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We are a play by post RP forum with an active staff and a vibrant player base. Based in the world of Idalos, where Immortal beings wage war and mortals strive to survive, we are a constantly evolving story filled with intrigue and adventure. Come and make your mark on Idalos and find out if your character can withstand the trials held within these boards.
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  • Idalos, a land dominated by the presence of Immortal beings that wage war against one another. Shaped by pain, by love, and by history, the people of Idalos struggle each day to withstand the trials they face. Will they live to see tomorrow? Will they fight for the peace they deserve? Join in the plot with your character and explore this vast and chaotic world.
  • If you've finished a thread that needs reviewing, are interested in applying to be a peer reviewer, or have questions relating to the reviewing system, please post here! All reviews and review inquiries are handled here!
  • This is our "Help Desk". Please note, posts you make here are public and visible to all members. If you have a private issue to discuss, pm an Advocate who will facilitate this.
  • This section is for Character Sheets specifically. Please make sure to read over the starting guides, rules, and the lost history information before completing a character sheet.
  • The Workshop provides a space for players to discuss and develop new character concepts with community input, repair and overlook characters who have met with circumstances that make their gameplay difficult by receiving feedback from fellow players, or honor and wrap up the story lines of characters who have met their ends and resolve the loose ends left behind by their untimely departure from the game.
  • Players can use this forum as a way of connecting with other players for roleplaying purposes whether it's for finding friends for your character, family members, group members, etc.
  • A forum for players interested in creating factions and character owned businesses.
  • Here is a list of guides when it comes to starting out, what skills are available, and how to play. This section will have things added to it frequently so please check back often.
  • In this section, players can learn how to construct their own post templates for their roleplays. Inside is a list of BBCode available on the site as well as how to use it. If anyone needs any help with developing a template, feel free to hop into chat or PM someone for assistance.
  • Have a matter that needs to be addressed by a Prophet? Come find their office here! Please note that all private issues should be kept to PMs or the Help Desk.

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