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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.

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Warriors of the Dragon
Formly led by Veljorn Burhan, the Qe'Dreki, or 'Warriors of the Dragon' have slowly been gathering forces in the west for many arcs. Backed and funded by three of the major noble houses, the group established an army big enough to challenge The Iron Hand, the true strength of the King's Army and power in Rynmere.

In Saun 716, Qe'Dreki marched their army to the gates of the capital and took over Low-town. Following negotiations between Qe'Dreki forces and the King, Veljorn Burhan was murdered by his niece, Elyna Burhan, who was later pardoned by King Cassander for her actions.

After the battle was done and the Iron Hand reclaimed Low-town, the Qe'Dreki forces retreated back into the Burning Mountains where they still hold a fort (Jorick's Keep), and will continue to recruit and re-build their forces. The current leader of Qe'Dreki is Yoreth Blackwood, who commands the respect of their remaining forces and the backing of two nobles who serve as his generals (Edmund Burhan and Marcus Krome). Their protection is still extended to Zvezdana Venora who is mother to the son of Veljorn Burhan, and the rightful heir of their faction.

The faction no longer has the support of any of the noble houses, however, they seek to re-establish strong connections in future, as most of their leadership have strong ties to noble families, including Krome, Burhan, Venora, and Warrick.

The Qe'Dreki believe that the king should only be a man of old blood, a descendant of the one of the Sacred Seven, and for this reason, they have easily gained the backing of the people of Rynmere, especially those who feel ill at ease with a foreigner in power, rumoured to want to take a foreign wife as his queen. Veljorn Burhan epitomises everything that the people of Rynmere hold dear. He is a man of noble blood, descendent of Ser Rahiko Burhan, captain of the U'frek Sailors, and leader of the Warriors of the Dragon. Thought Veljorn no longer leads them, what remains of the army trust that Yoreth will lead them to victory in the future, or until they vote on a new leader.

Jorick's Keep currently houses a fraction of Veljorn's army, tucked away in The Burning Mountains, while the majority move among the people freely, slaves, carpenters, blacksmiths, knights, and nobles alike, they are invisible, but have full faith in their leader, and when the time comes, have sworn to fight by his side.
Qe'Dreki Sigil
The Qe'Dreki Sigil is symbolic of Rynmere, including the dragon, and seven points dotted about what is meant to look like a compass, representing House Burhan's part in the founding of the faction. Each of the seven points represents one of the noble houses, Andaris (Dreki), Venora (Blom), Warrick (Ljon), Krome (Freki), Burhan (Sjor), Gawyne (Regin), and Endor (Bjarn), and the unity Qe'Dreki hope to inspire.

Ranks and Titles
Spjor: Spearmen
Hjorr: Swordsmen
Bogi: Bowmen
Riddari: Horseman
Dreki: Dragon Riders
Vinr: Leader
Riki: King

Within each, ranks are more clearly defined using the title 'Nethar' meaning low, and 'Efst' meaning high. A Nethar Spjor is the lowest rank, while Efst Vinr is the highest under 'Riki'. A Efst Riddari Vinr, or Leader of the Horsemen, ranks higher than 'Efst Hjorr Vinr', but each are the highest honour within their chosen fields, horseman, swordsmen, etc. Each 'Efst Vinr' has a lower ranking 'Nethar Vinr' to help command his or her forces. Veljorn falls under the title 'Qe'Dreki Vinr' to outsiders, but those who follow him faithfully refer to him only as 'Dreki Riki', The Dragon King.

Veljorn Burhan

Name: Veljorn Burhan (Deceased)
Race: Biqaj
Age: 37
Born: 10 Cylus 679
Title: 'Dreki Riki' The Dragon King, Captain (Sailor)
Faction: Qe’Dreki (Leader), The Iron Hand (U’frek Sailors),
Skills: 70 Melee Combat, 35 Ranged Combat, 45 Shield, 30 Mount, 40 Leadership, 60 Seafaring, 55 Tactics.
Died: 26 Saun 716

As the youngest son of Baako and Paige Burhan, Veljorn would never take title of Duke of Burhan, not with an older brother and four older sisters in his way, nor would he settle for rank of Baron until Pavoo’s offspring were old enough to take that from him too. Carrying the ancient blood of one of the Sacred Seven, when an outsider became king and watered down the bloodlines, paving way for unworthy heirs, who to this day hold the throne, the youngest Burhan son made plans of his own and slowly amounted power in the west, raising an army some believe to be just over two thousand strong; little do they know.

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Boroq Bishan

Name: Boroq Bishan
Race: Biqaj
Age: 28
Born: 97 Ashan 688
Title: Efst Spjor Vinr
Faction: Qe’Dreki
Skills: 45 Melee Combat, 55 Ranged Combat, 30 Shield, 35 Mount, 25 Singing.

Edmund Burhan

Name: Edmund Burhan
Race: Mixed Blood (Biqaj x Human)
Age: 27
Title: Nethar Bogi Vinr
Faction: Qe’Dreki
Skills: 30 Ranged Combat, 55 Seafaring, 30 Shield, 25 Mount, 30 Persuasion, 25 Tactics.

Much loved son of Pavoo and Caelan Burhan, Edmund most commonly known as Ed joined the U'frek sailors the day he came of age. His Biqaj heritage and inheritance of Burhan blood proved valuable to the Iron Hand and he was named a Captain and leader of two small ships of the fleet in Vhalar 713 at the tender age of 24. Adored by his younger sister Elyna, Ed discovered her affair with Yoreth Blackwood shortly after his commission was confirmed. He then paid the older man, his mentor to leave his sister's life, and never return; reporting back to Andaris that the famed Hangman was dead.

However in early 715, Edmund was approached by his Uncle Veljorn and a larger conspiracy was laid out to him. In a position to inherit the title of Baron, Ed feels passionately that blood from the original sacred seven should be upon the Rynmere throne. Frustrated that his Father, a revered judge plays adviser to a child of foreign blood, Ed was persuaded of Veljorns' plan. A respected Captain and tactician and bowman Edmund is a valuable asset to the Dreki Riki. It also doesn't hurt to be his nephew. Whether any bad blood between Yoreth and Edmund will sour the waters, remains to be seen.

Sonny James

Name: Sonny James
Race: Human
Age: 41
Title: Efst Bogi Vinr
Faction: Qe’Dreki
Skills: 65 Ranged Combat, 35 Shield, 50 Mount, 40 Tactics, 35 Politics.

Sonny's mother was a hunter within the forests of Burhan. His father was noticeably absent by the time he was born and with little assistance to be offered with the raising of her son, Sonny was kept close as she carried out her work to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. More at home in the forests of Rynmere, Sonny spent much of his youth roaming the dangerous and untamed Van Wilds. With a desire to see more of the world he joined the Iron Hand found that his skills with a longbow were formidably in comparison to his peers. A fearless marksman Sonny has come to favour a crossbow with compact power for single, deadly shots at a distance. A man of few words and smaller stature, fools generally only live to underestimate him once.

Graham Ford

Name: Graham Ford
Race: Human
Age: 49
Title: Efst Riddari Vinr
Faction: Qe’Dreki
Skills: 35 Ranged Combat, 55 Axe, 45 Shield, 65 Mount, 45 Politics.

Yoreth Blackwood

Name: Yoreth Blackwood
Created by: Elyna
Race: Human
Age: 38
Born: 1st Cylus 678
Title: 'Dreki Riki' The Dragon King, Captain (Sailor), Former Officer in U’frek Sailors
Skills: Melee Combat (45), Ranged Combat (30), Shield (15), Seafaring (35), Unarmed Combat (25), Swimming (10) Smuggling (30)

Yoreth was known amongst young U’frek Sailors as a fearsome warrior and responsible for the mentoring of young noblemen and women in particular as they joined the ranks. He carried the ignoble moniker of the ‘Hangman’ following stories that he’d left pirates hanging from the bows of his ship. What most don’t know, is that Yoreth abused his position of trust, and the favour gained from the young nobles in order smuggle illicit goods from port to port, mainland to Rynmere. In 710, he met a young skyrider in the training grounds. A determined young woman who caught his attention, despite her junior years. He ignored his own rules in order to claim the object of his desire and began a passionate affair with the noble, Elyna Burhan in the knowledge that her older brother had risen through the ranks and was now his Captain. A captain who knew he was promised in marriage to the daughter of an Andaris merchant. Yoreth married Ameila Miller as had been arranged some arcs before and had a son with his wife. However, he strived to keep his lives, professional, domestic and fantasy separate. Unwilling to give up his attachment to the noblewoman.

However, in 713 Elyna’s brother discovered them and the truth couldn’t be hidden away any longer. Elyna told him to go to sea and never come back, and during the voyage her brother passed him a substantial amount of gold with the agreement he would not return to Andaris. Elyna was passed news of his demise at sea and the history books were written. Yoreth sent for Amelia and their son to join him in Ne’Hear, but his wife refused. He has spent his time in the western city wisely and invested in his smuggling empire. But not without a bitterness that has been devouring him. In early 716 Frustrated by Amelia’s refusal to follow him, Yoreth returned to Andaris to collect his wife. Only to find that the Moseke knights had inexplicably decided to dig up the past.

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Marcus Krome

Name: Marcus Krome
Age: 31
Born: Arc 685
Title: Nethar Hjorr Vinr, Former Captain of the U’frek Sailors
Faction: Qe'Dreki
Skills: 65 Melee Combat, 40 Ranged Combat, 50 Shield, 25 Mount, 45 Leadership, 80 Seafaring, 35 Tactics.

Marcus Krome is the eldest son of Ser Malcolm Krome, a Warden in the Moseke Knights. His role within Qe'Dreki is large, commanding the swordsmen after taking over in Yoreth Blackwood's place when the general rose to take over leadership of Qe'Dreki. There is a large bounty on his head, and his title as Baron of Krome has been renounced, which has caused him to move under the radar and remain unseen since the attack on the capital in Saun 716.

Zvezdana Venora

Name: Zvezdana Venora
Race: Human
Age: 25
Born: 23rd of Vhalar, 691
Title: Fallen False Queen of Rynmere, Veljorn's Widow
Faction: Qe'Dreki

Zvezdana holds very little authority over the Qe'Dreki. They protect her for the simple reason that she carries Veljorn's heir within her womb. She has plans to win over the commanders and reestablish herself as Queen of this small faction, but her mental instability makes that incredibly difficult at this time. The commanders are giving her time to grieve over Veljorn's death but are developing a growing concern for their child. It is Zvezdana's best interest to do what she can to ensure that the baby makes it to birth, or she may once again lose all hopes of having a 'family' with the Qe'Dreki.

She holds to the ideas of the Qe'Dreki as much as her deceased husband did and vows that she will one day have Cassander's head on a silver platter. She simply abides by the rules that the commanders lay down, learning as much as she can from them to one day take her rightful place as queen. She is currently working with the Dreki and Bogi, specifically Sonny, to build up her skills as a warrior.

Vivian Warrick

Name: Vivian Warrick
Race: Mixed Blood (Human/Biqaj)
Age: 20
Born: Vhalar 27, 696
Faction: Qe'Dreki

While young and, compared to most of the senior Qe'Dreki, Vivian is absolutely loyal to the ideal behind the group. However, that loyalty does not necessarily extend to the person of it's leaders, as she had carried a grudge against Veljorn Burhan for his treatment of her cousin Lazuli. However, she does have a great deal of personal loyalty to Zvezdana Venora, who Vivian considers the rightful Queen of Rynmere, and she has dedicated her being to placing her Queen on her throne. Due to this loyalty, she considers orders given by Zvezdana to override those given by other Qe'Dreki commanders.

Seira Shiryu

Name: Seira Shiryu
Race: Human
Age: 13
Born: Ashan 1, 703
Faction: Qe'Dreki

Seira and her sister, Seri came to the Qe'Dreki base when Vivian Warrick did. Although not technically a part of the faction yet, they are Vivian's adopted wards. They find ways to help around the base in order to earn their keep. Seira is too young to fully understand the bigger picture as of yet. But her loyalty is to Vivian, so she will do what she can to aid the woman she is coming to see as a big sister.
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