Founded on the shores of a desert oasis, led by the Immortal Chamadarst, Nashaki rose to prominence in the desert wastes of the Hotlands. Valuing the city over all else, the Towers of Nashaki maintain strict control over the essential oasis, which is the only major source of water in The Hotlands. Merchants and traders have always been welcomed, and travelers who seek to improve trade relations and participate in commerce are eagerly received.

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    This is an Out of Character forum for the players of Nashaki looking for further information about the area.
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    As one approaches the City of Nashaki, trains of caravans lead through the sprawling outskirts to the numerous open city gates. The largest gate is on the west side and leads past the fortified walls into an octagon of eight districts. Each district features unique markets and is maintained by one of the eight Towers that rule Nashaki. In the city, heavily guarded, is the prized oasis that supports the Nashaki people to flourish in such an unforgiving land.
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    A blistering desert that stretches for hundreds of miles around Nashaki, with very little relief from the baking heat.
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    Sign up here and let us know if you are planning on writing in Nashaki during Cold Cycle 720!
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    Staff announcements about Nashaki are shared here.
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