The Church of Eternal Mercies

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The Church of Eternal Mercies
Gods rise and fall, clinging to the ephemeral in an everlasting hope to remain relevant over the eons. A god dreams of being dreamt of, hungers for affection, and does not always receive it. Instead, there are those in the world who wish to idolize those that are material, flesh and blood and bone capable of fulfilling their needs in a more immediate way, rather than granting them benefits after death. And rarely, that idol is chosen for deeds nefarious, catapulted to adoration by the downtrodden and outcast.

Often, these collectives of vagrants and those living on the fringes of society worship the deeds of one trying to shore the gap between them and those who live opulent lives. That is the god they worship. The Prince who Releases, The Razor of Clemency... The Prince of Eternal Mercies.
The Church of Eternal Mercies is not long lived, but will be. Originating in whispers first in Westguard, only the embers of the Church began. In the wake of a particular visitor's arrival on the shores of Scalvoris in Zi'da of 717, the Church sprung forth in secrecy fully formed. It is considered no more than infantile in its age, but already has been attributed to a string of murders and disappearances on the island nation of Scalvoris, which has become its most concentrated location by the estimation of observers.
The headquarters of each location is, at this time, unknown by the general populace. Once you've received the enlightenment of His mercy, you may be so inclined to find yourself with the knowledge of where one location is - not quite the headquarters, but close enough by some standards. The central hub of activity is sworn to far greater secrecy and requires a higher ranked status for disclosure of such information.

Those of the Church believe in salvation of the Prince of Eternal Mercies. That they may find peace in him and his works - which seem to include the murdering, or offering, of women of the night. Other than following the doctrine of the Prince - which at this time is not clear - they appear to not have many practices or a more formalized belief system.


As far as it is known, the enemies of Church are all those who opposed them. Those who do not see the light of understanding and completion in His way are merely lost souls who may be converted and find salvation. They, the lost, may be forgiven. Those who seek to ridicule and expel the Eternal Prince from his rightful place over all will find themselves offerings to His mercies.
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There is much to discover about The Church of Eternal Mercies at this time. Players may request to delve further into the mysteries of the Church, and with the information they find, this page will be updated.

NPCs will be released as they are discovered by players.
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