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Postby Mute » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:44 pm



"Cylus night, a child like Treid born
Lacking a heart"

Name: Mute
Age: 23
Race: Human
DoB: 7th Trial of Cylus, 695th Arc
Marks: N/A
Factions Joined: None
Languages: Common [Fluent] | Common Sign [Broken]
Partners: N/A


Like a looming shadow stretched across a wall when the fire is burning at its lowest, tall and gaunt. Mute stands close to six and a half feet tall but weighs no more than one hundred and sixty-five pounds. His complexion is pale--some would compare it to tallow candles before it was painted--and prone to sunburn if he finds himself stuck in the sun for too long. His skin is largely unmarred by blemish or scar and, truth be told, rarely sees the sun beneath the heavy clothing he is prone to wearing.

His visage is dominated by his wide, piercing eyes that were slate blue in hue. His hair, black in color, is wild and often unkempt, rarely maintained in a certain style. It is kept short via Mute's own untrained hand and often looks like it has been cut with dull knives (because, more often than not, it has been). He had a Roman nose, broad and straight, that sat above thin lips often pursed in thought. His ears were small, flat against his head, and possessed attached lobes. Mute largely struggled to grow facial hair and rarely possessed any sort of scruff.

He had a thin build, lacking any defined muscle tone but also lacking much body fat; thus, it is not uncommon to be able to see the outline of Mute's ribs or shoulder blades depending on his posture on most days. His hands were soft, unmarred by physical labor, and his feet were of average size. Mute, save for his height, was very nondescript. He preferred dark colors and long-clothing if the wear allowed it; only on the hottest parts of the season would he suffer short-sleeves


Merits: Ambitious, Driven, Intelligent, Curious, Logical
Flaws: Manipulative, Selfish, Cold, Fanatical, Ruthless

There are men who are born to live in the world and then there those born to rule it; Mute believes, without question, that he is one of the latter. Trapped within a body incapable of putting thought to audible word, he has crafted a mental kingdom on which he sits the throne. This is was a vision he had created at a very young age and thus much of his personality developed around this hard, cold core. A macro-thinker, Mute is not an isolationist but an idealist. He is not content to a quiet life and is unwilling to slow down his progression towards power.

When around others, Mute can be found on the outskirts, a silent observer to the passing of time. When put on the spot, he's prone to slipping into the rear of a situation, acting the follower instead of the leader. He's not likely to act to the betterment of the unit and will even withhold information or ideas unless they necessary for his own survival. He's secretive and hides behind his disability when he can to avoid the need to share his thoughts. He likes to operate the day-to-day by his own design and resists the machinations of men and god whenever he can, though never directly. He doesn't seek open conflict when he can help it and his hesitant to dabble with physical combat; there are always men and women he can hire to do that.


Mute's life from the day he was born was tainted by an Immortal's shadow. A child born beneath the long night of Cylus, a silent babe who cried without uttering a sound. His parents, dock workers in Rynmere, believed that their son had been cursed by a god that they had slighted in the past and so sought to implement piety into their lives as recompense. This is only developed in the silent child a dull distrust in the divine as he grew up, unwilling to commit himself to the faith his parents adopted; he couldn't accept that he, a mere babe, had been used to incite belief in another. Mute felt he had been made a pawn and he didn't like it.

This betrayal defined Mute's childhood, making him a difficult youth for his parents to try and manage. He was never outright malicious to them or to those around him, but Mute showed no interest in anyone around himself. At least not until a second curse had been placed on him. When he was fifteen, his father fell into the wrong crowd after the family found itself overwhelmed by debts. Promises were made that Mute's father proved incapable of upholding. They fell further in debt and eventually, on a fateful night, men were sent to collect. Mute and his mother were forced to watch as his father was "made an example of" by a pair of thugs and a mage who were in the employ of the loan shark. The thugs then took his mother away for a bit of fun of their own, leaving Mute alone with the woman, an Empath. She had observed Mute's calm during the entirety of the situation and observed him for a time, unraveling the complexity of the child that sat before her. Apparently Mute impressed the woman and, in an act that felt beyond imagining, she initiated the child. "For when you want to act on your desires, child," she said simply as she and the two thugs stepped over his father to leave the home. "When you do, come find me." And just like that, they were gone, leaving Mute alone with a dead father, a weeping, violated mother and opportunity.

Unfortunately Mute would only remain in Andaris to train under his mentor, Gwen, for a single trial before his mother and he fled to Scalvoris to escape their misfortune. He never revealed to her his newfound powers and used the long journey east as an opportunity to experiment on his mother, who proved ripe for his tests. Whenever she looked in his eyes, she felt only pain and sorrow. When he held up late at night, she felt regret and hopelessness. Mute proved a silent specter that never ceased in tying new emotions around his mother's soul, even after they had arrived in Almund and attempted to make a new life. Eventually his mother's pain proved too much for her and disappeared one night, presumably to bring an end to her life but unwilling to leave her body behind for her son to discover. Mute never tried to find her again.

Mute has lived the last half decade on the island, practically a local to all that have come to know him since then. Working the odd job here and there to sustain himself, one could say his life has been quiet since that night in Rynmere. Within him, though, are desires for change, desires to see what others powers exist in the world for him to discover.


A single room, 400 sq. ft home in Almund . It has the following furnishings: one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace.


Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredPoints SpentProficiency
Detection 4 4/251 Novice
Empathy 25 25/251 Novice
Intelligence 10 NA:FT Novice
Investigation 5 5/251 Novice
Leadership 25 25/251 Novice
Politics 9 9/251 Novice
Research 5 5/251 Novice
Stealth 4 4/251 Novice

Skill Knowledge : Deception: Poker Face (RM)
Detection: How to identify the "odd one out" (RM)
Discipline: Stay focused (RM)
Empathy: Strum (SP)
Empathy: Knot (SP)
Empathy: Initiation (RM)
Intelligence: Listening in a crowd (SP)
Intelligence: Marking key people in a crowd (SP)
Leadership: Knowing when to Step Back (SP)
Politics: Power is a currency (RM)
Stealth: How to Step Quietly (RM)
Non-Skill Knowledge : Layout: Andaris (HI)
Layout: Scalvoris (HI)
Location: Andaris (HI)
Location: Scalvoris (HI)
Race: Human (HI)

Skill Point Ledger

Thread/SkillPoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Leadership25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 50..50
CS Awards .. ....
Politics (RM)440
Detection (RM)440
Stealth (RM)440


Marks : N/A
Abilities : N/A
Knowledge : N/A



Starting Package
One set of clothing (Cloak, Shirt, Pants, Undergarments, Pair of Boots)
One set of toiletries (Soap, Comb, Razor, Toothbrush, Toothpaste)
One Waterskin
Two sets of eating utensils
One blank journal (RM)
One inkwell (RM)
One ink pen (RM)
Prized Possession: Gwen's Kiss: A hand crossbow, simple in make and unadorned save for the letters GT carved in the grip. Given to him during one of his training sessions with his mentor.

One Bag (Large, Waterproof Leather w/ shoulder straps) - Bought here


Starting Package +100 GN 100 GN
Thread Purchases -6 SN 99 GN 4 SN
... ... ...

Total Currency: 0 ON, 99 GN, 4 SN, 0 CN


Item/ ThreadRenownTotal
"Strange Silent One" (RM) +30 30
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...


Thread List

YMIDEN 4, 710 - Debts Repaid (Complete)

SAUN 12, 718 - 1 Cat, 2 Cat, Black Cat, Dead Cat (Ongoing)
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Postby Mute » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:31 pm

Mentor NPC : Name: Gwen Trusdel
Age: 36
Race: Human
Organization (if any): VII
Skills: Empathy 65, Rupturing 51, Necromancy 34, Intelligence 55, Interrogation 25, Sewing 20
Bio: In the Bio, please answer three important questions. Who is this mage? What weight of impact do they have on the world or their organization? And finally, Why is this mage seeking a student?

Gwen Trusdel has loyally served the advancement of VII in Rynmere for the last three decades, first as an apprenticed seamstress and then a ward to an ambitious mage operating an intelligence ring for the faction in Andaris City. He trained Gwen in his chosen domains, infatuated by her beauty to the point that he overlooked the woman slowly seizing the operation out from under him. Gwen proved a natural at the business of intelligence gathering and, after ousting her once mentor from his ranking position over her, she would expand her tendrils across the island. Specializing in mercantile espionage and trade secrets, there is hardly a secret uttered involving Rynmere's economy that she doesn't hear about and, at some point, exploit. VII uses her insider knowledge to advance their front businesses and, as a reward, they overlook the personal power she's gathering for herself in Andaris City that's "off the books."

Into her fourth decade, Gwen has recognized the need for students to serve beneath her. She seeks men and women who remind her of the child she used to be: ambitious and calculating. She's looking to create capable proteges, untainted by any sort of loyalty to VII or other organizations, to serve her personal schemes.

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Postby Mute » Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:06 pm

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