The small villages and communities throughout Scalvoris can be found here.

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    Darbyton is a well established little village, most of the inhabitants are quick to point out that they were the first proper settlement in Scalvoris history. Although primarily focused on logging, enough hunting and trapping goes on to largely fulfil their own food needs and almost every home regularly grows bean sprouts to help make sure nutritional needs are met. Between that and spruce tips and the like, very little is imported, which fits in with the nature of the people who live here.
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    The shallow bay Egilrun is situated upon is used, these trials, for crafts and crafting. From boatmakers to weaponsmiths, glassblowers to metalworkers, the sound of hammers and saws can be heard almost every break of the trial, with crews working in shifts to produce the beautiful craftsmanship which they might, one trial, become famous for.
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    Gunvorton used to be a rather nondescript and unimportant area in Scalvoris. However, it's logistical importance and tactical use became more and more evident following the shadow beast attacks of Vhalar 716 and, since then, Gunvorton has become much more influential and important to the residents of Scalvoris. It has several docks and piers, a few warehouses, two barracks and a stable. It is used primarily as a landing point for supplies which are then brought overland to the Tower and Scalvoris Proper via one of two roads found on the Island.
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    Harvardr is made up almost entirely of yurts. While any single building may be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere, there are always enough left here that it has become it's own little village. What was once wholly a mobile camp of fisherman, sealers and whalers placed to take advantage of migrations is now just as likely to have full families, some who have been there for several generations.
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    Beacon is a small village just outside Scalvoris Town which has grown from a few houses to a small hamlet in its own right. Made up of small houses, Beacon is the home for those who are working as "Trainees" in the Cally's group of businesses, be that Cally's Restaurant, Luna's Dream Orphanage of the Scalvoris Town Soup Kitchen. Those who live here do so for a period of time where they are provided with medical care, food and clothing while they are learning a trade. In turn, they are expected to work hard, study and to share their skills both in their job and in the Beacon community
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