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Gaining Employment

Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:05 pm

1st Saun, 717

Now that Kirei was back in Rynmere for the first time in seven arcs, there was a lot that needed to get done in a short amount of time. She had managed to find a farm that suited her needs quickly. It was located just over a break's ride away from the city. That made it perfect for her needs. The farm itself offered her the comforts of familiarity; her family back in Rharne lived on a farm, after all. It was what she knew...what she craved. But she was no farmer. While she could manage well enough to provide for herself and her adopted daughter, she simply didn't have the skills to make a living as a farmer. And that meant that she needed easy access to the city in order to get a job. This farm gave her that.

The next two orders of business were to get reacquainted with the city, and to seek employment. After all, if she couldn't find a job quickly, she wouldn't be able to pay her loan back on time. So as she made her way into Andaris, it was with those two thoughts in mind, and a heart full of determination. By the end of the trial, she would have a job, or die trying.

As she approached the main gate, she saw a beautiful tree growing just outside the gate.

Warrick's Watch her mind provided after a few trills.

Kirei had good memories of that tree. She hadn't attended school as often as she should have as a child, but on one of the trials that she had gone, her class had taken a field trip to Warrick's Watch. The trip had been a lot of fun for the young street brat she'd been back then. It was one of her fonder memories of both going to school, and of the city itself.

"See the pretty tree, Tauriel?" Kirei asked her adopted daughter.

The nearly one arc old girl giggled happily, and pointed at the tree with her hand. It was clear to Kirei that she wanted to touch the leaves of the tree. Tauriel loved the feel of leaves for some reason. She sometimes wondered if that meant that she would be a farmer like her mother had been.

"That's Warrick's Watch, Tauriel. It was planted by Henry II on the morning of the birth of his two sons. Henry II was the son of Henry Warrick. And Henry Warrick was an original member of the Sacred Seven."

Kirei laughed at herself softly. Tauriel couldn't understand a word she was saying; she was far too young for history lessons. But it was very important to talk to young children like Tauriel. And it was never too soon to foster a love of stories in a child. Kirei approached the base of the tree, and read the plaque there out loud.

"May all who pass this tree know true joy and see it grow."

"Henry II's sons placed that plaque there, Tauriel. I think it shows the great pride that they must have felt for their city. Don't you?"


Kirei grinned at the little girl.

"Yes, exactly." she responded.

Kirei placed Tauriel's hand on the trunk of the tree gently, allowing her to feel the texture of the bark beneath her tiny hand. But with the guards standing watch at the gate, she didn't quite dare pluck a leaf from the tree for her to play with. She didn't want to risk getting in trouble when she was trying to find a job. After a few bits, it was time to get back to the matter at hand, so Kirei moved away from the tree, and towards the main gate. The guards gave both her and Tauriel a cursory look as they passed through the gate, but they didn't look suspicious, or offer any resistance.

Once inside the main gate, Kirei's eyes narrowed. The streets of Lowtown lay before her. The child she had once been knew them well; having grown up there, she should know them. Even now, all these arcs later, Kirei thought she would be able to find her way around the poorest section of the city. Some things you just didn't forget.

Kirei kept a sharp eye on the people around her as she passed through the streets of Lowtown. This wasn't a safe place for the unwary, and Kirei knew better than to let her guard down even for a trill. She moved swiftly, and with purpose. In doing so, she made herself look more confidant, and as such, less like a target to pickpockets and thieves. As she walked, Kirei came to the entrance of an old underground water duct. She paused, and shivered as bad memories overtook her.

The Water Street Marketplace had a reputation of being able to provide anything you could possibly want from foreign slaves to jacdon hearts to killers for hire...if you knew who to talk to, and could afford their price. It was very unsafe...even more so than the rest of Lowtown. Most of the dwellers of Lowtown were careful to keep their children well away from the market unless they were with them. And for good reason. The knights got at least three reports a trial of people going missing from the marketplace. Most of them were either killed, or sold into slavery. Kirei herself had been one of the many to disappear from the Water Street Marketplace seven arcs ago.

Kirei shuddered once more as she tightened her hold on Tauriel and moved on. She passed by a stable, and decided to stop and take a quick look. Since she would likely be riding to work most trials once she got a job, she was going to need to know where she could keep her horse while she was working. Unless she got a job at an inn or something, it was highly unlikely that she would be able to stable her horse at her place of employment.

"May I help you?" a woman asked politely as Kirei entered the stable and started looking around.

"Maybe. I'm new to the city, and I am looking for a place where I can keep my horse while I'm at work."

"Then you've come to the right place. I'm Ruth Calder, and I run the Andaris Stables. I'm quite good at what I do, if I might say...and I should be. I've been looking after horses my whole life."

Kirei smiled at the older woman. She seemed friendly enough. More importantly, she had a confidant air about her that suggested that her words were more than mere boasting.

"What can you tell me about this place?" Kirei asked.

"Well, we're sitting on five acres of land, and can house up to 700 horses, so we have plenty of room for yours should you choose to stable it here. We are one of the biggest and most wealthy businesses in Andaris. Both the royal guard, and the Moseke Knights trust us enough to house their horses with us." Ruth said proudly.

Kirei nodded slowly. That sounded like quite an accomplishment, even if her memory on exactly what the royal guard did was vague at best.

"If you are ever looking for a job, we are always looking for help here." Ruth continued.

Kirei considered asking her about a job, but she knew more about cooking than she did about horses. Feeling that it was better to play towards her strengths, she set the knowledge aside for now. If she couldn't get work as a chef, it was something to keep in mind, but she wanted to try for that first.

"Our prices vary depending on the level of care you expect to get for your horse. We also offer riding lessons and other services as well as stabling."

They discussed what those prices actually were for a bit. Then Kirei thanked Ruth, and promised to bring her horse in sometime soon to make arrangements. With that, she took her leave. From the stables, it didn't take Kirei long to find the gate that led into Midtown. The guards standing at the gate eyed her warily, but she and Tauriel must have looked harmless enough because they let them pass through without any hesitation.
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Gaining Employment

Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:40 pm

Midtown was a lot cleaner than Lowtown was. People were friendlier, more willing to greet one another with a smile or a wave than a suspicious glare. The shops were more varied as well. Kirei's main focus as she walked around Midtown was looking for restaurants or inn where she might find work. But she did make note of a bookstore, and a library that she wanted to explore when she had more time.

Her nose led her to a bakery that was on a quiet side street between a flower shop and a cobbler. The small street was not too far from the marketplace. A sign outside the bakery told her that it was called the Bread Basket, and that it was the premier bakery in Andaris. She met the owner, a man named Eckard Tibolt, and his two young daughters. He encouraged her to try some of his baked goods, but she declined politely. She didn't have many nels with her, and she didn't know how much time she had before Tauriel started to get fussy. Eckard wasn't looking for any help at the moment, but he wished her well, and she promised to stop in again when she had more time.

When she was back in the marketplace, Kirei heard a small sobbing sound that was partly muffled by the noise of the crowd. She searched for the source of the sound until she found a young girl huddled between two stalls. She couldn't have been any older then three. Her eyes were wide with fright, and red from crying. Kirei shifted Tauriel's weight to better support her as she knelt beside the young child.

"What's wrong?"

"I-I'm l-lost!" the little girl sobbed.

Kirei looked around quickly. No one in the near by area seemed to be frantically looking for a lost child, so the easiest solution was ruled out. The other people in the crowd seemed to be content to ignore the little girl, but Kirei could not. But she was new to the city. Short of sheer luck, the chances of her finding this child's parents on her own were next to zero. She would need to find a city guard, or whatever stood as Andaris's version of such, and hope that they would be able to locate the young girl's parents.

"My name is Kirei Qe'Azour, and this is my daughter, Tauriel. What's your name?" Kirei asked in a friendly sounding tone.

If she was going to be able to get the girl to a city guard who could help her, she was going to have to earn the little girl's trust first. With any luck, looking harmless, and showing the child that she had a child of her own would help with that.


"Well, Tasha, how about you, me, and Tauriel go find your parents?"

Tasha gave her a wet eyed hopeful smile.


Kirei grinned.

"Yes, really."

"Thank you!" Tasha exclaimed happily.

"What do your parents look like?"

It didn't seem likely that she would be able to find two people in this crowd. But it couldn't hurt to look for them while she looked for a city guard. More importantly, Tasha told her that they had planned to eat lunch at a restaurant here in Midtown called Elyari's Hope. That meant that if she could find the restaurant, the little girl's parents might be waiting there in the hopes that Tasha could find someone who would take her there. Kirei decided that she would check the restaurant out first before looking for a guard. If that strategy failed, she could always go looking for help then. So she took Tasha's hand, and they began their search.

As they walked, Tasha told her that Elyari's Hope was the best restaurant in the whole world, that it served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and that it had both "fancy" food, and real food. Kirei let her chatter on. It seemed to help distract the girl from missing her parents, and it was informative; well, as informative as information given by such a young child could be, anyway. Finding Elyari's Hope was easier than Kirei had thought it would be. The first person she asked for directions knew of it, and where to find it. He also told her that she had picked a good restaurant to eat at, and that Elyari's Hope was a very popular place.

"Tasha!" a woman's voice exclaimed as soon as they reached their destination.


Kirei watched mother and daughter reunite with a smile. Tasha's father joined them after a few trills, and hoisted the little girl up onto his shoulders. They both thanked Kirei sincerely for finding their child. Then the small family took a seat at one of the tables set up outside the restaurant. Judging by the clothes the customers were wearing, and the meals that Kirei could see, this was where the causal fare, or "real food" as Tasha called it was served.

With Tasha safe with her parents once more, it was time to get back to her own business of finding a job. Elyari's Hope appeared to be as popular as advertised, so perhaps this was a good place to start. It had a nice feel to it, and the customers were quite obviously enjoying both the food, and the atmosphere of the place. Busy restaurants often needed a lot of help, and if Kirei was lucky, then the same would prove true here.
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Gaining Employment

Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:04 pm

Kirei was about to start looking for someone she could speak to about possibly getting a job when she was distracted by the approach of a friendly looking middle aged woman.

"That was nicely done. You have my thanks. Daina and her husband Rion are close friends of mine, and have been ever since they were my apprentices. Tasha is their world now. They would have been devastated if anything had happened to her."

Kirei blushed.

"It was the right thing to do." she said simply.

"I'm a mother too, and if Tauriel here ever got lost when she's older, I would hope that someone would try to help her."

Kirei looked at the older woman thoughtfully. She was wearing an apron, and that indicated that she worked here. Could she ask the woman if they were hiring? And if they were, would she be willing to tell her who to speak to about maybe getting a job?

"Do you work here?"

The older woman grinned.

"You could say that. I'm Elyari. My husband Carlisle and I own this place."

Kirei couldn't believe her luck. She had hoped that this woman would know who she needed to speak to about a job if they were looking for help. Instead, she was the woman she needed to speak to. And maybe...just maybe, she had impressed the woman a little by helping Tasha find her parents. Kirei would have done it anyway of course; but if the simple act helped her to get a job, so much the better.

"Are you hiring?" Kirei asked hopefully.

"I just moved here recently, and am looking for work."

Elyari considered her words carefully.

"What kind of work are you looking for? We already have steady entertainment for the restaurant, and enough serving help." she began.

"I'd be willing to help out in any way that I could. But I am hoping to get work as a chef."

"That might be possible. Why don't you come inside? It will be easier to talk away from this crowd."

Kirei nodded, and followed Elyari as she led her into the restaurant, and into a back room where a middle aged man was sitting at a desk working on some paperwork.

"What's going on?" the man asked curiously.

"This is..." Elyari paused in her introduction.

"Kirei. Kirei Qe'Azour." she said quickly, blushing when she realized that she hadn't introduced herself yet.

"And this is my daughter, Tauriel."

"Ba!" Tauriel commented cheerfully.

Elyari, and the man that Kirei guessed was her husband grinned at the small child.

"Kirei, then. She's looking for work. Kirei, this is my husband, Carlisle. He runs the business end of the restaurant, and has a say in anyone we hire here."

Elyari offered a seat before sitting down herself. Then the real questioning began.

"Why do you want to be a chef?" Elyari asked.

Kirei considered the question carefully before responding.

"I love to cook. I know that I have a lot to learn, but I think that I am decent at it. At least, the people I used to cook for seem to enjoy what I made for them. I also think that it is important to enjoy what you do for a living. If you don't, then a large part of your life can turn into a source of constant misery."

The married couple seemed satisfied with Kirei's answer, and that relieved her. It was the truth, after all.

"What kind of experience do you have? Do you have any references we can check?" Carlisle asked.

Kirei hesitated. This was where things could get difficult. Would they even consider hiring her if they knew that she had once been a slave?

"I don't have any references to give you. I've never worked in a restaurant before. Until recently, I was a slave. I'm free now. I can show you my slave papers if you want me to." Kirei said quickly.

"I didn't run away, or anything. When the last member of the family that owned me died, I was freed per their wills rather than sold again."

Elyari and Carlisle nodded to show that they understood.

"One of my duties was cooking for my family. I loved doing it, and they always said that they loved my food. But I don't have any kind of formal training or anything, unless you count what I was taught in the slave school at Athart."

Elyari and Carlisle exchanged glances.

"A love for cooking certainly helps, but it isn't always enough to make it as a chef, Kirei. It's a good starting place, but that's all that it is. I'm not saying that it is impossible, but cooking for a large group the way you would be if you worked at a restaurant is very different than cooking for one, or for a single family. Time management is crucial. It always is when you are cooking since you have to time each dish carefully so that they are all ready to serve at the same time. But it is even more crucial when you are working at a restaurant. Customers want their food delivered in a timely manner. And unhappy customers aren't likely to be repeat customers."

Kirei nodded to show that she understood.

"I'm good at time management. I've had to be." she said simply.

Back in the slave school in Athart, failure to do an assigned task, or to learn an assigned skill in a timely manner was worthy of a brutal punishment. It could even prove fatal. Kirei was very well aware of the need to manage her time well.

"And as for cooking for a large group...I will never know if I can do it unless I try. I'm a hard worker, and I'm willing to do what it takes to learn. I'm also a fast learner. I've had to be."

Elyari nodded.

"There is this to consider as well. Cooking for yourself, or your family is a casual thing. There is very little pressure involved in that. I don't know what the consequences of failure were for you when you were a slave, but cooking when under pressure can be a very difficult thing. Not everyone can handle it."

"My masters treated me well. The family that owned me treated me like I was a member of their family, rather than their slave. But I learned what it was like to cook while under pressure while I was in the slave school at Athart. Failure to do well was brutally punished. Not everyone survived it. If knowing that you might not survive if you make a mistake, or if you don't do well enough isn't pressure, then I don't know what is."

"Fair enough. What would you say are your greatest strengths as a chef?"

Kirei gave the question some serious thought before answering.

"I don't know a huge amount about cooking yet. But what I do know, I know well. I have a firm grasp on the basics, and don't constantly need to be reminded about the importance in precision when measuring ingredients, or how much is in a pint compared to a gallon, and things like that."

"And your greatest weaknesses?"

"I've never worked in a restaurant, so I don't know how to cook for a large group. Since I've never been tested in that way, I don't know if I can do it or not. And there is a lot that I don't know. I can't cook any of the types of food that are likely to be considered fine dining, for example."

Elyari and Carlisle exchanged glances once more.

"My wife is a master chef. She is also the main chef for Elyari's Hope. But a restaurant like this needs more than one chef. Elyari has two apprentices now who learn from her in exchange for helping her here. We pay them a fair wage, of course."

"What my husband is saying is that I have room for another apprentice, and from what I've heard so far, you might be a good fit. But the real test will come in showing me what you can do. Are you willing to do that?"

Kirei nodded quickly. The thought of working under a master chef when she knew so little made her nervous. But it also made her eager for the opportunity at the same time. If she were to be hired here, she would have an opportunity that few other aspiring chefs ever got.

"Let's get to it, then."
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Gaining Employment

Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:57 pm

Elyari led Kirei into the kitchen. The first thing that she noticed was the intense heat. The large ovens were going strong, and producing a great deal of heat. In Zi'da, and Cylus, it would probably be welcoming. But in the heat of Saun, it was bruthow clean it was. Any surface that wasn't being used at the moment was clean. There were a few dirty dishes near the wash basin, but it was obvious that they had been used recently. That suggested that dirty dishes weren't allowed to linger for long. It was important to keep a clean kitchen. There were two others in the kitchen; a man, and a woman. The man had long hair that he kept pulled back in a ponytail so that it wouldn't get in the way when he was cooking.

"What would you like me to do next?" Kirei asked politely.

"I'd like you to make something for me. Two dishes to be exact. They can be as simple, or as complex as you are comfortable with, and they can be suited for any meal you want. I'll leave it up to you to choose."

Kirei nodded as she gave the matter some thought. She didn't want to make anything too complex. Not only did she doubt that she could pull it off, she didn't want to come across as trying to show off. But at the same time, she didn't want to make anything that was too simplistic. If she did that, she might not get hired because Elyari didn't think she was skilled enough to make it as a chef. After several bits, she decided that her first dish would be scrambled eggs. It was simple enough that she was very confidant that she could do it. She had made them hundreds of times in the past, after all. Back in Rharne, it was a very common breakfast for her family. To add a bit of complexity to the dish, she would make the version that her family liked best; scrambled eggs flavored with sage as well as salt, and topped with melted cheddar cheese. The sweet, savory flavor of the sage leaf would go well with the saltiness of the eggs, and cheese.

As Kirei gathered the dishes she would need to make her dish, she thought about what she knew about the herb. When the leaf was dried, it could be used as a popular spice, or to make herbal teas and infusions. It also had medical purposes. As a tea, or infusion, it could be used to help with digestive problems such as indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating, loss of appetite, stomach pain, and diarrhea. And as a gargle, it could soothe swollen gums, and ease sore throats. She had used it for such remedies in the past. It could also be used to stop the flow of milk after a baby has been weaned, ease the pain of menstrual cramps, and reduce hot flashes during menopause. But sage could cause a miscarriage, so it shouldn't be used as a remedy for pregnant women. The herb itself could be grown almost anywhere, but it grew best in rich sunlight. There were other medical uses as well, but Kirei was mostly interested in the benefits it had when consumed. She wasn't a doctor or herbalist, and her interests didn't fall in that direction. Instead, she loved to cook. But if she could use herbs in her food that would offer medical benefits to those who ate it? So much the better.

Once she had everything she needed, she cracked three eggs into a bowl, and poured some milk into the bowl to make the eggs nice and fluffy. She added a bit of salt, and some sage for flavor, then began beating her eggs. When they were beaten well enough, she set them aside for a few bits. During that time, she shredded some cheddar cheese. Then she placed a pat of butter into her pan, and put it on the stove to heat. Once the butter was fully melted, she poured the eggs into her pan. As they began to cook, she used a fork to break up the eggs into clumps rather than allowing them to form a thin shell. When they were nearly ready, she sprinkled the shredded cheese on top of the eggs. Kirei let them cook for a little longer to allow the cheese to melt. Then she spooned them onto a plate, and offered them to Elyari to try.

Elyari had stood back and watched Kirei work in silence, not wanting to influence her in any way. Scrambled eggs were about as simple as it got. But Elyari found that she was impressed with the fact that Kirei clearly knew her strengths, and weaknesses. She was even more impressed with the fact that she didn't overreach herself in an attempt to impress her. Lack of skill could be dealt with. Overconfidence, and arrogance often could not be overcome. Adding cheese and sage for flavor gave the dish an interesting twist, turning what might have been a boring, ordinary dish into a flavorful experience. It was far from the best dish she had ever sampled from a prospective apprentice. But it did show promise.

"Not bad." she said simply.

Kirei smiled. Her next dish was going to be something that could be breakfast, snack, or dessert. She gathered up the ingredients and pans she would need, then got to work. The first task was to boil some water. Once the water began to boil, Kirei put eight peaches into the boiling water, and allowed them to boil for exactly one bit. To ensure that she didn't leave them in for too long, she counted the sixty trills she needed to allow them to boil. After that, it was easy for her to peel off the skins of the peaches.

Her next task was to remove the pits, and slice the peaches. Kirei placed the sliced pieces into a heavy bottomed pot along with two tablespoons of lemon juice, and two teaspoons of lemon zest. The mixture was then allowed to cook for fifteen bits on medium low heat. While she was doing this, she kept a close eye on what she was doing. As she peaches began to soften, she stirred them, and used her spoon to crush them. Once this was done, she poured two cups of sugar into the pot, and stirred the mixture until the sugar was completely dissolved.

When this was done, she turned the heat up to medium high, and allowed the mixture to come to a boil for five bits. During this time, she stirred it constantly. Then she turned the heat back down to a low medium.

"It's going to need to cook like this for forty to sixty bits. Is there something I can do while that's happening? I will need to check it periodically to see how quickly it is thickening."

She felt a light fluttering in her belly, and smiled in wonder as she placed her hand on her belly.

"When are you due?" Elyari asked, guessing what the motion meant.

"In Zi'da." Kirei said softly.

Elyari glanced at Tauriel, and Kirei could see the unasked questions in the older woman's eyes.

"Tauriel is my adopted daughter." she said simply.

Elyari nodded.

"Why don't you help my apprentices while your jam cooks?" she suggested after a few trills.

Elyari called her apprentices over, and introduced them to Kirei. Aris was a friendly woman that looked to be Kirei's age. She welcomed Kirei warmly, and wished her luck in joining them. Andiron, was a few year older than Kirei was, and he eyed Kirei critically as he greeted her indifferently. Aris told her that they were making a stew, and set her to work peeling and chopping vegetables.

It was a simple, easy task that allowed her to be helpful while waiting for her jam to cook. At the same time, it was one that could be interrupted easily when she needed to check to see how her jam was thickening. And it allowed her to get to know Aris a little because the other woman happily chatted with her as they worked.

Sixty bits later, her jam was thick enough. When she tested it with her spoon, the spoon left a trail through the jam as she dragged it through the mixture. Kirei set it aside to cool before going back to help with chopping vegetables once more. From time to time, she checked to see if the jam was ready to use. When it was, she went back to her dish. She placed two pieces of bread into a pan, and grilled them. Once they were ready, she spread her freshly made peach jam onto each slice of bread, and made a sandwich out of it. Then she offered it to Elyari to taste.

Once again, Elyari was impressed with Kirei's decision to stick to what she knew well rather than trying to impress her with a complex dish. The jam tasted sweet, without being overpoweringly sweet. The true flavor of the peaches themselves wasn't overwhelmed by too much sugar. The sandwich itself was simple, but good. Comfort food that could be served on a kids menu, but it was something that adults could enjoy as well. And by making a jam, Kirei showed a range of skills. If she could make peach jam, it was likely that she could make other jams ans jellies as well.

"You're hired." Elyari said after several bits of thinking.

Kirei smiled, and thanked the older woman. They went back into the office and discussed salary with Carlisle. By then, Tauriel was starting to get fussy, so Kirei thanked Elyari once more, then headed home once the details of her job had been settled on.
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Gaining Employment

Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:30 pm

Your review is ready!
Whew! This was a very thorough story of Kirei getting settled. I love all of your NPC interactions and the finer details of cooking. You've got a real knack for descriptive writing.

Kirei Qe'Azour


10 | These points cannot be used for magic.

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Skill Knowledge:
Cooking: Cooking for large groups is very different than cooking for one, or for a single family
Cooking: Time management is crucial
Cooking: Cleanliness is crucial; both yourself and your kitchen
Cooking: Long hair should be kept tied back while cooking to prevent hair getting into the food
Cooking: Cooking under pressure can be difficult
Endurance: Enduring the heat of the ovens in Saun can be brutal

Other Knowledge:
Sage: Sage leaf has some sweet taste and savory flavor
Sage: can grow almost anywhere, but thrives in rich sunlight
Sage: when the leaf is dried, it makes a popular spice
Sage: Sage tea or infusion can be used to help with digestive problems such as indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating, loss of appetite, stomach pain, and diarrhea
Sage: as a gargle, it can soothe swollen gums, and ease sore throats
Sage: can be used to stop the flow of milk after a baby has been weaned, ease the pain of menstrual cramps, and reduce hot flashes during menopause
Sage: can cause a miscarriage, so shouldn't be used by pregnant women

Recipe: scrambled eggs with sage and melted cheddar cheese
Recipe: peach jelly

Kirei: works at Elyari's Hope
Kirei: loves to cook
Kirei: feels that it is important to enjoy what you do for a living
Kirei: is both nervous about and eager to work under a master chef as an apprentice
Kirei: has good memories of Warrick's Watch
Kirei: "disappeared" from the Waterstreet Marketplace when she was captured and sold into slavery at the age of 12

Andiron: Elyari's apprentice
Andiron: critical of Kirei

Aris: Elyari's apprentice
Aris: a friendly woman

Carlisle: Elyari's husband
Carlisle: co owner of Elyari's Hope
Carlisle: runs the business end of the restaurant

Daina: Tasha's mother
Daina: married to Rion
Daina: was Elyari's apprentice at one time
Daina: is a close friend of Elyari

Eckard Tibolt: owns the Bread Basket
Eckard Tibolt: has two young daughters

Elyari: owns Elyari's Hope
Elyari: is the main chef for Elyari's Hope
Elyari: often takes apprentices and teaches them what she knows in exchange for their help at the restaurant

Rion: Tasha's father
Rion: married to Daina
Rion: was Elyari's apprentice at one time
Rion: is a close friend of Elyari

Ruth Calder: runs the Andaris Stables
Ruth Calder: has cared for horses all her life

Tasha: a little lost girl

Tauriel: Kirei's adopted daughter
Tauriel: her mother was a farmer
Tauriel: loves the feel of leaves
Tauriel: just under one arc old

Location: Andaris Bookstore
Andaris Bookstore: located in Midtown
Location: Andaris Library
Andaris Library: located in Midtown
Location: Andaris Stables
Andaris Stables: located in Lowtown
Andaris Stables: exists on 5 acres of land, and can house up to 700 horses
Andaris Stables: is always looking for help
Andaris Stables: is one of the biggest and most wealthy businesses in the city; it houses animals from the royal guard and the Moseke Knights
Andaris Stables: prices of stabling vary based on the level of care one wishes to pay for
Andaris Stables: offers riding lessons and other services as well as stabling
Location: The Bread Basket
The Bread Basket: located in Midtown in a somewhat quiet side street between a flower shop and a cobbler, not too far from the marketplace
The Bread Basket: Andaris's premier bakery
Location: Elyari's Hope
Elyari's Hope: a restaurant located in Midtown
Elyari's Hope: serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Elyari's Hope: serves both fine dining, and casual fare
Elyari's Hope: is a popular restaurant
Location: Lowtown
Lowtown: located just past the main gate leading into Andaris
Lowtown: familiar to Kirei
Lowtown: Kirei's childhood home
Lowtown: the poorest section of the city
Lowtown: not safe for the unwary
Location: Marketplace
Marketplace: located in the heart of Midtown
Location: Midtown
Location: Warrick's Watch
Warrick's Watch: a beautiful tree planted outside the main gate leading into Andaris
Warrick's Watch: planted by Henry II, son of Henry Warrick an original member of the Sacred Seven on the morning of the birth of his two sons
Warrick's Watch: Henry II's sons later placed a plaque at the base of the tree that reads ‘May all who pass this tree know true joy and see it grow.’
Location: Water Street Marketplace
Water Street Marketplace: runs through an old underground water duct in Lowtown that has been converted into underground shops and small upstairs apartments
Water Street Marketplace: anything from foreign slaves to jacdon hearts to killers for hire...if you know who to talk to, and could afford their price
Water Street Marketplace: very unsafe; even more so than the rest of Lowtown
Water Street Marketplace: denizens of Lowtown refuse to let their kids go there unattended
Water Street Marketplace: the knights get at least three reports a trial of people going missing from the marketplace; most of which are sold into slavery or killed
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