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    Here is a regional news thread with snippets of information, discoveries and rumours from Eastern Idalos!
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    Covering roughly half the landmass of Eastern Idalos, The Eternal Empire is one of the strongest military powers on Idalos, held in check only by the alliances that exist between the other nations of Idalos. Ruled from Korlasir by the Immortal Empress, Raskalarn the Conqueror, The Eternal Empire is home to the violent Raskithecal.
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    Founded on the shores of a desert oasis, this city prefers to take no part in the wars around unless directly attacked. Believing firmly in doing nothing if nothing can be gained in return, the city has strict control of the oasis, which is the only major source of water in The Hotlands, not allowing any travellers or visitors to get water from it without paying a strict tax. Merchants will be welcomed, but travellers will have a hard time in this city.
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  • No unread posts Yaralon
    A city thrust in a land of magical corruption, where survival isn't taken for granted, Yaralon is a jewel on Eastern Idalos. It is world renown for its mercenary companies, for their spiritual culture that appears a bit backwards and counter intuitive to more "civilized" types. Yaralon is where the strong go to discover that they are anything but, and mercenaries learn that only Yari mercs are true mercs.
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    A richly diverse island with a wealth of unusual flora and fauna and an ecosystem unlike any other. From ice caves to a volcano and lots more this is a place for explorers, scientists and those with a sense of adventure!
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  • No unread posts Eastern Plains
    This is a forum where you can put travel threads, wilderness threads not included in city forums and where you can find lore for cities without mods.
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