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Rynmere Announcement:

Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:48 pm

Rynmere Player Announcement

Hi players!

We've taken the decision that we're going to close Rynmere from the beginning of next Cycle (1st October 2018) for the following 2 Cycles (4 RL Months). This isn't a decision we've come to easily, but we really need to sort out the Lore and help existing players untangle their plots. Therefore, you've got notice of a month before this happens and, if you'd like help with getting your pc out of Rynmere, please either post a ticket in the PSF or PM the three of us.

It should be noted that Rynmere will be closed during this time and so all pcs will be assumed to have left. We've worked out a plot reason for why it stays closed for that time, which will involve some pc's retrieving an artifact, but that will be happening next season and by the time it happens your pc must be out of Rynmere. Since staying there might make you suffer a case of dead. Our aim / intention is to re open with a cohesive and clear way forward so that all players can enjoy their plots here.


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