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A slightly less... reputable medical establishment

Sirothelle rests near the Heart of the World, one of the largest active volcano known in Idalos. Within the walls of this city resides the Aukarians, a race known for its treachery and murderous intent. Stone is a main component in the construction of most of the buildings in this city as the Aukari have a habit of burning down towns with their fire. Almost everything is made of stone, even their house, room, and beds. Most travelers do not come here, whether out of fear, hatred, or both. If an adventurer had the courage to step foot within Sirothelle, they can expect not to be greeted kindly, if at all.
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Birchwood Practice

Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:58 pm

Birchwood Practice
A second medical centre in Sirothelle, this one does not discriminate between citizens and visitors and allows any race to use the facilities. Prices, too, are lower than found in the official medical facility. In terms of appearance, the Birchwood Practice looks no different from any other medical establishment. Inside, a visitor can expect a clinical, clean appearance, as if great care has been taken to maintain the premises. On the outside, a small garden is also maintained, giving the exterior a very welcoming appearance.

However the standard of treatment will become obvious to any patient using the services; the medical staff, though trained, do not meet the standards that any self-respecting patient would expect to receive. All staff, too, are impolite, regardless of race, rank or station. While the waiting room is well-maintained, the treatment rooms most certainly are not. Any patient with enough capacity to think for themselves will immediately wonder if the equipment has been sterilised between use on patients.

As a general rule, aukari will opt to use the services of the official medical centre, rather than the questionable services offered at the Birchwood Practice. In times of dire need, though, a patient will be guaranteed to be seen quickly, with a day-round service, and efficient treatment will be given. In a way, the treatment is also effective - you will leave recovered from the ailment you entered with, however it is very possible to have contracted something else.


Health Consultation: 2gn
Basic Healing (minor injury treatment, colds, fever, headaches, etc.): 6gn
Advanced Healing (burns, lacerations, stitches, etc.): 9gn
Minor Surgery[:/b] 15gn


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