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The hub of Sirothelle's booming slave trade

Sirothelle rests near the Heart of the World, one of the largest active volcano known in Idalos. Within the walls of this city resides the Aukarians, a race known for its treachery and murderous intent. Stone is a main component in the construction of most of the buildings in this city as the Aukari have a habit of burning down towns with their fire. Almost everything is made of stone, even their house, room, and beds. Most travelers do not come here, whether out of fear, hatred, or both. If an adventurer had the courage to step foot within Sirothelle, they can expect not to be greeted kindly, if at all.
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The Stacks

Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:59 pm

The Stacks
A good proportion of Sirothelle’s population is made up of slaves, in comparison to other cities in Idalos. This is primarily due to the sheer amount of slaves kept to work the farms or in the quarries. The Stacks is the slave market of Sirothelle, and is easily one of the most profitable businesses in the city: many slaves are sold “in-house”, and remain in the city, but the sheer volume of slaves means that the city has developed a second trading scheme, where working slaves are also used for breeding, thus many slaves are then told to visiting merchants from other nations. The aukari have few rules or morals when it comes to the enslavement of other races, as it is all for the betterment of Faldrun’s cause. Families are torn apart without a second thought, and children can be sent from the city without any regard for their fate.

The Stacks is named for the style of the outside metal structures containing the slaves on sale. Slaves are kept loads up on top of one another in what can best be described as crates. These crates tower four high, with wooden walkways for access by slavers. The crates are not tall enough for the occupant to do anymore than crouch or sit. Any waste and excrement from the higher crates will fall onto the lower ones. They remain there until they are sold.

Slaves will be washed quickly before being placed on the stage by the slavers, but there remains a hierarchy: the best slaves will inevitably be placed in the top crates. Slavers sell their wares at all hours of the day, and all are particularly keen to sell to visiting traders, to accrue more profits for the city. The money gained from sales is then split between the slavers and the quarry/farm owners who provided the slave. This income is one of the reasons quarry and farm owners are some of the wealthiest citizens in Sirothelle.

Buying a slave is relatively easy, given the amount of products. Nigh on all bipedal races can be found, though humans are the most common.


Unskilled Male: (Novice skills) 200gn
Unskilled Female: (Novice skills) 250gn
Skilled Male: (2 or more Competent skills) 300gn
Skilled Female: (2 or more Competent skills) 350gn
Accomplished Male:(1 Competent, 1 Expert) 500gn
Accomplished Female: (1 Competent, 1 Expert) 600gn
Outstanding Male: (1 Expert, 1 Mastery (+85xp)) 800gn
Outstanding Female: (1 Expert, 1 Mastery (+85xp)) 900gn
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