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Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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The Return Home

Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:33 am

Zi'da 42 717, Morning

Location: The Docks

Rharne was a pinnacle on the horizon now with it's sight firmly set before Patrick, his bag in tow as he walked from below deck on board to smell that sweet air. It was the same salty air he'd been stuck with before, but within it's aroma the peculiar taste of home with it. Strange how that affected him actually, even then he'd yet to contemplate the matter entirely as the ship had docked a while ago. According to the shipmates their arrival had been spot on, fair winds and few rains to freeze them across the sea as they crossed the Orm'del waters. Now Patrick walked off the deck onto the docks with his mind set on things he had to handle, first there were loose ends with those he'd accidentally 'screwed over' within the Shadow Quarter. He felt pretty sure he could arrange something for that no problem, though it'd take a wee bit of influence and payment to make it happen.

Preferably fast in his case, as he didn't want any chance of being tailed to occur. Already Patrick had one too many enemies to count, and time wasn't a commodity he had to spare while in Rharne. Somewhat meagerly he walked onward as his legs held him up with a bit of a wobble, being on solid land again something of a blessing in disguise now that he'd returned home. Home... Rharne felt like that for the longest time but lately... Things happened and that feeling no longer stayed the same, yet no matter what changed Rharne always seemed to be the place he referred to as home. However that didn't stop him from wanting to get out and change things, he'd started to think that maybe he wasn't suited for this place. That he just, overall, outgrew Rharne and never realized it up until now.

He reached the outskirts of Dust Town and kept his march onward up to the gate, no real detour made as he made his way down the street to the city's entrance. Patrick wasn't surprised at how nice the weather felt here, it'd been one of the things he enjoyed quite a lot actually. Across the seas it felt colder for some reason; perhaps because of the geography more or less. While he walked down the street he couldn't help but observe the environment, the people that wandered down in both directions as they passed him by. "Can you believe how that tournament unfolded?! It was insane!"

He looked at a couple of laborers as they walked passed, the two strong men wrapped in their own conversation, with beer bottles in hand as they moseyed onward. "Another tourney? Doesn't surprise me none." Patrick mused in silence as he kept on going, the gates to the Earth Quarter in sight now. "Boy... quite a mess I've gotten myself wrapped up in." He came to realize as he reflected on everything, from back to when he and his brother moved into the Earth Quarter by themselves, all the way up til the quest for Ymiden and the Labyrinth he survived last season. Though survive wasn't so much the term he'd use. Yet beyond all of that, all of the things he'd gone through; one thing stood out from it all. That he was actually alone.

By the end of everything he always stood as the lone man, the sole wanderer who walked away with nothing. Maybe because of what he really desired, something that he wanted to have but knew he never could... He reached the gate and entered through with a greeting spared for the knights, his mind still wrapped around the thought of what it was he truly missed in this world. His brother. If Dominek were still here then things would be different... Things would surely be easier to handle than they are now. Because somehow Dom always had a way of making that happen, most of all when he stepped in to save Patrick's ass the majority of the time. Now he spent his time alone drinking or whoring himself away, and if it wasn't that then it was watching over his shoulder... waiting for the next instance of trouble to arise.

Maybe that could change. People can change can't they? It was something he wondered on hard as he walked through the gate, a wave spared to the knights that greeted him through his entry. "Nah. People don't change that easily... They just adapt. Survive." It's what he's basically been doing ever since he grew up in the Dust Quarter, surviving to live another day with hopes it'd be better than the last. If he could bring back his brother... then perhaps there'd be some way to change all of this entirely, the past itself couldn't be undone without some higher power perhaps. The Immortals maybe? Which Immortal knew how to affect and control time though? Was that how their domains worked anyways? He knew so little of them in all honesty, yet somehow the idea of his dead brother coming back to life... sounded not so much of a pipe dream after all.

The Immortals were beings of greater power weren't they? So he just needed the sort of bargaining chip that'd get him in good with whatever Immortal would help. It wasn't at all a terrible idea, given Dominek's death was far too sudden. If Patrick could resurrect him, then it was an effort worth pursuing; and he was willing to bet that Emean Jewel would be the best place to start. Finally he turned onto the street of his home and moved down to the complex where he lived, the building a sight for his sore eyes as he managed to approach with a faint smile. "Home." He chanted to himself as he walked with the bag still draped over his shoulder, within Bits he reached the wooden staircase and walked up to the doorway where his flat waited for him. With his house key pulled from the pocket he popped it in the keyhole, a twist made to unlock the door as he pushed it open with ease.

Patrick entered to find the flat exactly the way he'd left it last season, back when Ymiden brought him to Etzos while he slept. They traveled through the Emea that way, or so he recalled correctly when he'd woken to enter the Labyrinth. The tables and shelves appeared to have collected dust from his absence, but everything literally remained exactly where it was from around the time he'd left. "PATRICK!!" A small familiar voice cried out to him as an orb of light fluttered from underneath his pillow, Ri'ku eagerly soared over to him and buried herself within his hair. "Where have you been!! You just up and vanished with no word! And there's been people all over looking for you! One that Ithecal and the other that woman from the night place you worked at."

"Whoa who, first off Ri; hi there and sorry for vanishin' on you like that." Patrick intervened as he pinched her wings and brought her down to rest on his palm. "Secondly; you said people were lookin' for me?"

"That's right!" She cheered as she sprung over to embrace his thumb, admittedly Patrick could feel tiny arms wrap around the digit. "They came around wondering if you were home or not, even the knights kept an eye out for a while in the event you... Ooooh I was so worried!!" Patrick's lips hung open for a moment before they finally cracked into a smile, as he broke into a short laughter that he couldn't seem to contain. "It's not funny!! You've had a lot of people worried about you!!" She argued with a flutter of her wings as she hovered before his nose.

"Sorry," He mused in between his laughing, "it's just that I didn't expect everyone to notice I was gone right away."

"Well of course!!" She argued frantically as she bounced in the air in front of him.

"Thanks Ri." He told her with a grin as he walked towards his bedframe, it wasn't visible but he knew she likely wondered what he meant by that. "For reminding me that I do matter to some, that there are still a few people who seem to care."

"Wh... what happened to you Patrick? You don't sound like your self."

"Probably not." He chuckled at the statement. "But that's something to worry about later..." He reasoned as he dropped his back at the foot of his bed.
"Right now I just need to rest, I've got a busy few trials ahead of me."

"Doing what?" She inquired curiously as she hovered over his form while he laid down.

"Taking care of business really." He said with a shrug. "In a few trials I've a boat to catch back to Etzos, something I'll tell you more about when I've rested." He promised her as he turned onto his side and kicked off his boots, though he wasn't tired he laid there for a while to figure out his next move. First he had to reconnect with everyone and then... then handle his dirty business with the Shadow Quarter next. No. The Orimatsun dagger and notes first, and then make the arrangements as he prepared to sail back to Etzos. Then there was... well... Saoire's delivered gift he still had to enjoy, something he'd probably do the night before he left Rharne.

This time maybe for good, depending on how his journey ended.
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The Return Home

Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:39 pm



Lovely to see Patrick and his companion reunited!! And resurrection? Wow. That's a big goal - I'll be watching to keep an eye on how that works out for him! I enjoy Pat's way of being - he's very different in different places, very reflective here and thoughtful - I like this side to him. And what an exciting time he's been having! Fun thread, let me know if I missed anything.


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