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Atop a stony plateau overlooking the lands of central Idalos, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from the rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence; firm in its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the many factions set aside their conflicting agendas and see this through?

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Getting Lighter (Graded)

Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:05 am

Vhalar 99th, 710

It had been a considerable while since the half-breed had started better training to become stronger. The thing that had really shocked her was that the training Icarus had put her on was actually doing something. The results weren’t immediately substantial, not by any means. It wasn’t like she’d suddenly gained the ability to move her wings at will overnight.

The process had been slow and more often than not it was painful. There were many nights where she couldn’t even sleep because how desperately every muscle in her body ached. Her one blessing was how kind Icarus was through the process. If they were going on any sort of trips into town he’d give her a couple days to recover and would cut down on the amount of exercise he required. In addition he’d often give her days off if absolutely required and would give her medicines and balms that helped to soothe the aches. The worst were the especially deep ones that no matter how much she rubbed the pains just wouldn’t go away and she had to ignore it.

The one thing she knew for certain though was that Icarus would never allow her to accidently hurt herself. He was careful to make sure that she never pushed herself harder than would allow, keeping a consistent routine instead of intermittently days of over activity and under activity. Icarus was always strict with routines. For a while she had no other jobs beside this regular activity since it would often leave her drained.

At the very start she would occasionally hear curses muttered under the man’s breath. Not curses directed at her, but at Ivan and the Master despite never even learning their names. He would grumble about how they didn’t feel her properly and she was borderline malnourished, how her wings would have worked find by now if they’d even taken an ounce of time to show her the proper care. He would lament how they were basically trying to reverse arcs of abuse. No matter what though, he’d always be considerate and gentle towards her, never pushing her father than she could go.

It had been a while since they’d first started, yes, but she was finally starting to see the marks of her progress now. They had always been there, that she was certain of, but only now could she finally see them for what they were. Her wings responded to her commands and even though her body ached it wasn’t a constant debilitating sensation. It was something manageable and something that reminded her of the fact she was making progress.

When she went outside to greet the day all of that positive energy turned into anxiety the moment she noticed that Icarus was smirking. “What are you grinning at. I don’t like it when you grin,” the woman said as she took a hesitant step backwards. All in jest of course. Icarus just continued smirking. There were no training weight at his feet today like their usually were. The rocks had gotten to be quite big and were still fairly heavy. The fact that they were missing made her cautious.

“Today we’re doing something special,” the man simply said as he motioned for her to come forward. She walked towards him, hesitant but ultimately very trusting of the man she could call her savior. He nodded his head and started walking in a seemingly random direction, humming a small tune as the pair went. She recognized the locations very easily as they passed. The area around her was practically memorized at this point. She didn’t know why he was taking her this direction, but Icarus was a weird man. She’d learned not to immediately question some of his stranger habits.

The two eventually did come to stop, smack dab in front of a fairly steep fall. Not quite a cliff, a cliff would have been steeper and not to mention more sheer. This place seemed to have something of a slope even if it was small enough to was almost vertical. “Icarus, what are we doing?” The half-breed asked.

The man proceeded to sit down on a log and start pulling out some items from the bag he always had slung across his shoulder. The most notable of which was the journal he tended to use for sketching birds and their flight patterns. “I am going to sit here and draw. You, are going to jump,” he said as he pointed towards the slope which was so close to being a cliff.

The word jump hung in the air, the silence following the statement almost being painful to her ears. She didn’t quite initially process what he meant when the words first left his mouth. If she jumped down a cliff, surely she would die, yes? That’s what happened when normal human people jump down very steep slopes. But… she wasn’t a normal human people, was she? It took her another couple moments that the reason he’d told her to jump was essentially because he was telling her to fly. Icarus was just weird sometimes and bad at wording stuff, something she’d known for at least an arc by now and still had trouble dealing with.

The man noticed the confusion on her expression and decided that it would be smart to continue speaking, hopefully better explaining himself in the process. “Nightshade, we’ve been doing this strength training for a while now. You’ve been showing progress, more than I think you fully realize you have. I want you to jump down and try to fly. I promise you that I wouldn’t tell you this unless I fully trusted your capabilities. So please, just try,” the man said. He watched her silently for a long moment, just waiting to see what she would decide to do. Would she leap and try to fly? Or would she remain land locked for the rest of her life.

What was the point of a life if you weren’t willing to take the risks associated with flight? She was born for the sky to belong to her, it was about time she claimed it.

Running forward, she propelled herself towards the edge, flapping her wings as she did so. It wasn’t all that strong, but her wings obeyed her commands as she moved. Flinging herself off of the edge of the slope she expected her body to collide with the hard ground and for her form to go tumbling, but it didn’t.

She didn’t know at what point she’d squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself for impact, but the entire world was still dark when she realized there was no impact. Cracking open her eyes she wondered if maybe she’d forgotten the step where she actually jumps. She… her feet weren’t touching solid earth. No, instead she was hovering just a couple feet off the ground. Barely a couple feet, but still, a couple feet none the less!

“I told you so,” Icarus drawled lazily from where he sat. She’d given up on the idea of ever flying, summed it up as an impossibility of her breeding. She hadn’t believed Icarus when he said it was possible. But here she was! Actually flying! It wasn’t much, not yet anyway, but even this made her happier than she had been in arcs. It was a strange feeling, being up in the air. Her wings worked valiantly to try and keep her afloat at just this same distance from the earth. Her own body felt like it was weighing her down. It was an odd sensation cultimating in the realization that she would still need more practice if she could barely keep her own weight in the air for long spans of time. She wouldn’t be able to stay in the air very long. But for right now it was enough. Just know she could. It was plenty enough.

She decided though that she wanted to try and go higher. Moving herself so that if she fell she’d at least fall on flat ground, she managed to push where she was hovering over to roughly where Icarus was sitting. The man glared at her as her wings kicked up winds which caused his hair and the pages of his notebook to flap about, but she didn’t care. She’d figured out not only how to hover but also how to move forward! A major accomplishment!

Tensing up her muscles, she focused all of her attention and strength into her two wings. It was hard trying to push all of her force into two different spots, but she needed to be careful to keep a constant rhythm between the two. If she started to flap one faster than the other she was either going to crash or start going in circles. Well, depending on the situation that might actually be necessary. She wouldn’t think about complex stuff right now though. For now, she just wanted to get farther up. Continuing to tense her muscles as much as possible she tried to milk them for every amount of force the feathery appendages now possessed, urging herself to go farther up.

She didn’t get that much farther up before her body decided it had enough, her wings starting to lock up from the force of effort, but she was too lost in the thrill of wind pressing against her skin and the lack of solid earth underneath her feet. Once upon a time as a child she’d been scared of falling. Now she never wanted to touch earth again.

She yelped when her wings stopped being able to produce enough force to keep her up, dropping her out of the air like a bag of vegetables. A pair of arms thankfully caught her before the earth did. Icarus, gentle as always, set the half-breed down on feet that were shaking from the sheer force of the thrill. Her hands were shaking too.

“Five bits, I’m impressed. We’ll be able to start moving a little farther now, a little faster, but you’ll still have to be careful not to hurt yourself. Another arc at most, possibly less, and you’ll truly be able to fly,” Icarus said. He kept his voice even like a medical diagnosis. It was a good thing since the half-breed possessed more than enough excitement for the two of them. Fly The word made her heart sing. One day, one day she would fly.

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Re: Getting Lighter

Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:42 am

Thread Review
I'm glad I got to review this series together. An enjoyable experience so far. However, I see extensive use of the NPC Icarus. I do not see a write up for this NPC in your CS or in your PNs. You'll need to apply for him as a Memory NPC or as a Personal NPC. Please be sure to do that.
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