The Widow and the Viper (Dosan)

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The Widow and the Viper (Dosan)

Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:59 pm

83rd Zi'da, 718

Cold winds ran through the air that night, bitter winds that tormented and frustrated any that they met. It wasn't the worst it had been for the Webspinner, not by a long shot. Working in Saun had been more chaotic than ever for her. Attempting to kill a man in constant daylight with unbearable heat was impractical. Aella quickly figured out that contracts in Saun weren't worth taking, especially when the heat could kill any that were unprepared for it. Maybe she would be lucky and her target would die, or perhaps she would wait through the Season before dealing with the threat in a much more pleasant condition. Working as a killer like her was hard enough as it was without obstacles like constant daylight and unbearable heat.

Aella glanced down from her tree in to the manor windows and doors. Guards littered the doorways, but none kept a real eye on the skylight. Why would they, what could possible find it's way in to the skylight but a stray bird or a bat? Nothing that couldn't be removed easily enough at least. Or so they thought. Evidently the only kind of people that tried to kill a rich man like John the Wealthy ended up being low paid assassins with near to no talent for the art. Unfortunately, none of them had ever met Aella, perhaps one of the few people that could take advantage of a skylight with more than just a ranged weapon. That was her plan at the very least.

Immediately the assassin ran forward along the tree, black cloak covering the majority of her features. As she got to the end of the branch she jumped forward and gripped the edge of the roof, body slamming against the heavy stone wall with a lot of force and a small gasp as some of the wind was knocked out of her. With rapid movements she pulled herself up and on to the roof, gripping firmly as best she could. All of her strength was used to pull herself up on top and slowly scale until she made her way off the slanted roof tiles, arriving instead at the flat and the one way in to the skylight. Everything was in order.

Aside from the other person on top of the roof.

It wasn't likely to be a guard. Not as far as she knew at least. Yet in a moment of caution the girl paused, analysing the man slowly. There was nothing about him that led her to believe he was working for her target, but that was the perfect kind of guard to have. One that watched from above with the skills of an assassin, waiting and ready for any that would try and kill their boss. If they were more skilled than their opponent they would survive and even if they came close to death, chances were they could alert the other guards and tip the scales in their favour. But the man didn't seem like the kind. Something about him came off as friendly to her, as if there was a level of trust to be gained between them.

Slowly, the girl let her tension fade. "I'm guessing you're not another one of the generic guards?" she asked quietly to avoid any attention from the men and women below.
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