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Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Augustin's Boutique

Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:31 pm

In the Glass Quarter of Rharne is Augustin's Boutique. Owned by Faith Augustin, this exclusive store provides clothing to the most discerning of Rharne's citizens. Upon walking in the ambience is one of care for the customer and the items made in the store itself are exquisite.

The tinkling of the bell signals the newest customer and they step into a place of high-end fashion and luxury. Augustin's boutique is a place where the men and women of Rharne can come and purchase clothing off the rail whilst still being assured of the highest quality, they can bring their items for repair or resizing and, the most popular choices, here Rharne's wealthiest can have bespoke items made exclusively for them. It is known, also, that Augustin's boutique is able to produce clothing with wonderful and unusual effects on it. Some say this is through alchemy, while others believe it is the skill of the owner.

Whatever it is, the pieces are second to none.
Clothing is made and sold here for men, women and children. The shop floor is divided into the pre-made rails of clothes which line either side of the spacious interior, interspersed with mannequins displaying particular pieces and comfortable furnishings in order to allow those who come here maximum comfort. There are also private dressing rooms and consultation rooms for those wishing to try on an item or perhaps order some bespoke pieces. Every item of clothing imaginable is available here, from underwear and stockings to overcoats and cloaks. Each piece has the same attention to detail and thus, every piece which is purchased from Augustin's is an item of quality.

Nothing less will do.
Goods & Services Available
  1. Since this is a PC run business, you may buy certain items here at a lower cost than the Shoppe.
  2. Only the goods & services identified in this post may be purchased.
  3. This location is open for you to post in: any and all purchases must be posted with time stamps below.
  4. You can make multiple purchases per season, but log only ONE purchase post
  5. If you make a thread out of your transaction, the link should be posted here.


Name: Hana
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 1st Ashan 690
Job: Seamstress
Skills: Needlecraft (30), Textile Production (30), Design: Fashion (30), Detection (10)
Appearance: 5ft 7, slim build. No scars. Short, brown hair.
Personality: Friendly, quiet and eager to learn with something of a tendency to be over critical of herself. Hana is a no-nonsense type.
Details: As a child, Hana was determined to be a Lightning Knight. Then, she was going to be a healer, then a chef. One trial, her mother gave her some needlework to distract her and Hana was immediately addicted. She loves her work and is focused on ensuring that the customers get the best.


Name: Tiori
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 34th Ymiden 695
Job: Receptionist
Skills: Psychology (30), Cosmetology (30), Design: Fashion (30), Persuasion (10)
Appearance: 5ft 10, slim build. No scars. Long brown hair and large, soulful eyes
Personality: An outgoing and friendly woman who really likes people. Tiori is happiest when she is helping people feel good about themselves.
Details: Tiori is a friendly, cheerful soul who sees good in the world wherever she goes. She loves helping people feel better about themsevles and loves her job.

Goods & Services

Shoppe Items
Certain items from the <link> Shoppe may be purchased here at 1 Wealth Tier lower than usual. (eg: if you are Tier 5, you may purchase items for sale here as though you were Tier 6)
Specifically, the following categories of items may be purchased here:
  • Clothing
Exclusions: None

This business is targeted at clients at Tier 10. This represents the majority of NPCs who shop here. PCs from any Tier may frequent a PC business.

Goods / Services Not Explicitly Listed in the Shoppe
The following Goods and Services not listed in the Shoppe are available here.
  • Cosmetic Makeover
  • Bespoke clothing (see tab)
  • Capstone items


The exclusive items which Augustin’s will provide are based on Faith’s Needlework Capstones and are available on an individual basis. The base item will be priced as a “Made to Order” garment with the following prices added to the base price.
Colour Change Garments:
Items of clothing which shift and change in colour, depending on the light on them. This might seem to be constantly shifting and changing, or which might look like one colour in bright light, another at dusk and a third in flickering torchlight. This can be a single effect which effects the garment / item in exactly the same way throughout the whole piece (so a skirt that looks all blue, shifting into all green in a different light) or it might happen in parts (so a top which shimmers between a variety of different colours). This effect can be put on to whole garments, parts of a garment or made into trim.

Temperate Garments:
These garments maintain the wearer in a state of cool or warm. A summer dress made with this technique will be cooler and more comfortable in the heat of Saun than it should be, keeping the wearer comfortably cool as though they were in a spring breeze. That same dress could not then be warmer, it is made for one purpose, warm or cold. A thick knitted jumper would keep the wearer as warm as if they had many layers on, keeping out wind and cold.

Please note, these are examples of the kind of exclusive customisations we can provide. If you have other requirements, please pop in and Faith will be happy to discuss.

Job information

Jobs are available here. To apply for a job, contact the player.

Player notes

Put notes from the city's mod(s) to the city's players here.
If you are making a purchase here, please fill in the following and post here:

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Name of PC:
Item(s) for purchase:
PC Wealth Tier: 
Straight purchase or thread? 

Change log

Record any changes here that have been made to the location.
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