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Sirothelle rests near the Heart of the World, one of the largest active volcano known in Idalos. Within the walls of this city resides the Aukarians, a race known for its treachery and murderous intent. Stone is a main component in the construction of most of the buildings in this city as the Aukari have a habit of burning down towns with their fire. Almost everything is made of stone, even their house, room, and beds. Most travelers do not come here, whether out of fear, hatred, or both. If an adventurer had the courage to step foot within Sirothelle, they can expect not to be greeted kindly, if at all.
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Accommodation Centre

Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:47 pm

The Accommodation Centre
For any traveller staying in Sirothelle for a short while (less than an arc, for example), it is easy to find a room in the Wayfarer’s File, or in another tavern around Sirothelle. But any who are wishing to stay a little more permanently, it is a case of having to petition for a property through the official channels santioned by the Council of Seven. The same process is required for any citizens who feel it appropriate or necessary to upgrade or downgrade from their current living situation. There are many reasons for this, such as a growing family, or adolescents searching for their own home.

Every inch of property in Sirothelle is controlled by the Council, much like many other aspects of life in the city. Available properties are assigned to individuals or families upon request, and regeistered in the name of siad people. Any productive contributors to Sirothelle society are eligible to apply for housing for the very reasonable starting price of Xgn.

Applying for space for a business is slightly more complicated, but due to the need for physical infrastructure for the business, the process happens through the Accommodation Centre too. Appointments can be made through the Accommodation Centre, who will then liaise with the Employment Contractor on your behalf to go over the business plan you will have provided. If both parties believe everything to be sound, the request for a new business request will be approved.

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