Diamond in the Rough Imports

Al'Angyryl Smuggling Business

This forum is specifically for players looking to build a business in game. It's possible, however, a character must have a certain set of skills along with the money to rent the available space. Please check the item pricing list for the latter. When you have a concrete idea for a shop you want to open, please post your business plan here for approval. You are not allow to build a shop until after your plan has been approved.
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Diamond in the Rough Imports

Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:31 pm

Diamond in the Rough Imports
  • Character Name: Noth
  • Current Wage: 13 gn
  • Profession's Main Skill: Intimidation (Noth brings in new supplies of goods to be sold via raids)
  • Business Management Skill: 26
  • Business Name: Diamond in the Rough Imports (DRI)
  • Business Location: Foster's Landing - Etzos
  • Type of Business: Smuggling front for Al'Angyryl
  • Business Description:
    Upon first sight of the warehouse that takes up the bulk of DRI, one might believe that the place is entirely abandoned. The walls of the place are littered with the occasional hole which has been plugged up shoddily, and there is the whisper of wind seeping through unknown crevasses which is audible even from outside. Perhaps the second thought that may fill a bystander’s mind upon learning that the building is in fact an active business would be that the workers must be incredibly industrious, for there is seldom sight of them going to and from the structure, nor of the goods that must certainly be stored within.

    In actuality, DRI is populated by a relatively low number of employees, but it serves as a covering business for the illegal smuggling operations done by Al’Angyryl. Weapons, armament, jewels, gems, and other valuables stolen during the caravan raids performed by the group are covertly planted in the DRI warehouse until buyers can be found and smugglers can be summoned to sneak the desired goods to their hidden purchasers. The criminal nature of the business is concealed by its relatively light presence in Foster’s Landing, along with a healthy dose of bribery and coercion given to local officials to keep them away.

    Prospective customers rarely meet with the many employees of DRI, though a small barred window is provided through which persons may converse with the company receptionist, and where orders may be placed for desired goods.
  • Number of Employees: 1 PC, 3 NPCs
  • Shop Details:
    Warehouse - Total Cost of 1755 gn paid for by Neronin.
    Quality: Below Average
    Size: 2000 Square Foot
    Furniture: x4 Large Shelves, x2 Locks for Door and Chest respectively, Chest.
    Additional Features: x1 Stable, x1 Wagon and Horse, Basement is Present.
  • Inventory:
Studded Leather Chest-Piece 10 gn
Leather Greaves 3 gn
Leather Gloves 3 gn
Iron-tipped Crossbow Bolts 1 gn per 20
Shortsword 8 gn
Combat Spear 15 gn
Gemstones (Except Diamond, Emerald, Onyx, and Ruby) 1/2 of Pricelist. If odd number, round up by 1 nel.
Special Order Goods – Most common items not on the list can be ordered in advance for when the next shipment arrives, but doing this will mean paying 3x Pricelist for a good.
Name:The Don
Race: Lotharro
Date of Birth: Saun 1, 672
Blades (Sword): 30
Leadership: 25
Business Management: 30
Strength: 15

Appearance: A plump man with black hair, green eyes, and a powerful stance, the Don often commands the attention of a room, dressed in casual clothes with his signature red necktie. He wears a 'brace' upon his back which constantly makes metallic noise whenever he bends or stretches, though its true nature as a hardy piece of scale mail seems to go otherwise unknown to most.

Personality: The Don is an authoritative figure, expecting respect from those under him, but remaining loyal to those who stick with him. He often reminisces about the old trials wherein he was the boss of an entire crime family which ran the streets of Etzos, but those trials have since passed. He is both meticulous and hardy in his work, and becomes a vicious combatant in battle; unwilling to surrender, even at threat of death.

Job: Manager of DRI, Hoister.
The Don takes over many of the administrative issues that arise in regards to DRI, and ensures that employees are working at their highest level of efficiency. He assists in the loading and unloading of crates when not busy with other issues so as to ensure that the merchandise is well cared for and not damaged in transit.
Name: Wolfram Doyle
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ashan 4, 693
Strength – 30
Endurance – 30
Unarmed – 30
Detection - 10

Appearance:A Hoss crammed into the body of a man, Wolfram is a large fellow to say the least, standing at roughly 6’7 feet tall. He bristles with raw musculature, and typically wears clothing and outfits that accentuate what he refers to as “his ballistas.” He is bald, but keeps a light reddish beard. Given his outward appearance, its’ little surprise he’d end up in a place like DRI.

Personality: Wolfram is a boisterous and pushy sort of person. He is a notorious prier into other people’s problems, and will not relent until he has discovered the whole truth. His lack of talent when it comes to reading deceptive ticks, however, mean that he’s commonly deceived. He enjoys a bout of wrestling, and a chance to test his strength against others, and has even occasionally been involved in the odd street brawl or two, but he’s not a particularly violent person at heart, and wouldn’t be fit for many of the more vile activities surrounding DRI’s benefactors. He’s not a very materialistic person, though he likes to give the impression that he spends much of his time out gambling and drinking to fit in with the other criminals he encounters. In actuality, Wolfram takes nearly all of his pay back home to help raise his six siblings, and rarely has time for such hedonistic luxuries.

Job: Hoister
Wolfram is one of the person’s in charge of lifting boxes and crates of supplies, and repositioning or transferring them around to the stable outside. His job is primarily dull physical labor.
Name: Ryder (PC)
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 14th Vhalar, 690
Longsword - 50
Strength - 24
Endurance - 23

Appearance: Ryder is a tall, hardened man. With a prominently scarred hand, and other battle wounds to match, he keeps himself with a firm posture. Weapons are always on his person, but despite the intimidation he is also friendly. So long as you stay on his good side, he will be welcoming and relatively kind, while maintaining formality. Getting on his bad side, however, will show a harsher side of Ryder.

Job: Security
Ryder takes on the role of Security at DRI, acting both proactively and reactively in times of crises. He is in charge of ensuring that the secrecy of the facility is maintained, and that intruders are dealt with appropriately.
Name: Alice Cartesian
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Ashan 22, 681
Writing – 30
Deception – 30
Forgery - 15
Persuasion - 25

Appearance: Alice is a rather small woman, standing at only 5’3. She is of a diminutive build, and it is apparent that she does not often find it necessary to strain herself physically. She wears a golden necklace at all times inscribed with the word “Mora”. She is often seen wearing a pair of spectacles and keeps several snippets of paper attached to her side at all times, both written upon and fresh. It is not uncommon to find her with ink strains across her fingers and the sides of her garments, though she otherwise remains quite clean.

Personality: If a person were not looking for her, there’s a fair chance that they would pass over Alice. She is rather quiet, and not at all a very sociable person; certainly a strange choice for a receptionist given that the work typically entails treating with the public. Yet, when put into public view, she immediately becomes someone far more cheery and gregarious. The reason for her sudden change in personality is, incidentally, not so much a feat of acting as much as the more grim reality. Alice only works at DRI to keep her family safe from the threat of Al’Angyryl. Her husband incurred a rather severe debt to one of the criminal gangs later assimilated into the militant criminal faction, and she now works to pay off that extensive debt in hopes that both she and her family will be safe. Perhaps the greatest reason she has yet to call upon the Black Guard is because she understands that her family is being watched at all times, and that it is a futile endeavor.

Job: Alice’s job consists of dealing with the public, and taking orders through her small window. Privately, she is also in charge of forging any number of documents which assure the validity of DRI as a company which often donates to foreign charities as part of a global program to support education. In actuality, this is how DRI manages to send its funding to Al’Angyryl without warranting much suspicion.
Initial Business Registration - 150 gn
Warehouse/Stable + Starting Furniture - 1755 gn (Paid by Neronin)
x1 Wagon and Horse - Acquired Here

Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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Diamond in the Rough Imports

Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:42 am

Everything looks good here.

Now, go forth and steal things and sell them at Big Box Store prices.

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