[Reviews] Are We Sitting Comfortably?

Player Review Thread for Whisper and her PCs.

A section for players to give reviews and feedback on other users' and their writing style. This can be in the form of praise or constructive criticism.
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[Reviews] Are We Sitting Comfortably?

Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:14 pm

Player Feedback Thread
Welcome to my Player Feedback Thread!

Erm... what gets posted in here? Well, anything that you think will make me feel good, or help me better my writing... or even fan mail. I can do fan mail. :)
In all seriousness, though, it's important to recognise that even the best writers (not that I think I'm the best) always have room for improvement, which is why this section exists. Even if I am a Storyteller on this site, I know that I have a long way to go before I will be satisfied with my writing, and constructive criticism will help me out immeasurably in that endeavour. So please, share your thoughts on my writing here. I promise you I am not going to kill off your PC or give you a terrible review for being honest and frank with me. Everyone has areas of improvement to make, and I definitely would like to know mine.

Storyteller on Standing Trials.
With the ability to moderate stories across the site when necessary, and with constant communication from relevant other members of staff. My main City Moderation focus and responsibilities lie in Viden and Rynmere, though I had a central role in developing Sirothelle. Having been around since near to the beginning, I have my fingers in many pies, and have developed Immortals, races, magics and cities in my time.

Virikai Talius
Viden, Northern Idalos.
A fully-fledged psychopath, Virikai is a student at the Viden Academy and Researcher for the Facility of Retrospective Analysis. Son of a member of the Directorate, he is an eídisi, and has been raised in complete privilege and luxury, never wanting for anything. Coming from a powerful and influential family has led Virikai to understand the importance of knowledge and politics, and he has no compunctions about climbing over the fallen bodies of his enemies in his schemes for power. Though he cares for those he loves, there is no moral code to guide this man's actions as he strives to achieve his ambitions.

Delta Kedlyn

Scalvoris, Eastern Idalos.
The Mortal-Born daughter of a biqaj Captain and the Immortal Ilaren, Delta controls the Domains of Addiction, Thunder and Wine, though as yet, she has not discovered her true heritage and believes herself to be a fully-blooded biqaj. She is an adventurous half-breed who grew up aboard a ship, learning the ropes and laughing through life. Captured and sold into slavery, now all that matters to her is when she will receive her next fix of psinia from her owner, Lakia Amarinthine. Her entire existence now resolves around this drug and, through it, her first domain is slowly awakening... [Inactive]

Viden, Northern Idalos.
Born and raised a slave, Tasar has only one goal in life: to please her owners. She is of mixed-race decent, with human and aukari blood flowing through her veins. Tasar, like many others is a perfect specimen of what a slave from Athart should look and act like - she is trained to obey any command from her master, even at the expense of her own wellbeing and happiness... for she finds happiness in their pleasure. She knows that she only carries as much worth as her masters deem fit to give her, and she will work tirelessly to perform an task commanded of her to see that all of the needs of her masters are met.

word count: 630
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