The Arcadian Ministry

This forum is specifically for players looking to build a business in game. It's possible, however, a character must have a certain set of skills along with the money to rent the available space. Please check the item pricing list for the latter. When you have a concrete idea for a shop you want to open, please post your business plan here for approval. You are not allow to build a shop until after your plan has been approved.
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Mon May 07, 2018 1:04 am

The Acadian Ministry

Character Name: Alistair Venora
Current Wage: 14.5 gn/day
2gn base, +2 Season of Ashan = +4
Business Modifiers: 5.0 (Business), 6.0 (Skill), -0.5 (0 Employees) = +10.5
Profession: Guild Master
Profession's Main Skill: Leadership 100
Business Management Skill: 51 -- allows Alistair to run two businesses
Business Name: The Acadian Ministry
Business Location: Northern Hyran
Type of Business: Bank, Academy, Multi-Faceted Employment Center
Business Description: This 'business' acts as a foundation to Acadia's governing body and draws in customers from out of the region, providing mages with training, coaching and personal development. Alistair, as the Lord Proctor of Acadia, employs a variety of different professionals within the Ministry, who provide services more vast than merely training, development and management. The ministry also offers services such as: Financial Services (Banking and Investments), Gardening (Growing and Selling Alchemical and Medicinal Reagents), and Housing and Development services for the areas east of Millstone.

Value of Location: 5,000 GN
Half Oak, Half Brick Interior and Exterior; mixture of oaken walls and floors and brick walls and interior structures (such as the fireplace): x.85 /sq foot
1 Acre Lot, Outside of City; 800 gn
Lobby: 400 sq ft; 340 gn
Office of Leadership: 200 sq ft; 170 gn
Chamber of Learning: 800 sq ft; 680 gn
Treasury Corridor: 800 sq ft; 680 gn
Total Value of Internal Structures: 2,170 gn
Various furniture; chairs, tables, desks, supplies and yard foundations: 2,030 gn
Total: 5,000 gn

Number of Employees: 0 Currently -- up to 6 Employees Possible due to Expert Business Management

Services In Depth
Financial Services: The Acadian Ministry provides a place for mages to safely store their wealth without it being seized. Additionally, it offers investment and lending programs, similarly to any other financial service. The treasury, as it's called, provides extended benefits and reduced interest fees to mages who perform good deeds for other mages - incentivizing positive action and mutually, the growth of Acadia's relevance. At present, Alistair manages this on an individual basis, not yet drafting a long-term formula for such transactions.

Gardening: The Ministry is currently seeking to expand its gardens, growing herbs, reagents and alchemical ingredients. Currently, however, the role is not fulfilled by any employees.

Housing Development and Taxes: The Ministry contracts organizations to build homes in the surrounding area at a reduced price; Alistair typically utilizes his Revenants to gather materials for housing, which allows the Ministry to make a profit due to its free undead laborers. Once people move into Acadian-built homes, Alistair names them citizens of the fledgling governing body, and taxes their wages.

Magical Training: The Ministry provides direct magical instructions to other mages, with comparatively low costs . . . though only, presently, in the fields of Abrogation, Rupturing, Transmutation and Necromancy.
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