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A section for players to give reviews and feedback on other users' and their writing style. This can be in the form of praise or constructive criticism.
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Let The Roast Begin

Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:42 am

Hello fellow nerds,

I'm a writer. So are you. And everyone knows writers live off praise like nothing else. Because we put so much of ourselves and our creativity out there, it can be scary. I know I find it scary all the time. I keep posting and hoping that something about my writing touches people. I live in anxiety, and wait anxiously to find out what people think.

This is my player review thread. Please tear me apart. If you've written with me, or read what I've written, I want your feedback. I want to know what you think - honestly. Please. I'm here to improve.

I currently play:

Cheers, and much love!
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