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Tio Silver's Inbox

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Tio floats in the air, usually just a foot off the ground.


Tio wears a scary looking gauntlet on his right hand that is clearly magical. It creates explosions.


Tio has a masked alter ego who leads The Court of Miracles.

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Tio's voice has hypnotic properties.
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Tio Silver's Inbox

Saun 4th, 718

Dear Tio Silver,

I am writing to you today to inform you, alongside other esteemed alumni, of a new system we have established in the University. The University has received a good deal of positive attention due to some many recent discoveries and inventions. As such, we will be performing increased outreach throughout Idalos, and are doing so by first contacting alumni, staff abroad, and other associates of the University.

Through this contact, we are seeking more students such as yourself to as Associate Researchers, either here upon Scalvoris, or abroad. With these additional researchers we hope to assist our alumni abroad in spreading their research. We intend to do this through sending this information to established academics in other countries and city-states, via our researchers and associate professors. We hope that by educating those beyond Scalvoris, that we can better help the world to reach a state of increased enlightenment and technological advancement. Additionally, we hope that such outreach will help in our recruitment of new researchers and professors from abroad.

This has all been made possible by a few extremely helpful donations from people on the island, who were inspired by the work that you, and others, have done to improve life upon the island. So if you're interested in assisting in research, we will select a researcher abroad in a Subject of your choosing, and fund your journey to them. Upon arrival, you would assist them in documenting their research, followed up with making their research known to the academic elite and wealthy. Upon completion, you would return to Scalvoris or be assigned to another city, per your preference. Please let us know if you are interested.


Kristoff Munyon
Chancellor of Viden Academy
Scalvoris Campus

 ! Message from: Aegis
If Tio Silver is willing to accept this offer, PM me and we will work out the details.
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