on carelessly. A shadow approached him, blocking out the sun, the only thing visible being the dagger in its hand. The shadow was the thing which forced him down, it was clear. And it was about to kill him. No mercy. It stabbed him below his heart, the pain immense, taking over his senses. Leaving the dagger in his body, the shadow walked, no, teleported away. It was a mage that threw him to the ground, and an angry one. But he was gone. And all he could do was crawl to the road, and hope that someone would find him. Sarah. He needed to get to her. He promised her. Her life couldn't be ruined by mages, much like his was. Damned mages. What evil power had brought magic into a peaceful world? His squad, over a dozen knights, all slaughtered like sheep. There were many mages, but not more than there were men opposing them. He could see a silhouette approach him, he was on the road. Finally, someone was there. The person listened. He needed to give him the pendant and hope for the best. It was worth more than anything else he had. The pendant appeared from within his chainmail, on a silver chain. It was wooden, but it could open. There was a gem inside, an expensive one. Sarah could make her own destiny with it. And thus...he was gone.

"Zane! Zane! Wake up!" The knight steward yelled at the body of a boy which lay there, next to the dead man, a pendant in his pocket, and blood on his arm. What was happening? Was that the old man? Was that some magic? No, the old man hated magic. But how could he know that? He somehow did. All he could guess was that it was Vri, intervening where he was needed most. He shrugged, repeating the message, all of it, to the steward and airman. Well, all of it, except for the daughter aspect. He somehow knew the military wouldn't do him any good there. It was as if Vri allowed him to see the dead man's wish. Not just hear it. But see it. Clearly. Vividly.

To be continued
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[Andaris Forests] Dead Man's Tale I

Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:12 am



I love this pc, I might have to stalk him more! I love the inner dialogue which has him shouting at himself to stop complaining and then, realise that he's gesticulating and that probably looks a little odd. I love his philosophy on promises to the dying and how he used Final Moment! He's just fearless! A really well written, well considered thread and I really enjoyed your writing.


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