• Welcome to Standing Trials!
    Welcome To Standing Trials!

    We are in the Hot Cycle, Arc 723 ( Cycle Change Announcement / Active Cities )

    If you're new, pop by the Welcome Wagon and say hi. To start playing here, you just need to register then go through the automated character creation - the Character Sheet can be filled in later. When you register, your Character Sheet pro-forma will be automatically made for you to fill in and our wiki takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a forum RPG character here.

    Please note - we don't have a general chat - but we DO have a Discord channel for each city - so as soon as you've decided on that, PM your city mod and get an invite!

    Also - as a new PC, it might seem like your posts are "disappearing" - they aren't - in an anti-spam-bot measure, we require non-approved characters to have posts approved. It won't last long, we promise! Once you've got three approved posts, you're good to go!

    If you have ANY worries, drop a PM to Pegasus - I'm happy to help!

    Header image by Schmidsi from Pixabay

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