The Laughing Potion

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The Laughing Potion

Character Name: Vluharqih
Current Wage: 12WP+15WP Bonus per Arc
Profession's Main Skill: Poison- Legendary
Business Management Skill: 27
Business Name: The Laughing Potion
Business Location: Etzos- Location Approved by Malt
Type of Business: Drug Dealer with Thin Veil of "Medical Supplies"

Note: Vlu has support for this venture through the Cauldron Membership

Business Description: In the Underground of Etzos this shop has been set up. Arranged by the Cauldron at Vluharqih's request, this shop was entirely financed by Vluharqih, and construction was finished as of the Cylus 1st, 717.

The shop itself is located near one of the largest and most well-used tunnels. It is made of large stone blocks, a single metal door the only visible entrance. Immediately inside is a waist-high wooden counter, stained dark, that separates the customer from the rest of the shop. Rarely are customers allowed behind there, but if one were to manage to get back, they would see long metal tables lining the walls. Several of the tables seem to work solely as storage, a collection of jars and chests covering them. Two other tables are covered in long rows of various plants, all growing under an odd light.

There are several things that are far less obvious, however. Two of the walls are far thicker than the rest, a hidden stone door set in one of them leads to a second room. Inside this room are several sets of manacles, a fireplace with a chimney, a large metal table with adjustable restraints, and a chair with the same restraints. This is, ostensibly, to assist in those who wish to detoxify themselves. The painstaking effort gone into hiding this room and ensuring it is soundproofed hints otherwise, however. From this back room a low passageway leads off to another exit. This entrance is very small and most people would have issue fitting through it, but it ends in a dark corner of the Underground, one of a multitude of cracks and crevasses.

The store itself is made mostly of stone. Smooth black stone made up the floor, with light wood accents. Burnished metal tables finished off the room. It is well lit, and a stark contrast to the tunnels behind. Were it not for the lack of windows, one might be tempted to think that it were an aboveground store.


In addition, in Ymiden 719 Vlu purchased an additional 4 farms consisting of a tier 3 building and 10 acres each, located 1 hour outside of the city proper.Approval
Loan Amount: 0GN (Paid 1000GN by Vlu)
Number of Employees: 1 NPC- Warren, Main Shop

Crossland Farm
John and Jane Crossland- A quiet and hard working couple, their children all perished during the attack by Lisirra, though theres another on the way.

Fairchild Farm
Dustin and Roselina Fairchild- a mother and father of nearly a dozen children of various ages, they have several animals and run a busy household.

Ritcher Farm
Freeman, Sal, and Richard - three bachelor brothers who took over the farm since their parents passed. They are actively looking for children to adopt and help around the farm.

Trunmea Farm
Deva and Leslie Trunmea- a couple with five children, though last heard the father had perished from the plague brought by Lisirra.

All (or most) Drugs can be found in the CTW forum under "Drug Crafting"

Recreational Drugs
Brain Berry Tea: 5GN per dose, Mild hallucinogen and mildly addictive
"Special" Brain Berry Tea: 6GN Per Dose, Mild Hallucinogen with Relaxing Qualities (Traces of Nightscarf blended in), moderately addictive. Made specially by Vluharqih
Night Scarf: 7GN per dose, Dreamy, relaxed state, slightly addictive
Zip Stick: 6GN per dose, Adrenal substitute, common and moderately addictive
Special Zip Stick: 10GN per dose, Stronger effects of the above plus double duration. Made specially by Vluharqih.
Fog: 8GN per dose, Slight Hallucinogenic, increases tolerance to other hallucinogens
Mind Crusher: 30GN per dose, Potent Hallucinogenic non-addictive. Rare and special order.
Shell Head: 30GN for processed dose, Potent Adrenal, Strong Addictiveness
Bird's Eye: 30GN per dose, Aerial Viewing Ability- often useful for cartographers or tacticians
Mind's Eye: 100GN per dose, Truth Reading Powder
Bonus Mind's Eye: 25GN per dose, "Next Trial Helper" made by Vluharqih from occipital lobe of an owl to reduce drawbacks of Mind's Eye. One dose needed per day to stave off repercussions.
Night Sky: 45GN per dose, Night Vision, Relaxant
Maggies Bag: 20GN, Various Effects for Pure Bags
Thunder: 30GN, Potent Adrenal and Confidence Booster. Possible Libido Booster
Spring Slam: 5GN per dose, Narcotic and Time Slower- Not effective for Combat

Medical Drugs
Acid Crocodile Blood: 25gn each General speed healing supplicant of the Northern Region
Brain Berries: 5gn each Mental recovery/enhancement supplicant
Cat's Tongue: 2gn each Helps cure food poisoning
Clam Leaf Tonic: 5gn each A numbing agent, multipurpose (almost always applied before a surgery)
Fist Nut: 30gn each A coagulate for excessive bleeding by competent doctors
Fog: 5gn Drug resistant
Garrotte Vine Sap: 25gn Slightly less effective anticoagulant than Fist Nut
Giant Leech: 2gn Saliva is anesthetic
Ice Block Tea: 25gn Helps one survive the extreme cold or the effects of it.
Ignis Beans: 1gn Protein supplement
Leechbane: 10gn Blood booster
Psinia Shield: 20gn Versatile painkiller
Scarf-Rot: 5gn Anti-Infection Poultice blend, sleep agent, anti-scarring burn balm, and anti-aging cream
Rockmaze Moss Powder: 5gn For rapid bone healing and health
Strangler Fig Bark: 2gn Boiled, the steam is a general health tonic
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The Laughing Potion

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