The Valkyrie's Roost

This forum is specifically for players looking to build a business in game. It's possible, however, a character must have a certain set of skills along with the money to rent the available space. Please check the item pricing list for the latter. When you have a concrete idea for a shop you want to open, please post your business plan here for approval. You are not allow to build a shop until after your plan has been approved.
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The Valkyrie's Roost

Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:42 pm

The Valkyrie's Roost

Character Name: Nightshade Eld

Current Wage: 31 gn/trial (As of Ymiden 718)

Profession's Main Skill: Blades(100)

Business Management Skill: 50

Business Name: The Valkyrie's Roost

Business Location: Etzos

Type of Business: Combat training and contract jobs

Business Description: Upon walking into the building the first thing you'll notice is how fairly large it is. There are lockers to put one's personal items in as well as gear to wear during practice. The walls are stone, the floors padded as to cause as little damage as possible to partners. There are dummies and bullseyes scattered around for the sake of practice without a partner for those who pay to use the area for practice. The price is usually cheap or nothing at all, especially when considering someone is bound to get frustrated and give you pointers if you act foolishly enough. There is a staircase tucked away in the back, but rarely does anyone go up or down. Customers aren't allowed up there and only a very select few of the workers as well as a small group of strangers who appear and disappear quickly enough.

The Valkyrie's Roost offers a number of different services from training in multiple forms of combat to requests for various jobs that one would typically hire a mercenary or a bounty hunter to complete. The goal of The Valkyrie's Roost is one of philanthropy, often doing as it can to aid with charitable acts within Etzos and giving discounts to low-income citizens. People are encouraged to bring their own weapons with which to practice with at higher levels. There are weapons with which to practice as well as wooden practice weapons for those who are still at lower levels.

A secondary unmentioned function of the Roost is to keep an eye on and moderate crime within the city itself in addition to the surrounding area. Certain matters or quietly handled alongside the guard with adequate permission.

Loan Amount: Not required

Number of Employees: 3 PCs,


Shop Details:

50 x 50 ft. (2500 sq. ft.) of Library type building
Two Stories, high ceiling for the first story
Double doors and two windows
Soapstone construction

Practice equipment and weaponry
20 Padded suites

13,000gn was agreed upon by myself and Malt for the whole of the cost.

Practice Spot1cn/trial
Novice Weapons Class2gn/trial
Competent Weapons Class3gn/trial
Expert Weapons Class4gn/trial
Master Weapons Class5gn/trial
Specialized Sword Class6gn/trial
Ki'Enaq ClassesTBD
Contracted JobRP Based
Prices are up for haggling within a thread, contract jobs must have an agreeable price decided within a thread and will be variable.
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They Valkyrie's Roost

Tue May 01, 2018 4:49 am

I'm sorry,
I should have been on this sooner.
Okay, so the breakdown to account for the 13,000gn cost mentioned in the write-up:

Going by the Scalvoris Housing chart, I am figuring a 50' x 50' room, which is going to be 2500 sq. ft. - or 5x the extra large size.
Now to accommodate a general infrastructural assumptions of many shelves, weapon racks, cupboards and lockers, I am going with the "Library" price, as that chart assumes the infrastructure along with the dimensions. So this would cover all those things.
Also, since this is chart meant to be rooms for houses, I think we can assume mats for the floor.

Then, going to the Building Calculations and Materials Section of the Price List, we continue.
2500 sq. ft. of Library-level construction makes 3000gn.
Every additional construction cost will be based on multiples of that figure.
So two stories is 6000gn.
A high ceiling for one of those two stories adds 2400gn, for a total of 8400gn.
Double doors and two large windows adds 200gn, for a total of 8600gn.
Soap stone construction adds x1.1 - or 3300gn, for a grand total of 11,900gn.

Then, say 20 padded practice outfits. These are the combined cost of "Leather Padding" for every body part listed in the armor section.
It comes to 30gn per suit. so 20 suits is 600gn. She can now assume to have them in whatever size anyone needs.
The total is now 12,500gn.

Now we play it by ear and do what seems both simple and logical.
For the variety of exercise/fight practice equipment/balance practice, body hardening gear, etc. I'll do the same as with Nauta.
For a generic 1000gn, she can assume to have whatever equipment anyone needs for any future thread.
So, we call that 13,500gn.

Now I have gotten Basilisk's agreement that practice weapons would be fire-hardened hardwood versions of whichever type weapon.
They would cost 1/4 of the listed price.
So, with another generic 1000gn, she can assume to have whatever practice weapon anyone needs at any time.
This would end up with a total of 14,500gn.

IC, I figure the Etzos Housing Commission would give her 10% off for cash up-front.
That 14,500 would be close enough to 15,000 to cut it to 13,000gn for the whole works. :D
This is not a loan. She's got plenty of money for this.

Approved by Maltruism
word count: 418
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